Reviews for Famiglia Drabbles
Guest chapter 153 . 7/26
I would like to see another Dragon Ball Z crossover with Female Tsuna , but then a Fem!Tsuna/Raditz Pairing

I feel that Raditz can change from bad guy to good guy because of Fem!Tsuna :D
Guest chapter 153 . 7/25
its a good chapter this dragon ball z crossover but I was more hoping for a Fairy Tail crossover with a Yaoi Pairing for Tsuna

there needs to be more Yaoi Pairing for Tsuna in this Drabbles Series to read XD
The Crimson Killer chapter 153 . 7/24
carneyjarred chapter 153 . 7/21
nice chapter maybe you can make a crossover with my next life as a villainess all routes lead to doom next or maybe a shantae crossover or something because this is pretty good.
Mori chapter 116 . 7/16
Omg that last line killed me
Guest chapter 153 . 7/16
I really hope you continue this one because it's just that flavor I needed
WearyCurmudgeon chapter 153 . 7/15
- Flames
So Gohan is a Sunny Sky a la Dino with a Lightning tertiary or secondary?

And Tsuki is a Sky at minimum. Any secondaries or tertiaries on her part?

- Jostanos
If you're going for the Pun, then at least have it be shaped like a Key blade, even if it's made from Ki.

Phoenix chapter 153 . 7/15
Oh my gosh I really hope you make this into a full story it is totally awesome!
Reishin Amara chapter 153 . 7/17
And this most certainly has my attention! Dying Will plus Ki? That's an amazing combination!
Guest chapter 153 . 7/15
Another great story.
I hope youmwill continue it.
Guest chapter 152 . 7/15
Tsuki really wants to learn the Clothes Beam attack. I wonder if she's watched the Abridged series. Kind of doubt it given that it's in English and she's Japanese. And I don't think there was a translated version of it into Japanese. Not sure if there was a similar kind of thing in Japanese either. Though given the whole 'multiple languages' as a requirement, it's very possible she would have known enough English to be able to understand/watch the Abridged series. Just whether or not she'd know it existed is a different question.
Magic Night Star Mage chapter 153 . 7/17
Oooo we really do need more of this crossover haha soo ppppllllzzzz continue it! Haha great job!
Flamemoon chapter 152 . 7/15
Hope to see Tsuki be paired with one of the guys I think fits Tsuki :D

Android 17/Tsuki

I know zamasu hates humans and is evil but when zamasu meets tsuki , I feel that zamasu will change and fall in love with her XD
Guest chapter 152 . 7/15
More please
Guest chapter 152 . 7/15
hope to see Tsuki be with Android 17 as lovers XD
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