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DeathDoUsApart chapter 115 . 6/22/2022
I just binged this instead of working on my summer classes, and I appreciate the effort that goes into planning and writing this story. I LOVE all the characters, the slight changes to the original storylines make sense, and overall it manages to keep the tone that makes it Supernatural.
Esmereilda chapter 10 . 6/22/2022
he hasnt seen it he's danged lived it and doing his darnedest to protect sam from a broken life b4 his eventual death
Esmereilda chapter 7 . 6/19/2022
well they are 1/2 right an angel is involved but one from at least 10 yr in the future
Esmereilda chapter 6 . 6/18/2022
pretending to be psychic is probs better then they everything went royally fubar so in one last desperate hail mary my angel friend sent me back to the past to stop the world from ending since i dont think that would have gone over too well
ata4004 chapter 114 . 6/8/2022
Love this story, I’m so glad that you’re writing again! Just wanted to offer a suggestion, personally if I lost the ability to speak and had the chance to get that back I would jump on it. If Andy is so worried about controlling people, couldn’t Cas purify his blood of the demon blood? You mentioned it before when Cas went down to the panic room in I believe season 2 interlude 1( a long time ago lol) and mentioned he could purify Sam’s system of the demon blood but it would take too long. Andy has less demon blood in him than Sam. Js but it’s your story so I’ll continue to enjoy!
AlekseiDubov chapter 102 . 5/10/2022
I actually really enjoyed the time conversation with Cas for a couple reasons. First, I don’t really remember how much of the initial conversation Chuck wiped from Dean’s head completely, but even if it’s still there subconsciously he’s really good at pushing that down and ignoring it. Second, and more importantly I think, Dean is much better at listening to Cas about what’s important or how best to go about accomplishing his goals that he is basically anyone else except Bobbyand listening to God was never a thing he’d do happily, if he does it at all.

I know you keep taking way more chapters to get through the plot points than you were hoping, but it’s taking you so long because of how much emphasis you’re putting on the character growth at each step of the plot and I absolutely love that. I’d rather have the extra interactions and conversations that show my how and why characters are developing than be thrown from one action-packed plot point into the next without any reflection on how the steps are affecting the characters involved
AlekseiDubov chapter 79 . 5/8/2022
I’ve gotten to this point on my re-read and thought I’d stop to drop a review. This is definitely my favorite Supernatural fanfic at this point and I adore you for trying so hard to keep all our boys in character on their changed journey while also accelerating their growth accordingly.

I wish I could stop and review with every chapter because you deserve it, but I actually listen to this with the app’s audio feature while at work so unfortunately by the end of a work day don’t even know how many chapters I’ve listened through; your story flows too well to notice where the chapters split without making note of the author’s notes.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that you know you’re awesome and that i’m very excited to see where you go with all of your characters. I love that so many characters are getting introduced early and developed further than they were in the show because Dean knows that they exist, or because time is trying to throw them curveballs and they get an ally out of it instead.
retlawwalter7 chapter 115 . 5/4/2022
Eviik chapter 115 . 4/28/2022
I haven't been here for a long time and now two more chapters!
For the prev. chapter - I totally understand why you don't want Andy to be healed but thank you for not forgetting it.
And for the last chapter I know it was rather intro but I'm so excited for Gabriel how he'll let them pick their battles. Trickster from that time was so strong character.
Looking for another chapters! :)
superlc529 chapter 115 . 4/21/2022
My live reading again… LOL! I’ve got a backlog of like 2 weeks to read through of my fanfictions and I FINALLY had some time. I can’t wait to dive in for this chapter. I have a feeling as to what case we’ve been waiting for, and I’m all here for it. :)

‘Everyone else knew well enough the grump was a cover so he could learn as much as he could about advanced Enochian warding without seeming particularly interested in the subject or anything Cas had to teach him.’ – I feel like this is the perfect summation for Bobby Singer. ;)

Sticking to the timeline by hunting… smart. ;) I LOVED the “goodbye hug” between Cas and Dean. That was utter perfection. Especially this part: ‘"I do not do everything Angela says. For example, I do not compliment your 'fine ass' nearly as often as she suggests I do." Both Dean and Sam choked simultaneously, one on his own spit, the other on his laughter, and both for very different reasons.’

Angela the Dragon Lady is amazing. I love her. LOL! Because it’s been so long, just a quick reminder, how is she related to Jimmy again? A cousin? I can’t remember. Regardless, I love her.

Henriksen going to Gordon Walker – hoo boy that’s quite the combo! He’s so close to learning the truth about the supernatural. But will he believe it? I never thought I’d say it, but I agree with Walker there… he will have to be ready for it eventually. That was quite a tense scene between the two characters.

Sam calling Dean out on sharing his food with Cas – LOVE it. 3 3 And I absolutely LOVED all of Dean’s thoughts on all his “loves” through the years and how it’s different with Cas. So many feels.

They’re on the case! - ‘Sam startled as Dean struck at the air repeatedly with clenched fists, all but stomping his feet in what could only be called a silent temper tantrum. "Son of a bitch!"’ – YESSSS! Dean may have been muttering “nope nope nope” but all I was thinking in my head was “yes yes yes!” – YES! GABE!

LMAO! This was the perfect line: ‘His brother grabbed his arm again, once more hauling ass for the Impala. "Let's just say Taco Tuesday was permanently ruined for you, for like…ever. And I never got to listen to Asia again. So, yeah, we're leaving."’

