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malfoy1malfoy chapter 1 . 8/21/2022
Hello, dear .Silence! First of all, I wanted to thank you for the amazing work of The Road So Far. You did a great job. It was very interesting to read. I am delighted with the plot. I'm your fan forever. Secondly, I wanted to ask your permission to translate The Road So Far into Russian. We have a lot of fans of this fandom in Russia, I'm sure they will appreciate it... I really want you to share your work with them... With love, malfoy1malfoy
AJ Granger chapter 116 . 8/16/2022
Surprised by the goo case considering its' new and not one they did in the original timeline. Looking forward to how Dean deals with this. I don't want him making another deal. Although I know it's too soon for him to let Same go most likely.
retlawwalter7 chapter 116 . 8/11/2022
Thnx for chapter
ata4004 chapter 116 . 8/11/2022
Great chapter as always! I just wanted to mention something, I know you took away Andy’s voice because he could be OP. I was thinking, Cas mentioned purifying Sam’s blood in what I believe was season 2 interlude 1. Could Cas purify Andy’s blood and take away his powers while healing his vocal cords?
superlc529 chapter 116 . 8/9/2022
I was SOOOOOO EXCITED to see a new chapter of this one in my inbox! YES! Thank you for sharing that in your author’s note. Hope you’re doing better. 3 Excited for this chapter though I have a feeling I’m not gonna be “ready” for the cliffhanger, I’m still gonna love it. ;) Here we go!

With Dean waking up with a jolt and Sam in the next bed over, I’m getting a ‘Mystery Spot’ vibe… *grins* LOVE my boys.

‘"Love it when you talk dirty to me, Sammy."’ – Love my Dean baby’s sass. And yes, with them waking up and brushing their teeth, I am getting MAJOR ‘Mystery Spot’ vibes… Genius.

‘He stabbed his fork into the single slice of ham on his plate and draped it over Sam's salad before the beanstalk could stop him. "There. Now it's breakfast."’ – LOL! I love that. Such a Dean move. 3

Glitter goo… LOL! Interesting. :)

‘"And this double fudge rocky road is delicious," Dean countered. "You don't waste delicious, Sammy." Even as he said it, his stomach made quite the noise of disagreement, which kind of gargled out of his gut, then up his throat and out the mouth in, what Dean would call, an eleven on the Burp scale. Given Sam's truly offended face, it might have even been a twelve.’ – That’s my Dean baby. 3

Poor Sammy sneezing from the ‘demon goo’ – this is an interesting case. Wow, Dean had to drive him to the hospital? Oh boy. I could just imagine Dean’s face at the EMT suggesting Dean hand him the keys to Baby so he could park her and Dean could be with Sam.

‘"Mr. Winchester, your brother is dead." […] "I want to see my brother," he insisted, raising his voice now. Dean didn't know what was going on – maybe it was some sort of conspiracy, or trick. Demons, angels, or something else. But Sammy was back there, and he wasn't dead.’ – Yup, DEFINITE ‘Mystery Spot’ vibes with Dean on the opposite side of the loop – even with the subtleties of Dean getting the feeling of a ‘rough night’ when they went to diner earlier. This is genius.

‘Dean picked his head up, away from his brother's lifeless face. Something about that voice. He turned his head towards the doctor. "What did you say?" […] At least, he knew those pale, yellow eyes.’ – WHOA! Twist! I was TOTALLY expecting to see Gabe, NOT Azazel. I can definitely empathize and related to working OT at work and it ‘getting in the way’ of fanfic… this was one incredible chapter! I’m SO glad that we don’t have too long to wait for the next chapter. Perhaps Dean will get some help from a certain Archangel turned Trickster? I’m just hoping for more Gabriel. LOL. I can’t WAIT to see the conversation between Dean and Azazel. Brilliant work, as always! Keep up the phenomenal work! Until next time. 3
Masamune X23 chapter 116 . 8/8/2022
First to comment on the new chapter XD

Great to see your well and back. It was interesting but certainly leaves questions that'll hopefully be answered in the next one.
Mel V chapter 67 . 7/25/2022
Jo and Ellen are both getting on my nerves. Like why is Jo so freaking pissed at Dean for? She asked for his help and they showed to HELP her. She needs to drop the entitled and downright rude attitude. I understand she feels the need to prove herself but bring it down a notch. And Ellen " you get my daughter on the first flight home" No ma'am, your daughter's an ADULT. It's not Dean's responsability to put her anywhere (as if she was a doll and not a human being). The last time they saw each other didn't she snap at him saying that he barely knew them and had no business interfering and now she's making her daughter's safety his responsability!?
Mel V chapter 60 . 7/24/2022
Makes sense there would be hell gates outside of the U.S.
I hated Gordon on the but that's because Sterling K. Brown is an excellent actor. Still hate him now specially since he's going after Dean this time around.
Like button definitely pushed :D
Guest chapter 59 . 7/24/2022
" Sometimes we need to learn the hard way to learn at all " So true, reminded me of trying to advice certain friends on toxic relationships.
We got more information on Azazel's plan for the mystery woman. She gets away with a lot of sass towards him. Which makes me think he is not powerful enough to hurt/torture her but still able to entrap her. Interesting...
Thank you for the time and effort you have dedicated to this epic story 3
Mel V chapter 58 . 7/24/2022
I feel very bad for Sam. 'One wrong step and I end the world' that comment broke my heart. As someone who suffers from anxiety I can relate with that "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" helplessness. Anxiety makes you feel as if one bad decision will be end of the world. But just as Dean said not everything is black and white. It's important to cut ourselves some slack. Something the Winchesters rarely do. But with them being more open with each other and therefore more supportive, hopefully this time around they'll learn to do it more often :)
Btw, yes, having pockets is always practical.
Mel V chapter 56 . 7/24/2022
This was my favorite line: "Dean stood there like the dutiful mule all men on shopping trips were apparently doomed to be" haha
Mel V chapter 55 . 7/24/2022
I like that Cas has Angela's support and that they are becoming friends. I loved Dean's reactions haha
Guest chapter 54 . 7/24/2022
Being assertive and sharing how you feel does not mean that you're being bitchy. Even if it was, it does not take much to review so we can kind of did deserved to be bitched at.
If you ever publish an original novel please let us know I would love to read it.
It's great that this time around more angels will be on board to stopping the apocalypse. I hope castiel does not get betrayed by one of his brothers.
Mel V chapter 49 . 7/24/2022
I loled when Azazel paternally chastised the Mystery woman for ripping her jeans. Like he is one of the most ancient and evil demons to ever exist but took the the time to notice and be annoyed by that. If your ever publish an original novel let us know! I would to read it, you're incredibly talented.
Mel V chapter 54 . 7/24/2022
I was worried Angela would still be in her vacant pool. Thank you for clarifying that.
This story is great. You are awesome! And scarily creative.
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