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Jacob9594 chapter 136 . 5/10
I like Murasaki’s new look. It’s fitting and shows her resolve. I also enjoyed the build up and ultimate confrontation between her Imu. Their interactions is one of my favorites and how one charaxters’s flaws help another grow. How ironic for all Imu talk of the Root of Calmity and overprotective jealous, her final attempt and what Hikage did unlocked the full potential and purified power of the root of Calamity. Now Murasaki is at peace and Imu suffered the biggest karma and defeat ever. Things will never be the same. Suffice to say Akira, Miyabi, and Haruka will be both angry and disappointed with Imu’s stubborn and reckless actions once they find out. Nice growth of Miyabi as well along with others.
Luckenhaft chapter 136 . 5/8
Whelp, this ended up being a clusterfuck for the Crimson Squad. Figured they wouldn't be able to get away with the death seal still on them.

I have no idea who bombed the school. Dogen? Suzune? Suiren? Someone else?

Hopefully the S&M twins are okay.

And Poochie has a Stand- Persona. Which Hikage knows about.

Soji you're a dick without a dick.

Figures this happening on 10/4 meant the plan was doomed from the get go. They should have done it on the 3rd.

In other news: Go Akira for clearing Makoto's Confidant by early October. Most people get it done by November.

Ryuji's on his way to a Shinobi 3some, Makoto wants a 3some too with Homura and Akira.

Also, I think you might be in trouble with one of your co-authors.

I a
JGResidentEvil chapter 136 . 5/8
Guest chapter 136 . 5/8
Good chapter
RosyMiranto18 chapter 136 . 5/8
Sorry, but mentioning Better Help at all is a Suspiciously Specific Denial ._.
Though honestly, there's a lot more Cases of Corporate Greed recently... Such as the Studio behind Hi-Fi Rush... Is gone :(
Anyway, Katsuragi eh? I'm honestly expecting either Murasaki, Hyoki, or Haruka. But sure... I hope you're prepared for a Threesome, Ryuuji xD as for Robin Hood though, of course it's Disney... Of course -_-

-Another new character in the cast... Okay ._.
-They need to start consider buying separate Shampoos for each of them, period.
-I guess there's no use wearing those Summer Clothes even for Home Only then :/
-The entire Complex? Impossible! JUST this Room and maybe Miyabi's though... Maybe.
-Did Haruka went off to plan out the Hebijo Break Heist?
-Akira, don't you dare get a Dakimakura if you're getting a Bolster. PLEASE.
-Somehow, this is the first time Morgana seekng a Stripped Sleep this whole fic. Not from Asuka, nor from Haruka.
-Morgana... No, you're not Teddie. At least i can see his Claims to be the King of the Tv World -_-
-Futaba, Akira doesn't even wear Contacts.
-I forgot who told Akira that. Is it Haru or Okumura in his Palace?
-That House Fire gave me bad flashback to Lost Judgment Kaito Failes :(
-Who cooked the Kaarage tho?
-Ah... The pain of Managing Social Links :)
-Yumi lived a Quintuple Life ._.
-What is a Guntflap?
-Good to know that you don't need Futaba to ban those Requests, Mishima. We're not Strega!
-I guess Kirijou is 2nd at the monent. Thouhh it's a shocker that Okumura is 3rd despite being only a Food and Beverage Company.
-Wait, IS Hyoki and Leo ARE confirmed to be related in the Main Game tho?! :o
-That's now the Digestive System works, Miki.
-And Healthy Brownies would probably backfire becauae the taste might be horrible ._.
-Did Akira have a Yome smell on him because he helped slain Shin? O_o
-Next time after you're done with this Okumura nonsense, Katsuragi, you can vent all you want on those poor Thugs :)
-I think you NEED to talk to Haru, Katsuragi. For your sanity's sake :(
-Plot Twist, the place Ichiko just went into is an Underwater Palace :)
-Well, someone HAD to hold down the fort until the New Principal is here and for some dumb reason the Vice Principal didn't do ANYTHING!
-*glare* Ryuji, Peking Duck is expensive, CAN you afford that? *Pause* Metaverse Money doesn't count
-They sold a Soda in a Chinese Restaurant... Let alone a DIET Soda?
-You know what, i won't ask from which Shinobi Branch Meimei is *sighs*
-Li Yaoling? You know what, i won't ask how much the Phantom X Cast will be present in this fic, a all :/
-Somehow ALL the Shinobis in the Phantom Thieves are afraid of ghost...
-So what is 2nd now? Shinobi or Information Broken?
-You know... I wonder if Miku DID show up in this fic's version of P4 DAN ;)
-Pretty sure those Difficulty names are only a thing from P5 tho
-Well, at least Yumi didn't broke every single piece of tech that she touch. So... That's an improvement.
-The best way to deal with being a Slave to Public Image is... To NOT give a damn about it.
-Oh for fuck's sake. Mementos, NOW!
-If Maruki is in this fic, i imagine he's taking notes at Sora's screams :/
-So why did you order a Diet Soda then? Iced Tea is always the superior drink
-I'm curious on how awkward it is to see Ryuuji brought his mom to a Jazz Club :p
-That, or this is one of those "Keep Your Friend Close..." Thing.
-Breaking News, Makoto finally realized that TV SUCKS. YouTube is better.
-So... The Rug got bumpy or something? *Shrugs*
-I'm surprised they even sell Buchimaru PANTIES in the first place. For Teenager's size no less!
-I don't know. Shinobi Scientist? Shido's Payroll? Both?
-The Summit is on next chapter, or is it in two chapters?
-Of course we had Fanservice after what supposed to be a serious Summit... Somehow O_o
-Speaking of Dragoness, have Makoto watched Trial of the Dragon yet?
-When did Makoto got Anat again?
-Is Miki an Oni all along?
-Which Madarame Quotes?
-What the hell is a Pussyfooting?
-Wait a minute, if you suddenly wanted to sleep at the Sakamotos, where is your assigned housing at this Okumura Job? Haru's?
-At least we see no cursed combo things made out of Curry yet, somehow.
-Well, he's lucky Miyabi didn't just straight up Tiger Dropped him.
-I don't know where did you get the idea of that Robot Deathmatch from
-I wonder whether Akira knew the P2 Cast somewhere...
-I can't hear "What's mine is yours" without thinking of GTA IV anymore :)
-What the hell happened with those Butcher Octopus?
-Wanna have some Orak Arik Telur? :)
www. merdeka trending/6-resep-orak-arik-telur-dengan-berbagai-bahan-sederhana-amp-gampang-dibuat-kln . html
-I can see the Bloody Egg being a Bad Omen, but HOW THE HELL can you have an Egg of Blood?
-Guess we can't take all the Breansprouts nor stealing the School Properties then :/
-I like the Hentai Tentacle Idea. A classic.
-Auw... Poochie have her own bag... :3
-Seriously tho, does Poochie HAVE a Persona?
-While Bebe being silent is sus, i feel like leaving him behind is also a Red Flag...
-So... It's just Molotovs then? Kind of boring :/
-Who summons the Self Destruct then? Dogen?
-Is Soji used a Chainwhip or just... Chains?
-I... Won't ask where did Murasaki got those massive Shurikens ._.
-Uh... Nobody told them that the Yoma is gone now?
-And i won't ask why there's Fox Spirits on her staff this whole time
-Uh... So... Did Imu just put herself to be stabbed by Hikage's boxcutter then? I don't get it ._.
-What the hell is a FUBAR?
-Wait, so Murasaki's Purple Hair is because of the Root? Also, is this the same case as Devil Jin turned into Angel Jin thing?
-Which Aerith Limit Break?
-Somehow it took Suzune THIS long to show up.
-Dog Urine Potion what the fuck?

