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form Alexander chapter 91 . 3/29
the same time is good
ConnivingG chapter 133 . 3/23
Ninja Sex Party is not a fetish it is a view on life! I literally can't help but think that Brian and Dan are now ex-ninjas now in this universe and that is glorious and hilarious!
StevieBond chapter 135 . 3/22
What a chapter! Homura finally gets her last maxed rank social stat. And Ryuji gets kissed by Katsuragi?! Well, if you ask me, he deserves to find love after what's gone through.
Luckenhaft chapter 135 . 3/22
Honestly think Dogen needs a change of heart if killing him isn't feasible. Would be neat to see what the Palace of a Shinobi would be like.

Maybe Dogen would see Hebijo as a cult compound where he's preparing his cognitions of the students/cult members as sacrifices to summon Orochi.

Speaking of changing hearts, perhaps Murasame needs one.

So the Crimson Squad make their departure for Inaba next chapter along with the completion of Yumi's Confidant and her Second Awakening.

Then we speedrun through the 5th to the 11th to get to Okumura's Confession/Probable Mental Shutdown and the fallout to that.

Looking forward to the beginning of the Tokyo Shinobi War Arc.

I a
Tailsmo4ever chapter 135 . 3/22
hope Murasame's issues get adressed. seeing the flashback showed that he has a lot of troubling family issues that Ikagura seems to be very unaware of, and training him better won't resolve it. I don't think he actually wants Hien, he want's his family's respect.

Other than that, hope to see more of this.
Jacob9594 chapter 135 . 3/22
Nice to see the two become a couple. nice pacing. Hyoki will make things interesting. Futaba and Miyabi support scenes along with Murasaki are nice. Morgana sure got lucky. Hmm, more mystery about Ikagura and some of her friends erased past? The whole scene with Asuka, Miyabi, and Haruka was very interesting.
Neptunia56 chapter 135 . 3/22
I'm very surprised that Ryuji and Katsuragi are now in a relationship. I'm impressed with this chapter. So will all of the shinobi that Akira and his team hanged out with find out that they are the Phantom Thieves and will help them in Shido's Palace and in the Strikers storyline in the future of this story?
Shadow Joestar chapter 135 . 3/22
KO awesome chapter, Ryuji has finally himself a girlfriend as Katsuragi has grown quite a very much for him, but now there is that other girl who is going to compete for his love. I could only hope this doesn’t get out of hand in this.
GreenSentai chapter 135 . 3/22
This is where a major piece of Royal content would happen. I wonder how would Kasumi's reactions to the shinobi would go. No doubt she would be impressed as shinobi are essentially super gymnasts.
Nexus240 chapter 135 . 3/22
Ryuji actually getting his game on!
Akira must really proud of him following his footsteps as a lady's man!

This story keeps getting better and better by the minute!
Looking forward to Yumi's 2nd Persona and the visit to BootyLand!
RosyMiranto18 chapter 135 . 3/21
You know, one question. If you can bring ONE person from Hanzo, Crimson Squad, Gensen, or Hebijo as a Persona User to join the Phantom Thieves, who is it gonna be?

-Wait, Asuka's Massage have tiers other than With or Without the Oil?
-Remember folks, DLC Personas are Bad... :v
-I guess not even Shinobi Kekkai can lessen the risk of sparring naked.
-I thought it's gonna be called the Zodiac International School, but eh...
-Party? As in a Gala? Well that's an interesting place for a first meeting.
-I thought Haru's mom is gone? How many years ago is this?
-Could have used something more dignified to cover her face, Murakumi. Where is your mask?
-I have a feeling that Melon-Peach had to do with cup sizes and i'm cursing whoever out of the four to make that name :/ *pause* IKARUGA!
-I wonder who Leo's sister is... Is it someone we already seen in the fic so far?
-The Entire Shinobi Schools might need a Monthly Anime Marathon or something at this point
-Why am i taking a guess Haru's is a ra... And it's not just because of a certain thing i saw at DeviantArt *whistles*
-Well... Good luck Katsuragi, *sniff* i wished you well.
-Don't tempt fate with those walls, Ann...
-Uh... I think you should approach Haru first instead of Asuka... And make sure to do it AFTER the school *facepalm*
-Watch out Futaba, Naked Streams will get you Demonetized!
-Is giving Futaba a boob-shaped pillow made of Silicon a good idea?
-Could have suggested Kosei first, but then you had to say the A-Word *grumbles*
-Well... That reunion didn't go well. :(
-Who is Sannin?
-You definitely need to check your back pocket every time you leave for School, Keiichiro-san- HE'S DOING A SPONGEBOB PANTY THIEF?! D:
-Is Ryuji having to Siszone Hyoki or he ended up with a threesome? Hm...
-So... How much the odds that Hitomi is secretly a Shinobi here...
-Why did you go to Leblanc for a Checkup? Unless you just went from Takemi's.
-That's definitely a SpongeBob reference. Damnit Bubble Bash.
-A THOUSAND?! She clearly said nearing TEN Thousand!
-Ryuuji is completely clueless... Yeah, he definitely gonna siszone her. I'm sorry Hyoki :/
-I think You has to be worried about Makoto dragging you across Tokyo just to put you to bed than Miyabi Tiger Dropping you man... *Shakes head*
-And so Haru already used the Sophia Shop :)
-That's not Random, that's the Shinobi's Arcanas -_-
-Even Sae had fed up with how long this fic is :D
-What the hell is a Teetotaler?
-I... Have no clue whoever this Other Kamoshida is... I'm very confused. *Pause* Oh, she's his mom... She's gonna be a target because of despair, isn't it?
-I think the only reason Haru never forgot because her father is NOT a Shinobi so he definitely can't do that whatever Yoke Mumbo Jumbo BS... Right?
-Yay! Are we seeing Majima next chapter? XD
-I mean, it's kind of safe, around Yakuza 6, but Ryo Aoki didn't made the Kamurocho 3K Plan yet.
-Why Shujin Uniform needs Suspenders man...
-Well... Fuck.
-38 TIMES FOR SEEING MEN'S DICK?! What the fuck, Asuka?
-I didn't even know Akira even had a pyjamas in the fitst place.
-Miki... *Glare*
-I honestly really look forward to that Student Council Summit... Yeah, that would be ve very fun.
-I wonder what kind of tutorials did Homura watched... Yeah, this is a copium that she watched the Indonesian ones. I know *sighs*
-And now we got Water Pillar Fan...
-Next Chapter is the Crimson Squad Chapter? Uh oh...
-What Robin Hood had to do with Furries?
Cure Crystal chapter 135 . 3/21
*SQUEEEEE!* Ruiji x Katsuragi YES OTP CONFIRMED! i love this fanfiction so much, although now i wonder how Ryuji's mom react to all of this happening
StevieBond chapter 134 . 2/21
So Homura finally got some action with Akira, good on her! ;)
Guest chapter 134 . 2/18
Can someone make a bonus chapter of chapter 132 and 134 of what happened between akira and Asuka and akira and homura
void fenrir chapter 134 . 2/18
Hi. Great chapter and many many thanks for the Kamen rider part! It's just that Ex-Aid was the first rider series i have ever watched.
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