Reviews for Attack on Prime Reuploaded!
Random5 chapter 26 . 10/21
You're right Steven Universe doesn't deserve the drag through the mud, it's just bad writing.
Here's a link to something that might help you understand a little bit more: /flLEr_sYC-k
blazeduck58 chapter 32 . 10/22
Great chapter,Great stories. Can't wait for the next updates.
Shadow the Jedi chapter 32 . 10/20
Great chapter. The action is well written, the twists are excitingly turned, and the characters are wonderfully complex. Can't wait for more.
AyeJimmy123 chapter 32 . 10/17
Samuel Loegan chapter 32 . 10/17
yas, new chapter. I'm also in college btw and keep up the good work See you in December
DEATHRIDER chapter 32 . 10/17
You know Megatron is a lot like Kratos from God of War 4 mixed with Isaac Clarke's hallucinations and grief. If I kept having hallucinations of someone that I hated who delights in my suffering and despair, I would try and ignore it or not respond cause if I did I would end up like how Megatron is with Unicron always finding a way to twist the words right back at him.

I gotta say I didn't expect Megatron to be found out by his advanced vocabulary. I would have thought it would have been his attitude, actions, or a slip up of a word that didn't exist to humans (which he almost did on the train), not an advanced word from human language. Guess even the best plans can have flaws in them.

Jeez first Annie gets tortured by her enemy now she gets tortured by her allies (she does have this comming though we can all agree on that.) I bet this isn't what she signed up for or expected. Question is will the Energon in her veins increase her lifespan or decrease it. Energon from past experiences is very harmful to humans especially Dark Energon, Bertholdt is a goner probably with Annie not far behind. Of course how long each of them have is anyone's guess.
ManwithaPlan113 chapter 32 . 10/17
It’s always nice seeing this updated. And Megatron was a GOD at one point. No more. And mind games. Delicious
Z-King chapter 32 . 10/17
Megatron is going to train the Eldian soldiers?...oh boy those kids are going to go through a whole new type of hell.
Lieutenant Myst chapter 32 . 10/17
I loved this! Megatron makes me laugh.

I so cannot wait for December right now. This is going to get pretty good.

-Lieutenant Myst.
Gamelover41592 chapter 32 . 10/17
excellent work on this chapter and I do wonder if Zeke is telling the truth and how this is going to play out
jessicanightmarewolf chapter 32 . 10/17
woohoo! new chapter! thanks and im sure we can wait until december for an update :)
great chapter as always and keep up the good work
JasonVUK chapter 32 . 10/17
A fantastic chapter! :D Excellent work!
SRG Brutally Honest chapter 32 . 10/17
I was really hoping to see Starscream and Shockwave appear in the story and joining with Marley because of their scores with Optimus and Megatron. Starscream and Porco would be at each other’s throats while Shockwave would create Cybertronian-Killer Titans.

Also, thought Megatron was going to use Franklin M. Welker or something.
TheFoolXXIIMaxX chapter 32 . 10/16
Megatron is in! I can't wait to see him train the "warriors"!
AyeJimmy123 chapter 31 . 10/11
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