Reviews for Harry Potter and The Shadowed Light
Asterlace chapter 45 . 10/1
I'm pretty sure I started reading this a while ago and then put it in a "fav" folder in my bookmarks BUT someone once again recommended this to my group and so I reread it and then realized there were whole chapters I haven't seen before!

I really love all of your characters and their relationship. His friends are supportive without being overbearing and the soulmate/age thing isn't forced or awkward, which is nice. I think the most romantic thing Tom said is when he told Harry to enjoy being a kid, enjoy growing up. That really made me smile cause the people he loved the first time sucked at allowing him a childhood even though they held his age over him the whole time. I'm super anxious about poor Fawkes! I hope Harry notices him next time he goes to his office.

Thank you for writing this. It has been super fun rereading and getting the new chapters. I hope your muse bestows you with so much creative energy that you are bursting with storytelling.
MidnightsRose chapter 45 . 9/30
Yay! this is amazing. I love the length and can't wait for more! I really cant wait to see the spectacle that Dumbledore makes of hmself and hope what what happened to ron is discovered too.
gertrudethesalamander chapter 45 . 9/28
amazing! thank you for taking the time to share this with us
dnaomic chapter 45 . 9/27
I'm glad you're still writing. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
Aratherfluffyfatcat chapter 45 . 9/23
Enjoying the story thanks
Calmzone1 chapter 45 . 9/22
Lol. Oooooh. The suspense! I feel for Molly & Ron, and obviously Ron had the same spell done to his brain. Besides brainwashing by Molly, or did he do it for Molly as well?
Such a good story
Werewolf240 chapter 45 . 9/18
I love this can’t wait for the next chapter
Werewolf240 chapter 16 . 9/17
I’m sorry if this is rude but really, pads?
geliahs chapter 45 . 9/12
Hello thank you
Alya1188 chapter 45 . 9/10
schöne und interessante geschichte. bin gespannt wie es weiter geht.
mal sehen was die alte ziege jetzt anstellen wird?;)

lg alya88
AndySnapeS21 chapter 41 . 9/9
please update it is getting good
AndySnapeS21 chapter 45 . 9/9
please update it is getting good
AndySnapeS21 chapter 35 . 9/8
I do hope that Severus and Sirius get together because the chemistry they have after Harry brings back Tom is amazing cuz they have a love-hate relationship it's hate right now but I hope it's slowly turns into love
AndySnapeS21 chapter 9 . 9/6
My all-time favorite part of the story is when Harry goes to Dumbledore's office before he goes back in time and he's talking to the The portrait of Dumbledore and how Harry's basically like you're not going to get away with this it's my favorite out of the whole entire story so far
AndySnapeS21 chapter 45 . 9/6
This story was the first Tom/Voldemort Harry fanfiction that I every read and love it, everytime there is an update I reread the story from beginning to the new update. so far this is the best pairing I will always can back to read the story
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