Reviews for Another Butterfly Effect
b0rnwithwings chapter 72 . 10/15
Since I don't remember if I commented on Chapter 71 or not, I'm going to do so now. I don't disagree with Iggy about Luna pushing herself too hard but I also see it from Luna's point of view as well. It's not like she's doing a bunch of random things to keep busy, she's saving lives SO when Noct returns he has a world left to save. So, I'm torn on that one.
Now! For Chapter 72: I love the tension of the barfight. There is always that one guy in the bar trying to ruin everyone's good time. Haha and poor Dino. He really is trying to be a good guy but he catches all the physical blows haha. Wait, did Evan follow Aranea there? I imagine that could be a problem Still keep waiting for the floor to fall away on that front.
Awesome chapters!
kerrowe chapter 72 . 10/14
That last half got some laughs from me and some excitement too.
RoyalNonesuch chapter 72 . 10/13
Great chapter! I like the inclusion of local gossip. I'm sure that would be an issue when you have that many people cooped up together.
shiraskylar chapter 72 . 10/13
Well I certainly didn't see that coming. Things were going so fine but then this jerk had to interfere. Seriously this idiot what the heck is his brain made of! He totally deserves a punch or two to his face. Some broken teeth will be even better. Great chapter as always.
KHLostEmpress chapter 72 . 10/12
Okay. I think I was ready to take a 2x4 to that guy's face myself by the end of the chapter. Like, what is wrong with some people? I think the worst part is the thought that there are people actually like this in the world.
Fantastic chapter!
ScribeOfRemedy chapter 72 . 10/12
Oh man, bar fight!
The nag dialogue made me lol. And Evan going to fetch Aranea was so awwwwwww!

The idea that Ignis didn't think about what else he'd do is very him. So much sad tension! I hope they make up and that Iggy gets a nap soon.

Poor Dino is having a hard time in this fic - stabbed by his girlfriend, punched in a bar, ouch. And man, rumors can be so awful. Excited to see how this will be resolved!
wannabe kairi chapter 71 . 10/11
amazing story and i cant wait for more.
KHLostEmpress chapter 71 . 10/7
I...don't know if I'm proud of Ignis or not at this point. I think Luna needed to hear that, and I don't begrudge his decision to leave her. I guess I am just hoping that they get along again. But judging from the note, that's not gonna happen anytime soon.
shiraskylar chapter 71 . 10/5
Well that was harsh. I know Luna means well with doing what she does but she must know how it affects the people around her seeing her in this state. It's sad to see them falling out like this. But I guess there is only so much Iggy can handle. Ravus is so not gonna react well to this. Ahhh poor Iggy! Why must they all be so hard headed to the point of hurting themselves and others!?
ScribeOfRemedy chapter 71 . 10/5
This chapter! So hype! That was some drama alright. Poor Ignis never gets to sleep. Even is adorable. The fight between Ignis and Luna was fantastic. There was so much emotion yet still so in character. Ignis thoughts on the matter are so good!

I loved this section:
"…My, he could be a hypocrite at times, but at last he didn't make a habit of helping people until he passed out.

…Or perhaps he did. Fine, so he was indeed a full hypocrite, but at least he didn't actually work himself to death like Lunafreya was doing."

And man, that last bit was super nostalgic for the very beginning of this fic, forever ago when Ignis had the flu. So pumped for this fic!
AvidReader0007 chapter 70 . 10/2
This fic is genuinely one of the best i have ever read.
I really like your unique twist(s) and perspective. Keep up the good work!
shiraskylar chapter 70 . 9/29
This was a fun chapter even though it ended on a somber note. I really loved their conversation throughout the poker game. It was good to watch them relax like this and have some downtime. Though I do worry about Luna's health. She's pushing herself too hard even though her powers take a toll on her. I hope someone can make her stop putting herself at risk. If she can have someone to share her feelings with it'd be good. Aranea can be a good partner for some girl talk I think.
KHLostEmpress chapter 70 . 9/28
Well, you're right. You're going to continue to make me cry to the end. Seriously, reading that end just reminded me of Episode Ignis and finding out that Iggy knew what going to happen to Noct was just so heartwrenching.

You gotta pull through for me Luna. You just gotta.

Loved the poker. A nice bit of humor in the darkness helps.
ScribeOfRemedy chapter 70 . 9/28
Aw, the poker night was cute. Everyone's almost getting along too! The mental images I get of a Prompto walking around with Ignis' accent saying things like "darling" are just fantastic. This would make an amazing audiobook is all I'm saying.

And the build of tension at the end, I feel the upcoming confrontation and it's probably going to be sooo sad! I hope Ignis and Ravus are able to get through to Luna.

As always very hype for what happens next.
AyaKagami chapter 69 . 9/25
I knew it was gonna be him that ravus rushed out to rescue. I'm also glad Aranea finally spoke some sense into Ignis cause six knows that what he was doing was kinda immature. excited to see how prompto and evan bond
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