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magitech chapter 146 . 7/17
You do a freat job of showing just how bigoted the wizarding world is.

McGonagall is one of the worst adults at Hogwarts in everything but her classes.
She completely ignores Snape's rampart bias and outright assaults and never defends the students of her House, except Granger.

Of course Minnie is a pure blood and wouldn't stand for the ICH's being exposed as the trash they are, she most likely falls into the ICH category herself.

Was waiting for the useless bitch to bring up how "His parents would be so disappointed in him", she and her dark lord Dumbles always seem to pull that out when Harry shows how pathetic they are.
Vixen Uchiha chapter 146 . 7/17
I have to ask will you be doing a different return to number 4 after learning about magic? I mean Harry did not know he had to return until after his first year.
Katzztar chapter 146 . 7/17
Figures, they try to discipline Harry for ICHer but refuse to do anything about mudblood.
A 2nd chapter following this needs to be done where Harry accuses the teachers of enabling discrimination against muggleborns since they refuse to do anything about the use of mudblood. I'm surprised that no one has asked if the teachers silently support anti-muggleborn attitude since they do nothing about usage of the term mudblood.

I clearly remember the scene in bk 2 on Halloween when MRs. Norris was petrified and the message first appeared; Draco called out "You'll be next, mudbloods!" then Dumbledore & McGonagall appeared ... and said nothing about Draco's comment.
Isamaru chapter 146 . 7/17
Very nice. Would love to see some harry the playboy snippets. Perhaps something involving felix felicitas?
Sakura Lisel chapter 146 . 7/17
If I were in Harrys place, I would tell McGonnagal, Snape and any teacher flat out to their faces that unless Malfoy or any other student who uses the M-word gets detention as well, but don't, to NOT hold their breaths thinkjng I would show up for detentions for using a similiar insulting word, which I WON'T stop using as long as the OTHER word is being allowed to be used without the offenders being punished. Why should I ALONE face punishment while the ones whos STARTED it don't? If they want me to go to detention they'll have to DRAG me kicking and screaming there, if I'm the ONLY one being punished while the other kids who were also throwing around insulting words get away scot free with no punishments at all.
Kairan1979 chapter 146 . 7/17
Typical McGonnagal. Who in his right mind called her 'strict but fair'?
Deathmvp chapter 146 . 7/17
I would so do this. And when I am told about another detention I would say in front off all and what time will Draco be serving his. If she says no or something like that I would say thank you for canceling my own detention.

Yes It would course more problems but I would not sit it unless the others do for MudBlood.

Great job on this.
mwinter1 chapter 146 . 7/17
Awaiting more.
sparky40sw chapter 146 . 7/17
great chapter - thanks for pushing McGonagall the lazy bigot's buttons and forcing her to start to be at least embarrassed.
Guest chapter 146 . 7/17
Awesome comeback
Bountyhunter1977 chapter 146 . 7/17
I would like to see one of Harry reacting to Snaps taunts about him being arrogant like his father and such with a a lay back attitude about it that's makes Snape look foolish.
angelscatie chapter 146 . 7/17
I love how you had Harry handle that scene
williamhaysjr chapter 145 . 7/17
Personally, I would like you to continue with this one as it's own story since it is very interesting.
Meteoricshipyards chapter 18 . 7/16
I've had this idea too, of Harry switching schools during the Tri-wizard, but don't remember seeing it done. If you ever get your other stories done ...

Thanks for the story.
Tom A.
delia cerrano chapter 145 . 7/12
Ohh More of this story please. Not a bad couple...Susan and Harry. Kind of a different view of Harry. Sort of from the outside.
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