‘Gabriel popped the lollipop back into his mouth with an obscene smack. It was a good thing a trickster such as him liked weird. The archangel-turned-Loki tucked his hands in his pockets and followed after the pair of hunters.’ – AHHHH! YES! I’M SO excited! LOVE it!

Amazing chapter, as always. I cannot wait to see what Gabriel thinks of a time traveling Dean. It should prove really interesting. :) Keep up the phenomenal work, I know you will. Until next time!
Masamune X23 chapter 115 . 4/17/2022
Finally we’ve reached Gabriel, although I’m a little bummed the chapter didn’t reach them actually seeing him yet. I hope the next one shows their confrontation.

Also I’m still waiting to hear back from you after leaving messages?
Timelady66 chapter 9 . 4/14/2022
Poor Sam, that's so unfair. You know, if Dean really wants to help Sam out all he has to do is tell him the truth. Besides, the reason for not telling the truth is gone now.
Timelady66 chapter 5 . 4/13/2022
Your writing is excellent. You're on the favorites list of someone who favorited my story, and now I'm hooked. :) I love how Dean is both his older self, and his younger self at the same time, and it totally works.

One critique only. The Impala doesn't have seatbelts. (I'm letting it go that Bobby didn't build the panic room until season four)
superlc529 chapter 114 . 4/4/2022
So excited to see an update on this! Loved the descriptions of everyone settling in for the night, complete with Ronald getting an angelic assist.

‘If anyone needed an angel watching over him, it was Dean.’ – Amen to that! 3

‘Another of the things Dean would gripe and grumble about during those stories: Cas's tendency to dismiss damn near mortal injuries like they were papercuts.’ – a universal constant, obviously. ;) :)

I just wanted to tuck Sammy in – sooooo sweet! Loving this bedtime chapter. 3

Holy shit! Cole! Already?! That was a twist I most definitely did NOT see coming!

‘Once down to boxers and tee, Dean climbed under the blankets with a groan that was purposefully lecherous, just because he friggin' could. Let Dragon Lady explain that.’ – I could most definitely hear that groan… Damn. Wow. LOVE it!

LOVED this detail: ‘Only way he could sleep, knowing he was being watched.’

Loved all of Dean’s thoughts on both his Chest Cas and the Cas watching over him. Really loved how you split up the different point of views of this “bedtime chapter.” :)

‘So he clasped Andy on the shoulder and squeezed. Yeah, he got it. The kid's hand settled briefly on his, Andy giving him an understanding nod, before Dean withdrew his hand. The silence stretched, one second ticking into the next, and then they were shuffling or shifting weight or mock-coughing to pass the awkwardness of the man-moment they'd just had.’ – Such a sweet moment between Dean and Andy. That passing moment of understanding. Very sweet. I think I can understand too why Andy didn’t want Cas to heal him… all the feels.

Those pancakes sound DELICIOUS. Loved this excerpt: ‘ he had never seen Dean share food willingly. Even when Dean had offered up some of his meal for his kid brother, it was only ever after Sam pulled out the big puppy eyes. The dangerous ones that Jess had once told him were the equivalent of the nuclear option, and he ought to use those things more carefully.’ – those puppy dog eyes are pretty lethal. Love Sam’s reaction to seeing Dean share his food with Cas. So many feels!

‘The angel just raised her eyebrows. It was a look Dean had come to equate, on any vessel, as are you an idiot or just special?’ – Most definitely can see that look, on ANY version of Cas. Perfect description!

Yayyyy for the “taste like molecules” line. That was my first thought when I saw that Dean was making Cas eat.

Great scene of Cas carving those Enochian warding sigils into their ribs. Everybody’s reactions were so on point. And I LOVED Bobby’s simple but firm “No” – so very Bobby. 3

Everybody is SO in character. Loving every second of this fic. I swear. This was SO clear in my mind’s eye: ‘Cas not-so-casually mentioned improving the warding around the Salvage Yard and promptly disappeared. Ronald leapt out of his seat at the sudden and visual proof of teleportation. At the same time, Bobby leaned backwards to holler out the nearest open window about how his house was perfectly damn safe as is, thank you very much.’

‘"Because we've got our own shit to deal with." It was Sam who answered, the first words he'd spoken in the conversation so far. He didn't even look up – kept his eyes on his laptop screen.’ – PERFECT. And gotta love Andy the “friggin’ mute Jedi.” :)

Very clever way to wrap up Ronald’s involvement in this AU. Loved Dean’s thoughts on Charlie’s LARPing and Ron’s “Scout’s Honor” pledge. That was great. And the addition of Sarge has my heart soaring. We all know Dean’s already got a soft spot for him, he just won’t admit it. ;)

‘He wondered how long it would be before Ellen called, hollering at them for sending her such an unprepared mess.’ – This line is AMAZING. And Ellen actually calling them? I could hear her perfectly in my head: ‘"What do you think my bar is, a daycare?"’

‘"He's gotta learn from someone, Ellen, and all the best come through you."’ – He’s not wrong. :)

FREAKING AMAZING, EPIC CHAPTER! SO glad you got a chance to update! This still is one of my most favorite Supernatural time travel fics out there, especially of the Dean-centric related ones. ;) Keep up the brilliant work! I know you will! Can’t wait to see Gabe! I’m sure the wait will be worth it. And with all those extra bits in between, it’s simply all the more awesome. ;) Post more when you can! LOVE it! Until next time! :) 3
Masamune X23 chapter 114 . 4/3/2022
Great chapter but I’ve got some questions about the story.

I’m still hoping you reply back so we can talk cause I’m a big supernatural fan XD
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