Reviews for Red Room
Li-Ion78 chapter 12 . 1/19
yeah harry's not the only insane person that went back
Guest chapter 18 . 1/14
Great story! I am always excited to see a new chapter.
MarilynT chapter 14 . 1/14
Definitely creepy
thunderofdeath97 chapter 1 . 1/13
could have been great, if it wasn't harry/ginny.

hate that bitch, very very much.
Neakco chapter 18 . 1/11
The moment when a Lovegood is the most sane in human standards than you just know you are in for a good time.

I didn't realize how much I missed this story. Thank you for the new chapter.
bkerrmom1 chapter 18 . 1/11
Love the story ! Absolutely brilliant and hilarious !
LoveSpock chapter 18 . 1/11
Wow. I find it fascinating to see how the parents react to the 'kids'!

Ehiden chapter 18 . 1/10
I love the plot and I was wondering if there are going to be pairs between Draco, Neville, Luna and Harry.?
It is a very good story I look forward to the continuation.
Tsukikageshi chapter 18 . 1/10
I would think that would be a red flag for Luna’s mom. That Harry has no concept of normal because of the insane expectations. Could even have the lovegoods get guardianship over Harry?
BloodyRedPaws chapter 18 . 1/10
Incredible as always ! The supper had me laughing so hard!
Glad to have you back !
APridefulSin chapter 18 . 1/10
strange to the family normal to the world. love her mom though
Wheresmydoseofinsanity chapter 18 . 1/10
Another amazing chapter. Cheers mate.
sal1066 chapter 18 . 1/10
rotflmao thanks for sharing
sunsethill chapter 18 . 1/9
Yes, Luna's poor, poor mother. I loved their idea of what "simple" meant in cooking. I imagine you had a lot of fun writing this one.
tyleralmquist7 chapter 18 . 1/9
Yay, a new chapter! This was a nice little bit about a normal person having to deal with the chaos, nice idea
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