Reviews for The Road So Far (this Time Around)
dark shadowed rose chapter 134 . 5/13
I knew you had to kill Andy but damn you made it hurt. I like your take on Chuck and how he chooses to not know, to let free will happen. I am excited to see Persephone, really like the idea that everyone gets pissed off when they realize Sam has a tie and not so easy to play with now
Tigerwoman188 chapter 102 . 5/12
Stupid Dean just not going over a timeline that doesn't exist and grow up with the new one
Marvelfanforlive chapter 134 . 5/12
Gerat as always ! I'm crying over Andy but dose his death mean that Adam is gonna make n apearence soon?
Tigerwoman188 chapter 101 . 5/11
Dean is so out of character, he wouldn't think any of those things about Cas!
superlc529 chapter 133 . 5/11
I finally found some time to catch up on this beauty! Here we go…

‘Gabriel could see her grace – subdued eddies of bright yellow wibbling with strain and losing color – and he just… couldn’t understand. She was risking permanent damage. For them.’ – It’s more than that, Gabe… Cas is actually thinking for herself. Free will and all that. ;) Nothing’s written in stone, buddy. 3

Whoa! Cas’ grace is powerful when she’s determined. Ha! See, Gabriel? There are things more powerful that “destiny.”

Man oh man, this is ACTION-PACKED. Dean’s longer experience with fighting demons really is coming in handy. :)

YES! Devil’s Trap bullets. Thank you, Henry Winchester! 3 Ooo! Even Sarge is getting in on the demon-fighting action! :)

My heart is pounding at this… Come on, Bobby, hit the target!

This scene between Sam and Persephone in Sam’s head is AWESOME. I could most definitely see something like this happening on the show. I love the detail that Sam was at peace in a *library* with Jess. :)

‘But what were the consequences of having an unknown creature mess around with his soul and then provide him with some ambiguous version of immortality?’ – I LOVE this twist. This is incredible!

‘He stared down at those glowing eyes, the ones from his vision. But there wasn’t anger in them right now. She was desperate, Sam realized. Her freedom depended on his cooperation. ‘I don’t think she’s lying ,’ he thought, the words surprising him in their confidence. Because there was still no way this wasn’t a trap. There just… wasn’t. ‘Well, ’ another voice added to his thoughts and it sounded a hell of a lot like Dean, ‘ If she is, at least we’ll have bought ourselves time to hunt the bitch down and kill her.’ A third voice, undeniably Bobby, called them all, ‘Idjits.’ Sam took a deep breath. Persephone was watching him, waiting on him, eyes flickering back and forth between his own. He saw the moment she spotted his answer before he vocalized it. The red glow between them grew brighter. “Yes.”’ – YES! This scene was SO intense and OH so good. I love how Sam “heard” Dean AND Bobby’s voices in his head as he made a decision.

You’re really great at drawing out that tension and action. This was another PHENOMENAL chapter as always. I’m so grateful that Sam’s on his way back to the land of the living – and all without Dean having to make a demon deal. I cannot wait to see what happens next! This fic is truly the best! Keep up the amazing work. I know you will!
Tigerwoman188 chapter 100 . 5/9
Stupid Dean still whining about someone and not just taking the new Cas
Marvelfanforlive chapter 133 . 5/6
great as always
ZZloth chapter 1 . 5/6
Thanks for the slash warning so I don't read THE Dean Winchester being torn apart in a gay setting fic. Kudos for the warning, real stuff.
superlc529 chapter 132 . 5/5
Ooo! Very clever giving us Persephone’s POV to that scene. I loved that!

I REALLY like the twist you put on Chuck and his prophet persona. This part was especially powerful: ‘Woken up one day and decided this was it. This was the day he stopped looking into the future, stopped checking where the story was going, and let it write itself.’

I can’t remember if we knew that Chuck knew about Dean’s time travel escapades or if this was the reveal. Regardless, I love reading Chuck’s thoughts on messing with the timeline and the loopholes – namely Persephone. This was great: ‘It wasn't interfering; it was balancing the playing field.’ – Very true.

Ha! Persephone’s got the Colt now. 3

‘There was no way this wasn’t a trick. Dean didn’t believe in miracles, unless they came with blue eyes and a tan trench coat. But a desperate part of him, the bit that had never been able to let Sam go, was pretty sure he couldn’t make things worse.’ – I LOVE that line. This scene is so tense and so freaking amazing! Hope will go a long way in my book… and Dean’s book too, despite how dangerous hope can be.

