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WWPLunatique chapter 132 . 1/3
Looks like Hyōki’s group and Kagura’s group may know of each others existences now even if they have no intentions of starting problems.

Wouldn’t surprise me if both sides had an emergency meeting to discuss this near miss…
Autistic-Grizzly chapter 132 . 1/2
good work guys, I was not expecting the scenes with Akira and Asuka as a couple and oh boy is the fallout to that going to be fun to read, but Fubuki's group and Sayuri's group in the area may cause a bit of a chaotic headache which is something I think will be fun to read, keep up the good work
Jacob9594 chapter 132 . 1/2
It nice of Imu and Ryobi are making the first steps to healing and settling their issues. Akira x Asuka, good choice both are close and help each other grow. Its been a while since Fubaki and their interactions with Akechi was pretty cool. Hyoki continues to fun to read and seeing her growing love for Ryuji. Looking forward to seeing how the others react to Akira and Asuka's new relationship, especially Homura. i liked how Yumi called out Nemesis and Nana.
Namikaze Yo chapter 132 . 1/1
Homura: You slept with my sister, you bastard!
Ryobi: Did he sleep with your sister? Because he also slept with my sister!
Imu: What!? Did that son of a bitch also sleep with your sisters!?
Sae: And you also slept with my sister, you damned miserable worm
Morgana: Dude, how many sisters did you sleep with?
Ren: You don't want to know
RosyMiranto18 chapter 132 . 1/1
Thanks for the Shout-Out on the blog! Though just to let you know, i'm a He. :)

-So... A Sister Swap Potion... With Ryona and Murasaki's behavior... Really, Haruka? -_-
-So Haru knew Ikaruga, Murakumo, and Leo. And now Murakumo also knew Yomi too? Hm... Weird... :)
-Girls! Just split the cookie in two! It's not that hard!
-You know, why do we even need mercury for Eternal Lockpick? Because since it's liquid it's moldable into any locks?
-So uh... Where did those guns gone now? :/
-Sumaru, huh? I don't know whether Akira's parents are bad or good, but i have a feeling that he may be familiar with at least someone from the P2 cast.
-Honestly, that's a very good talk between Imu and Ryobi rather than having them Miyabi shows up which might overwise be fucked this whole thing up for both of them.
-What is Inseki again?
-I... Don't even want to ask why it's Chronos. Moving on :/ *pause* Wait, that was the Social Link. Okay... Chiyome, alright. I'll take it. *Pause* Wait, isn't Chiyome in Fate is more associated with Snakes o_o
-While i'm not sure whether you actually go THERE otherwise... Goddamnit Sojiro :/
-I think the Flags of Hyoki is getting too strong and i had to apologize to Katsuragi and she might get friendzoned... Oops.

But you said that a 30K Words chapter is on the shorter side? *Glare*
Also, Gdon's back, he's my Growth 2 boy from the P4 playthrough! :3
Guest chapter 132 . 1/1
Great chapter
StevieBond chapter 132 . 1/1
First max rank at last. Man, Akira's lucky to share a hug with Asuka.
TheUrbanLegend chapter 131 . 12/29/2023
Okay been following this story for a long while. Enjoying the details, exploring new ideas, and trying to have the mobile exclusives girls shine if even just a mention or two, is amazing. Enjoy seeing the commissions of Senran Persona.

But honestly, I hope the holidays went well for all of you though whoever was the person who wrote Futaba playing Counter-Fyre Online


The second I read the Tapir line I had watched that video with a friend about a day ago. I had a take just wondering "Wait wasn't that Cyanide who said that?" before reading the "Ladies and children first" right after that. Bless whoever included that bit.
fangs of death chapter 131 . 12/26/2023
great job
void fenrir chapter 131 . 12/26/2023
Hi and happy holidays! Great chapter as always. You know, after reading how Homura used shinobi tenshin to transform into magical girl, i started to imagine Asuka as a kamen rider. It's just that the Tycoon Bujin Sword mode from Kamen Rider Geats would fit her so much, because it's a perfect form that represent both justice and darkness.
RosyMiranto18 chapter 131 . 12/22/2023
And hello! Finally, I completed Senran Persona and caught up to reading the entire 2,7 Million Words of it after 6-8 months. It’s definitely among the best Fanfiction I have ever read, but in an unintentional Christmas Special (Can’t Say Merry Christmas because I’m not Christian and my Religion isn’t supposed to celebrate it). So… yeah, here it is. The review has so much to unpack and I don’t like to repeat myself, so… here it is. Enjoy, take care alright?
rosymiranto . home . blog/2023/12/22/fanficrecs-senran-persona/

P.S.: Remove the Spaces in the Link to gain access to the Page, because FF Hate Links, and this is my workaround that had served me well for years.
WWPLunatique chapter 131 . 12/20/2023
Reki should’ve claime her moth mark was a tattoo instead of a birthmark.
Hekkasi chapter 131 . 12/18/2023
Lala's famous invention is returning and I like it. I'll hope femAkira makes comeback. She could interract more than just Haruka.
hoodini5569 chapter 129 . 12/18/2023
For chapter 131, Lately we've been noticing voices persuading Akira to touch Haruka. The shadow left giggling. In the new chapter, Akira's shadow was distorted. Is it possible there something inside Akira? My theory is Shin or Akira's shadow.
Tailsmo4ever chapter 131 . 12/17/2023
Still waitin' on Shinobi boss fights
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