Reviews for Sanitize
TheGodsWeep chapter 14 . 12/1
Great story, you have a way of making the characters come alive, seem truely real.
PequenoTyranido chapter 14 . 11/27
Muy buena historia!
Ultimatrix bearer chapter 14 . 11/23
This is now the second Civilian OC in Naruto fic that I can Say is PEAK.

The Infinite Sight chapter 4 . 11/18
I just discovered this story and I really enjoy it ! I don't know if you will continue to write it but i hope you will.

The end of this chapter broked my heart. It's terrible to see years of hard work being destroyed just because of stupid war... Poor Yui, she's so nice and life is so unfair to her.

I can't wait to see the next.
holy crap chapter 14 . 11/9
this UPDATED thnak you SO MUCH i love yui so much im glad to see her again
highwizardcat23 chapter 1 . 11/8
Unorthodox story- it kind of broke most of the tropes of fanfics. A reincarnation- but she don’t even know Naruto plot, a doctor- nope, not a medjutsu one, just your plain old modern doctor, a war- but the mc does not fight at all (spoilers?), and most surprisingly a Naruto story- without Naruto? And it works. Really well. Maybe just needed a breather from all the power tropes but ended up I was invested in every situation and character development. I felt like i was learning how to be a better person too. I was left longing for more even before the final chapter. This story made me feel like im missing someone/something. Idk how to describe it but thanks for the story.
TheWiseQueen chapter 14 . 11/7
This is soooo amazing. I don’t spend much time of ff as j mostly read on a03 now but this is soooo good I hope you continue it passed where you thought. I can’t tell if I want her to be with hashirama or with Masada or both of them lol in any official or non official capacity (as in not married but lovers and in love but still free to do what she wants and have a kid if she wants too, I noticed that Tobirama is the one who got married so is Hashirama single wink wink!) but this is sooooo good thank you for writing it and hopefully you’re able to update it soon!
CasualNormie chapter 1 . 11/2
I freaking love this, Great work having a cool, hard working civilian medic. I dont see that done often and at this quality. Can’t wait for more.
Kllemen.Tine chapter 14 . 10/15
Ugh I just love this fix so much! I’ve been keeping up with it for a while and I get so excited to see when you update. I hope Yui and Izuna can reach an agreement. Since Chiyuku has a hospital and is already a hotspot of neutrality it makes me wonder if madara and hashirama are going to build Konoha around it instead. That way they already have all the basic infrastructure and the economy instead of building from scratch.

Sorry that was lengthy. I can’t wait for the next chapter!
Gloeckche chapter 14 . 10/11
i was so happy when i noticed the update. thank you very much for sharing
EmD23 chapter 14 . 10/10
Another fantastic episode. Really excited to see the ending.
I have to reiterate that this is one of the most unique Naruto fanfics I've ever read, both in terms of its plot, its characterization, its setting, and its pacing. It's a huge breath of fresh air. I'll be said when it's over and done.
Jeyme chapter 14 . 10/4
Thank you for the amazing chapter. It always makes me happy whenever I read this story. It gives me comfort to know that a story like this exist. I wish that there will be more chapters in the future.
emma chapter 14 . 10/2
you saved Izuna!amazing. Some fics don't do the build up and payoff well, but you did it perfectly! Every story beat feels so earned
StandupSitdown chapter 13 . 9/15
It wouldn't feel right to not leave at least one review as I read through this story in one sitting. I might be unable to get to the next chapter just yet, but wanted to emphasize exactly how much I've enjoyed this story. Your character work is excellent. I've told people before that I've read fanfiction on par with or better than some books and comics and this is definitely up there. All I can say is thank you for the enjoyable story and I both look forward and dread it's conclusion. It's been a welcome distraction from the stress of the world
Misiercorde chapter 14 . 9/13
Just found this earlier today, binged all of it and loved every word. This is officially one of my favorite fanfics and my second favorite naruto one. I could say a dozen more well earned compliments, but I am terrible with words, so I’ll leave it at I believe you have created something wonderful and I can’t wait to read more.
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