Reviews for Harry Does Different
Demigod-Wizard-Gatekeeper chapter 55 . 2h
Demigod-Wizard-Gatekeeper chapter 122 . 2h
That was unexpected. . .
Could you do one with Firenze teaching Divination? Or something?
magitech chapter 122 . 4h
Yes, I did think there would be fallout from that meeting with Hagrid.

Would love to see some fallout from Hagrid's horrific abuse of a minor.
His list of criminal actions when he picked up Harry should have him in Azkaban for assault and mutilation of a minor at the least.

Of course JK later proved that muggles have no rights in the wizarding world and the only rule that applies isn't don't abuse muggles it's "Don't get caught abusing muggles".
Granger assaulted her parents in one of the stupidest actions in the series and didn't care beyond the next few pages.

Why does Vernon hate magic so much? He shouldn't have known it existed.
Maybe he was the victim of multiple wizard muggle baiting attacks as a child and Dumbles actions removed the blocks on his memory?
MrToddWilkins chapter 122 . 5h

What’s that coat of arms in your profile pic?
KarisTasogare chapter 122 . 6h
is something missing here?
doesn't seem complete at all.
alix33 chapter 122 . 8h
“nowhere” should be one word.
I'll bet my whole year end bonus those neighbours will be nicer to Harry than the Dursleys have ever been.
Kairan1979 chapter 122 . 11h
And what exactly is 'different' about Harry's actions in this chapter? That's exactly what he does in canon. I expected him at least to use Hagrid's name (like he used Sirius' name) to make Dursleys back off.
Vukk chapter 122 . 11h
While removing the tail would have cost something, 57,000 pounds is way too much. That would be 135,090 pounds or $188,805 US. 10,000 pounds would be on the high end. 57,000 in 1990 is just way too much.

The rest of the chapter was good, just not the price.
Polydicta chapter 122 . 11h
Uh, no. Just no.

What if ... Hagrid's (broken) wand produced a self-repairing transfiguration, so that Dudley's tail always regrows over a few days?
Moleluv chapter 19 . 12h
Were Neville's parents attacked in this or not? Brcause they were in canon - tortured into insanity by Bellabitch and Crouch Junior. If they werent then you got it wrong.
Therio chapter 122 . 12h
I was waiting for Harry to do different from canon and not go along with being turned into a House Elf, but it didn't happen. This one left me confused.
Noble Korhedron chapter 122 . 12h
Fucking Dursleys...
cornholio4 chapter 122 . 14h
Can you do a follow up where they face comeuppance and consequences
Katzztar chapter 122 . 14h
Now this chapter is different, instead of 'what Harry does different' its what Vernon does different'. I can see canon Vernon doing this, making Harry do chores/jobs around the neighborhood to earn money (that Vernon would confiscate) to pay what Hagrid did to Dudley.
It's disturbing, but I can see this happening. I have to wonder, in such a reality where Harry has to pay with hard labor for Hagrid's mistakes, would this make Harry see Hagrid in a less charitable way than canon?
angelscatie chapter 122 . 15h
Interesting. I had not thought about the impacts of this to Harry
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