‘“Dean !” Bobby hissed, but the man from the future ignored his surrogate father. His eyes were locked on the creature holding the Colt even as his fingers curled around it's familiar grip. “Do it.” Persephone nodded, just once, and then all hell broke loose.’ – AHHHH! SO GOOD! You’re really drawing out the tension and raising the stakes! Another excellent chapter! I can’t wait to see what happens next! Here’s hoping things actually go the Winchesters’ way (for once). 3 Until next time!
Tigerwoman188 chapter 99 . 5/4
Disgusting how you keep making Dean care more about Cas's happiness then Sam's when that will never happen in the show
Marvelfanforlive chapter 132 . 5/1
Great Chapter as always, i'm really hyped to see what comes next!
jainga chapter 103 . 4/26
Hmmm. Halfway through this chapter you have Dean leaving to help Bobby so he doesn't commit patricide. Pretty sure that's supposed to be fratricide.

Though I suppose you could turn it into a THING down the line.

Dean: come on Cas. Let's go before patricide becomes my preferred option.

Cas: I do not understand. Has someone raised John Winchester?

Sam: he means fratricide.

Cas: oh.

Dean: huh?

Sam: killing your father is patricide. Killing a brother is fratricide. (Shrugs) I always knew what you meant.

Dean: that doesn't mean you don't correct me! Years, Sammy! You let me sound like a friggen idiot for years! Not okay.
jainga chapter 83 . 4/23
This is good.

And you have no need to worry about being verbose. It makes perfect sense to me that it would take three or four chapters per episode. Start thinking of the chapter divides as commercial breaks and the pacing starts to mirror the actual series.

I usually lose interest around chapter 25 or so, but here we are at 83 and I've read them all in 4 days despite a 2 day killer headache. So KUDOS to you. The pain has been worth it.
superlc529 chapter 131 . 4/21
So great of you to not leave us hanging TOO long with that cliffhanger. ;) I guess it paid to not have TOO many all caps in the comments… Time to dive in to this baby.

Aww, I had almost forgot that Castiel was witness to all those goings-on as if she were watching a TV show. All the feels! I agree with her… sometimes you can’t look away… it is like a compulsion.

Ooo… It’s interesting how Tom and Persephone’s path crossed with Sam’s.

My heart aches for Dean speeding toward his brother (again) not knowing his fate. *puppy dog eyes* I like the detail of having Devil’s Trap carved bullets. Way to use future knowledge, Dean baby. 3

‘His chest was aching fiercely and for the first time in a while he couldn’t tell if it was him or Cas doing it.’ – All the feels!

Leave it to Bobby to be the voice of reason. 3

‘Brakes squealed, the vehicle screaming to a halt behind the parked car. He heard the door fly open. “Sam!”’ – Damn! Dean was yelling so loudly that Sam and Tom heard him before Baby. That’s saying something. That’s my Dean! 3

‘A weight slammed into her from the side, tackling her back onto the Morton property and into the lawn of overgrown grass and wild bushes.’ – Aw, crap. What now? Poor Cas can’t catch a break either. *puppy dog eyes*

DAMMIT! WHY’D YOU HAVE TO HAVE SAM *STILL* GET STABBED?! But but but but Cas is there! She can heal him, right? *pleads*

‘‘Cas. Cas, I… I found him. He’s dying. Sam’s dying, he’s been stabbed, and I don’t- God, I don’t know what to do. Please, Cas. I-I don’t… We need a miracle, damnit. We- we need.. we need you, Cas. I need you.’ – Once again, Dean’s prayers are tugging at my heart strings! Come on, Cas! Convince Gabe that you CAN change things!

Awww! Sarge lying on top of Andy’s body broke me. :’(

Oh my goodness, I could really FEEL Dean’s emotions there and the tension there for what he was about to do… I’d hate to admit it, but thank goodness for (who I assume was) Penelope showing up there at the very end to stop Dean. I can only hope that Cas isn’t far behind and can heal Sam. *puppy dog eyes*

Speaking of pointing out helpful typos… I did notice for one of the lines there, instead of ‘dog’ the word ‘dark’ was there instead when Sarge was barking (I think it was during Sam’s POV). ;) This was yet another heart-pounding chapter that REALLY tugged at the heartstrings. I have no doubt that whatever comes next will be just as epic. I can’t wait to find out! Keep up the phenomenal work. This fic is a masterpiece! Until next time! 3
Marvelfanforlive chapter 131 . 4/21
Love your story , would love if you record it
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