Reviews for Famiglia Drabbles
Will-of-the-Night chapter 32 . 9/18
Would love to see this as a full story. There are only a handful of KHR/FF stories and none of them have the potential this does. I love Cetra!Tsuna!
Guest chapter 165 . 9/9
It would be interesting if there was a khr and symphogear crossover in which Female Tsuna becomes a candidate.
LongNightDragon chapter 24 . 9/9
Kinda hope this becomes a full story, it has potential.
Guest chapter 165 . 8/28
hp/khr: albus/lemitsu bashing, Harry was Giotto, Nana is James sister,
The goat used a spell to ensure the Potter's birthed a powerful pawn for him to use, Petunia very quickly dumps him on Nana. Tsuna was with Hibari when his dad came, the two very much hate him for hurting harry. Reborn comes while Harry is still at hogwarts, so no one but the Namimori natives know what gonna happen when Harry's gradians realize the Mafia is in town.
please adopt/write
nailaazzahra742 chapter 165 . 8/30
Chapter 3
Guest chapter 165 . 8/27
sm/khr: og/crystal mix, good chaos, fem Tsuna- Usagi, Kyouya-Mamoru, no seal
Sere & Endy's souls took a left turn instead of a right, due to Nana's memory issues Usagi and her brother basically live with the Hibari's. Kyouya claimed both Juban & Namimori, the two collect the 10 gen senshi and knight's plus extras early thanks to Usagi's HI. Usagi is 16 when the vongola comes knocking, she has large very protective support group.
Guest chapter 164 . 8/27
bleach/khr: protective 10 gen, lemitsu bashing, no 1000y war due to Instincts
Tsuna hates his dad cause he tried sealing him, it only didn't fully take due to Sakura's interference. Kyouya's not happy at the attempt to make his spar/fight partner a herbivore, his revenge plans get the 10 gen together early unintentionally. Byakuya vanishes while fighting a hollow, they track his reiatsu to namimori.
Please adopt/write
ShadowHurricane chapter 165 . 8/28
how about a drabble where Tsuna (accidentally or not) summon Daniella from the ring during the ring battles ?
Jostanos chapter 165 . 8/27
Please continue when you may with this series, my friend. :)
AyameKitsune chapter 165 . 8/26
Epic! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
littleditto chapter 165 . 8/26
Another interesting addition. I wonder, if she does manage to successfully abdicate, would she actually stay out of it? In several of your stories, you’ve made plans for her to stay out only for her to join Vongola anyways when Reborn shows up. Like the one where she has the Rabbit headband and is dating Hibari and Kaiba, or the spirit detective one.
Guest chapter 165 . 8/24
actually hope this gets its own story since I like the combination of khr and yugioh in this, I remember an old story of yours with the same combination with the pairing of fem tuna and naiba and hibari which was quite amusing on top of adorable
Guest chapter 165 . 8/24
Please make this story official.
Phoenix chapter 165 . 8/23
Ohh soo good thanks for the update
Guest chapter 165 . 8/23
I wonder which deck is Maiya going to obtain?
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