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Tailsmo4ever chapter 134 . 2/17
well unless we get more incite on the coming Shinobi and their perspective of the Phantom Thieves, I think a lot of us would like to get a time skip, and not let it drag on like last time.
Redbull98 chapter 134 . 2/17
Another Shinobi confidant maxed! Can't wait for the other confidants to be maxed though. Although I have to question about the minor arcana confidants, to which I bet it will be rank 5 at max instead of 10. Given most of the confidant finds out about Joker's true identity as a Phantom Thief at max rank, will the other shinobi from Hanzo, Crimson Squad, Gessen Squad, and Hebijo finds out as well? I fully expect a fight between them and the shinobi related to the schools as they basically been doing things behind their backs.

On the other hand, seeing Rin and Daidoji together made me imagine a superboss fight with those two against the Shinobis who joined the Phantom Thieves. It may not happen sometime, but it's still would be a treat to see with Homura's possible reaction:

"So Suzune-sensei's not only going to be Shujin's principal, but she's friends with Daidoji from Hanzo?! And they have Personas as well?!"

Akira: "Basically, similar to you and Asuka back when you first met then."

Just an imaginary thought coming forward. Can't wait for the next chapter.
Jacob9594 chapter 134 . 2/17
Now Homura is much closer to Akira now. So not only does Akira have Asuka and Homura, but this will be interesting going forward. Kamen Rider Ex-aid was fun to watch. Homura's new persona is fitting. Everything else was interesting to read.
RosyMiranto18 chapter 134 . 2/17
I think the best way to count words nicely is to trust your Word Processer's wordcount on it... Anyway, onto the chapter

-If Miki also slept on the Futon, that would be even more awkward.
-Guess Homura and Tan Lines is like Mirai and Big Bang Burger
-You know, after recently, a 35K Mementos Chapter somehow felt short by Mementos Standards. *Pause* Okay, it seems this is Not one. Probably the next chapter yeah.
-O. Kamura... Really slick, if not for your suspiciously specific denial. Where did you get this though, Haru?
-Is Zodiac a part of a single school like Hanzo did? It could be that they're just their own Squad
-Different Breakfast? Did you cook it Miki, because that doesn't sound like buying it somewhere.
-Seriously, is Miki's horns a fake, a headband, or acruall some Oni stuff?
-At least learn English Asuka, it's the closest that we got to Earth's Lingua Franca.
-To be honest, i'm surprised Raze isn't expelled yet with that kind of attitude.
-The Crimson Squad went to Inaba? Didn't know that it's close to Hebijo, but it's interesting if Rin told Yuu to greet them for some help.
-I guess Ryobi just learne to roll with things and focusing on Bootyland... Still wondering who's their biggest patron though.
-At leas Katsuragi have a backup plan if Ryuji ended up with Hyoki... Ehehehehhehehe...
-Ooh, Takakura actually give tips on the Zodiacs, interesting...
-Even if Takakura is shady like that, CAN he even have a bomb or curse on this? He's Not A Shinobi?
-... Who is Ginrei again? Gotta research later. *Pause* Oh, Virgo
-*researching Castella* damn, now i wanted a Sponge Cake :(
-Did Homura have red eyes usually?
-Maybe darker blue will work better on Homura than the light (Yumi) or bright (Wolverine) one.
-Okay, now i'm cutious on where did Makoto move out of Tokyo then... And don't say Yokohama, Saitama, or Chiba, or anything nearby.
-Speaking of Practical, Makoto should go to Southeast Asia once to see myriad of Motorcycles in traffic :v
-Wait, you didn't parody Honda and Harley but you parodied Kawasaki? Did Yuu's family bought that recently or something?
-You already had white hair, Miyabi. That's worse than grey hair :/
-Why am i thinking that Miyabi stole Shuujin's Track Suit for Futaba?
-Can we gave an Emu-themed Kamen Rider instead? ;)
-Don't even want to know where did Hibari got that Ball from
-Either that or the Secret Base is a Hidden in Plain Sight kind of thing.
-Wait, the pills themselves mutating not the one consuming them? Can't we dispose them lile Radioactives yet?!
-*checking Butterfly Sword* interesting. That's not a Knife and you misworded it shockingly.
-It seems like Tanaka is as omnipotent as ever after skipping Nyx... And Akira is infected by It's Going Down Now
-I thought Homura's apartment is also in Yongen, which means she doesn't need a train to go home.
-Can someone dare asking Sojiro about Decafs?
-Wait... Is this Obscure Greek God Kratos (Pallas and Styx's son) or THE GoW Kratos?
-I'll just say that she's the Fate/Samurai Remnant Musashi or something... It's fitting tho.
-Now we got Machine Gun Kiss xD
-If Rise actually is in this scene... :p
-I thought Manwhore is Yuu's thing.
-You know, Christmas and Valentine Chapters will be awkwardly LONG to write since you need to do like 5-8 scenes, with Asuka, Homura, Yumi, Miyabi, or None/4 of them platonically each.

