Reviews for Ultimate Sacrifice
mfaerie32 chapter 4 . 10/17
Okay, your story has an intriguing plot, but sadly, it seems like you've turned Kagome almost into a Mary Sue. Out of no where, she's really the alpha & is much stronger & has been 'lying' about it. She can fight better as well, but there's no mention of where she learned hand to hand. She has worked out a secret fighting style w/hand gestures between her, Miroku & Sango, letting them take out demons easily. She is well versed in demon ettiquette, she's given the others charms to protect them from Kanna's mirror, she has Sais now that she can apparently used quite skillfully. You've made her super powered.
Kazuhe chapter 32 . 10/16
your story is very wonderfull. thank you for your work
Guest chapter 32 . 10/10
Glad Kagome has a relationship with her parents! I love that her mom was reunited with her husband! How long can they be away from home? Can they go on vacations or see the world?
Delite chapter 32 . 10/7
Great story. Can't wait to read the next one.
Guest chapter 32 . 10/6
this was just about same as your past stories. kagome is flawless and super powered, and loved by everyone. inuyasha turns out evil but is somehow very easily forgiven. and sesshoumaru seems to be a floormat who asks kagome's opinion on everything. and ending was very cliché. just about all characters must of course turn up and kagome must have dozens of kids.
gome chapter 32 . 10/6
Love it and thank you for telling the story
Kallen21 chapter 32 . 10/6
I absolute loved the story
moonstar31548 chapter 32 . 10/6
I really enjoyed reading your story. I’m glad that Kagome found love and happiness. She and Sesshoumaru live a great life and have many children. She is finally reunited with her mother and brother. Her parents are finally together after years apart. A nice ending to this story. Sad to see this story end.
Raven-2010 chapter 32 . 10/6
Damn Sesshoumaru killed one mate thief/man whore then 4 more wanted to try stealing Kagome I can't believe the dumb asses persisted after seeing the first lech die lol. Yay Mataki love that name Sesshy gave his first son, her mom and dad are finally together again. Thanks this is an epic masterpiece
marushumnluvr4eva chapter 32 . 10/6
two words: LOVED IT! :)
lady sesshomaru sama 949 chapter 32 . 10/6
wow loved this so much thank you
Knockout1389 chapter 31 . 9/29
I love this story so much. You're awesome. I'm so into it. Smh. I'm enthralled. Thank you so much
marushumnluvr4eva chapter 31 . 9/29
i'm sad that the story is about to end b/c i have enjoyed reading this fan fic. cindygirl take a bow b/c you are a great writer. that's why i have you on my faves author list. i'll be looking out for the ending to your other works in progress and i hope they are just as good as this one. LOVED this story. c'ya'
moonstar31548 chapter 31 . 9/28
This was a great chapter. Glad Inuyasha was given a second chance at being with the pack. Kagome finally found happiness with Sesshoumaru. What a wonderful thing she did for Akiho healing her so she can have pups. It seems the western lands are in good hands. It's sad to know that the next chapter will be the last. Looking forward to the last chapter.
Raven-2010 chapter 31 . 9/28
Hahaha Subeta got toasted, Subeta got roasted glad Kagome killed that child killing mate thieving tart. I like the change in Inuyasha and that he got a second chance. Thanks this is wonderful

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