Reviews for Famiglia Drabbles
LunarCatNinja chapter 151 . 5/13
I did not realize she was Haruka from Sailor Moon until now, but I like it!
Dragon Wing Gundam chapter 151 . 5/13
Ohhh a Sailor Moon crossover, it appears. I can see Haruka transforming once and after looking at herself going "NOPE". Any monster she encounters being destroyed and their controllers being turned into block of zero-point ice. Causing to the others to scratch their heads unable to understand how she did it. Her reaction to ditzy Usagi and/or controlling Setsuna would be interesting to read.
DRARKER chapter 151 . 5/13
I love the idea Fem/Tsuna as Haruka of sailor moon pleas More chapters.
Nakamura Yui chapter 151 . 5/13
Wasn't Haruka and Michiru a couple in Sailor Moon? I'm actually surprise that the Fem!Tsuna wasn't at least bi or interested with females what with surrounded by so many males from the mafia back in her previous run. I hope they still stay as a couple despite being so different from the original Haruka Tenouh.

Besides I'm curious how are the two power couple in sailor moon acts with this Haruka being not that oblivious or passive and the sheer headache I'm sure will start when sailor moons comes around since I have a feeling that this Haruka will emulate Reborn to bring the group up to scratch to avoid being a laughing stock what with being a magical girl and all.
shadewatcher chapter 151 . 5/13
*cackles* wonder how long before the new racer bumps into a certain cloudy motorcycle driver? This should be interesting. Hope to see more.
SevenBrokenTowers chapter 151 . 5/13
Champion of Ouranos is amazing! I really hope you continue with this idea.
ChaoticInscriber chapter 151 . 5/13
*hysterical giggling*
Slavaskia chapter 151 . 5/13
Lol finally realized the last two chapters were crossovers of Sailor Moon.
Abbadon44 chapter 151 . 5/13
I cannot believe it took until this chapter to realize what this was crossed with.
Jazz 116 chapter 151 . 5/13
Thumbs up !
Cooldude82 chapter 151 . 5/13
You should definitely post this as it’s own story. I hadn’t realised that it was a crossover was until we ran into Michiru...But admittedly how could anyone pick up that it was a sailor moon crossover or even a partial crossover with just a name Haruka to go on; I just thought it was your standard Time travelling hitman reborn story.

I don’t know keep up the good story Work
crazy-reader 91 chapter 151 . 5/13
Sailor moon crossover!
Tsubasa/Tsuna is Haruka aka Sailor Uranus!
Black Dragoniss chapter 151 . 5/13
I love this. Looking forward to seeing what happens next. I hope you make this into a story
Dendule95 chapter 151 . 5/13
Can you plllllease make Haruka heterosexual And not lesbian
AutobotSeeker98 chapter 151 . 5/13
Oh, this is a Sailor Moon crossover (I think)
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