Well, i can see why you don't like day skipping and such, especially when we still have things like the Crimson Squad Eacape to do or something. See you later, good chance that next chapter might come during the Fasting Month though, which is... Hoo boy.
Autistic-Grizzly chapter 134 . 2/17
okay good chapter, but I take it that the relationship stuff is probably multiversal scenes since there is no way he can be dating Asuka, Homura and maybe some others at the same time right? keep up the good work
WWPLunatique chapter 134 . 2/17
I think Miyabi’s Confidant needs to have the Mementos Requests of Sojiro and Futaba beaten in order to max out and that YoujimIsshiki takes a swing at her instead of Futaba in the game and Sojiro in the anime.

Speaking of Miyabi’s confidant, the Persona that Akira can fuse as a result of maxing it out should be Kamadeva: the Hindu god of erotic love, desire, pleasure and beauty.
WWPLunatique chapter 134 . 2/17
Is Hanzō Academy going to be at the Future Leasers Summits considering they have normies attending just like Hakuō?

And is Kochō going to be there as Hakuō’s Dicipline Committee rep considering that’s her actual position in SK?
Nexus240 chapter 134 . 2/16
Homura got her 2nd awakening!
Miyamoto Musashi! I should have known with her dual wield most of the time!

Now all thats left is figuring out Yumi’s and Miyabi’s 2nd Persona!

What will become of Okumura’s fate?!
Looking forward to it!

Also kind of looking forward to the Bootyland thing as well!
Guest chapter 134 . 2/16
Good chap

Loved the romance
Shadow Joestar chapter 134 . 2/16
KO awesome chapter, nice to see the romance scene of Akira and Homura together as she is one of my favorite female characters of the Senran Kagura series and hope to see some more romance going on with her!
Vein Bloodborne chapter 133 . 2/8
The Hee-Hoo Stampede from Strikers…

WWPLunatique chapter 1 . 2/5
My sympathies to whoever puts the playlist I made on “shuffle” and gets jump scared by the music that that Hebijo fangirl chose to play to Murasaki.
RosyMiranto18 chapter 133 . 2/1
67 Thousand words on the Email..dude, you're lying, the that's closer to 70 K than 69. This is a record already! D:
Sighs... Reviewing this would take me 2 days...