Well, not surprised that things won't go according to plan, but i would never expect it to be THIS messy.
Also, i had to skip out rewatching Jet Lag Season 5 and spent like... 1,5 hours just to review this. So... I gotta take a break now and go to sleep... Especially when i know Tomorrow will be a busy one for me with making a Dynasty Warriors Scenario ._. see ya...
Guest Fan chapter 135 . 4/13
Do you know about the latest Senran kagura Shin reveal from New Link?
form Alexander chapter 135 . 4/1
hope for new one's
form Alexander chapter 91 . 3/29
the same time is good
ConnivingG chapter 133 . 3/23
Ninja Sex Party is not a fetish it is a view on life! I literally can't help but think that Brian and Dan are now ex-ninjas now in this universe and that is glorious and hilarious!
StevieBond chapter 135 . 3/22
What a chapter! Homura finally gets her last maxed rank social stat. And Ryuji gets kissed by Katsuragi?! Well, if you ask me, he deserves to find love after what's gone through.
Luckenhaft chapter 135 . 3/22
Honestly think Dogen needs a change of heart if killing him isn't feasible. Would be neat to see what the Palace of a Shinobi would be like.

Maybe Dogen would see Hebijo as a cult compound where he's preparing his cognitions of the students/cult members as sacrifices to summon Orochi.

Speaking of changing hearts, perhaps Murasame needs one.

So the Crimson Squad make their departure for Inaba next chapter along with the completion of Yumi's Confidant and her Second Awakening.

Then we speedrun through the 5th to the 11th to get to Okumura's Confession/Probable Mental Shutdown and the fallout to that.

Looking forward to the beginning of the Tokyo Shinobi War Arc.

I a
Tailsmo4ever chapter 135 . 3/22
hope Murasame's issues get adressed. seeing the flashback showed that he has a lot of troubling family issues that Ikagura seems to be very unaware of, and training him better won't resolve it. I don't think he actually wants Hien, he want's his family's respect.

Other than that, hope to see more of this.
Jacob9594 chapter 135 . 3/22
Nice to see the two become a couple. nice pacing. Hyoki will make things interesting. Futaba and Miyabi support scenes along with Murasaki are nice. Morgana sure got lucky. Hmm, more mystery about Ikagura and some of her friends erased past? The whole scene with Asuka, Miyabi, and Haruka was very interesting.
Neptunia56 chapter 135 . 3/22
I'm very surprised that Ryuji and Katsuragi are now in a relationship. I'm impressed with this chapter. So will all of the shinobi that Akira and his team hanged out with find out that they are the Phantom Thieves and will help them in Shido's Palace and in the Strikers storyline in the future of this story?
Shadow Joestar chapter 135 . 3/22
KO awesome chapter, Ryuji has finally himself a girlfriend as Katsuragi has grown quite a very much for him, but now there is that other girl who is going to compete for his love. I could only hope this doesn’t get out of hand in this.
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