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thebestbooks chapter 34 . 1h
I just read though all of this and it is amazing! I love how you have developed all the characters and can't wait to read more!
asw1500 chapter 34 . 10/17
Calart chapter 34 . 10/17
I was starting to worry that lost interest glad i was wrong great chapter
Aeshna Lacrymosa chapter 34 . 10/17
This was a beautifully written chapter as usual. While Pop-Pop's appearance was a welcome surprise, I'm not so sure about the part where he gets lectured by a good number of his own adult grandkits. I know by experience that elders tend to be hypersensitive and may take criticism the wrong way. But I trust your judgement and I look forward to the next chapter. _
imjustlikehumphery chapter 34 . 10/16
Great chapter ophelia, keep it up! The christmas gifts Nick and Judy got for each other were got both to tear up, Judy more cause she's emotional, but Nick's present from Judy was the more meaningful gift out of the two although what Nick got her was a great gift in its own right. The bonding bracelet Judy got him does fly in the fox tradition but obviously she didn't really care. Must have taken a lot of convincing on Judy's part for Mr. Jackson to make it for Nick as a present. I wasn't surprised what was said from Pop-Pop given he's an old rabbit with a traditional view on predators especially foxes but what Judy, Nick and Marian not to mention Julian and Jasmine along with Sasha and Hazel said on both Nick and Marian's behalf did make him change his opinion of the foxes if even just a bit. He's still a bit iffy but he's gonna have to get used to them cause like Marian said they're part of the family now. Loved how Bonnie teased Judy after though. That was pretty funny. After Bonnie revealed Nick of his sou chef duties him and Marian talked about his present from Judy and she even took some jabs at how serious his and Judy's relationship is gettin talkin about grandkits and all that goes along with it. Someday Nick and Judy will get there but it's not gonna be anytime soon so Marian's gonna have to be patient. Can't wait for the next chapter!
Wilde306 chapter 34 . 10/16
Yet another perfect chapter. I loved the small speech everyone gave Pop pop. Very well written and nearly brought a tear to my eye.
Camoss chapter 34 . 10/16
Another beautifully fluffy chapter. Thank you so much, Midnight.

One thing though, grammar correction "I was stood by Gid's stand" should be "I was standing by Gid's stand"

I can't wait to see what else we have going here :D
Jknight97 chapter 34 . 10/16
Wheeeeee! Hot dang...this one here is a doozy of a fluff! Sweet chariots! I can’t believe how many head canons I now have to sort through! The confrontation with Pop-pop was a nice piece of work. The gift exchange was also marvelous! I almost thought you would take it to the logical conclusion but then you had your out with the present opening. Ophelia, there is so much in this one chapter that once the whole story is done, I am sure I’m going to reread this over and over again.

And since you gave me a hall pass... *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* XD
Fox in the hen house chapter 34 . 10/16
Sweet little Sasha. Love that girl.
Pop pop, youre a dick. Hope you learn fasf 'fore you get eated!
The gift exchange was extremely touching. Excuse me. Theres slmething in my eye.
Story.Writer.2015 chapter 34 . 10/16
That chapter was so sweet. I loved that nick now has a bracket, but I was thinking his would have been a necklace, like dog tags. Anyway, great job.
Leon Burnes chapter 33 . 10/12
*starts chanting* UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE...
Guest chapter 33 . 10/10
Lovely story please update soon :-)
RememberTheGoodOldTimes chapter 1 . 10/12
Your in safe paws: Allstate insurance
KOakaKO chapter 21 . 10/12


* * * . . . * * *
.* * * * * * *
* raining fire *
* * * * * * * *
' ' ' * * * * ' ' '

...floating down again...


So good...
Meghanna Starsong chapter 8 . 10/11
Judy! You did not! But you did! But you shouldn't have...but you should've! *gasp gasp* I am in shock! She's really becoming a crooked cop but for all the right reasons! Oh, this moral dilemma! I'm so happy Nick gets to be a free mammal, and yet I'm sure that Judy will carry around a certain amount of guilt having helped to take a (really bad) life. Then again, it's also kind of a part of her job...the darkness. Great chapter.
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