-Nah! Nah! I'm sure Mirai doesn't write anything but a Fanfiction xD
-Did someone say Hollywood Swinging? "San Andreas Bounce FM Intensifies*
-Miyabium... Hm... Copium for sure.
-But Game of the Three Friends is NOT Mahjong...
-I'm curious on what Song did Futaba pick for her alarm there.
-Okay, what the fuck happened this Shuujin Day Off, again? *Pause* Oh, it was Rise. Not surprised she didn't like it either. But is there anybody who wanted her being at the Festival a Surprise?
-Sorry, now i'm imagining Haruka made those Conspiracy Theoriest Chart instead.
-An XJ... Miki's modeling must have really paid off for the rest of Senki Shu.
-Why Futaba's Username is Shinobi Physics?
-Is this shop real? *Pause* Pfft! No, it's a Xenoblade X reference.
-Unless you found your way to make Your Ice Queen Form's outfit looks mundane, Yumi, that sounds inadvisable.
-You can't fish with Money. This isn't the Clam from SpongeBob
-And sadly, you can't simply buy that Belt with Money :)
-And then Nachi shows up next chapter and Sojiro actually had a crush on her xD
-At least the Vice Principal is a bit of a dork here, so that's a good flag... Still didn't excuse what he did to Kasumire in October though.
-I'm surprised the Crimson Squad didn't take advantage of that Brawl to ran away.
-Well, GG Rin, her being the Principal will be the Chaos we all wanted xD
-I guess we'll see the Puppy sooner than later, and with Koro had a Kunai back then, not surprised if she's a Shinobi in training too... Koro is still alive right? Wait... It was Poochie, isn't it? *Facepalm*
-You know, i was scared that Miki is actually Aki's dead sister and her revival had to do with Ryoji until i realized that she's a Senran Kagura character. But then you said that Miki knew Yukari... HMM!
-Plot Twist, it was Yosuke who littered that bike.
-Wait, waitwaitwaitwaitwait. Is Homura 's Social Link only have 5 Ranks instead of 10? I mean makes sense that you don't want to make it run on for too long, but yeah... It does progressed quite a bit too quick if it's 10 Ranks like i thought, right?
-Also, Free Personas per Arcana if Homura succeeds, yay! :D
-Meat Crepes are delicious, you should try it out Author! :v
-I swear this Spa have some Sus Subliminal Messages
-I'm still unsure whether Hyoki had a big boob or not... By default. Big Bang Burger doesn't count.
-Avatar: The First Needlebender
-So Muramasa came from Senki Shu originally? Interesting...
-I honestly thought Ranze wasn't a rookie at all.
-I gotta be honest. Imu's taste of putting a hate over her twin tails feels... Weird
-Yep, Imu had gone desperate with Miyabi there. Mwahahahahahah... But to be fair, Friendzone or not, Miyabi is as dense as a brick wall.
-1. Plot Twist, Miki IS Asuka's cousin. 2... Are we doing King's Game again xD
-Wait, the ENTIRE Senki-Shu shared the 2nd Kanji/Princess, how the fuck didn't i notice that?! D:
-At least Reiki just lost the Darkness within her instead of just... Dead as soon as Shin the Yoma is defeated.
-Wait, Miki has Horns? How the hell did nobody calls a SUS on that yet?

I guess Okumura's Press Conference will come in 1-2 chapters then.
Guest chapter 133 . 2/1
Good chapter
dippytrippy122 chapter 133 . 1/31
I genuinely don’t know why this story has gotten as much hate as it has. Is it perfect? No, of course not. And no story is lol especially no fanfic. Really my only two major complaints are that the pacing is a bit too slow and the Kamoshida arc was kinda repetitive. But after that? I got nothing. I never once expected to ever read a fanfic this long in my life. But you guys kept me engaged the whole way through. I was sad, happy and laughed like hell all throughout this story and I genuinely loved it. I feel if the first arc was paced a bit better and cut down this story would have so much more attention. Which it completely deserves. Especially because you may have written the best version of Akira out there. He’s absolutely hilarious and steals every scene he’s in. Also Murasaki and Haruka with him? 10/10. Can’t tell if every potential ending is just alternative timelines and he’ll end with no one? Or maybe all? Or maybe one? Not sure. (Hope at least those two because the chemistry is unmatched). Keep it up guys:)) I’ll read each and every single update you guys post! Love it and all the characters you’ve brought to life.
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