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Gibbsbynature chapter 9 . 11/18
For those who want to read more visit space battles and there’s 99 pages
Paul Garros chapter 21 . 10/7
Ah man, Ive just been on a Fulcon binge recently. This stuffs good my man!
Spidersauce chapter 8 . 10/3
I was really liking this story, then you spent, what, three entire chapters? of Jet doing nothing but bitching and moaning and whining and becoming an utterly unlikable character. Going on and on about the same thing, waffling without anything actually happening. The only saving grace is that I'm reading this when there are 21 chapters already posted and not waiting for you to write them one by one. Guarantee I would have dropped this if not.
Just have to hope it actually gets good again . . .
Spidersauce chapter 7 . 10/3
I disagree with the lack of conviction. The inquisitors, Vader, and Sidious are all the motivation he needs to defect. The longer he is in the Empire the more likely he will stumble across them and get fucked. Beyond that, to work for the empite is to work for Sidious. And that's all kinds of no.
This whining and bitching and moaning, to me, just seems very out of place in this story.
Rokai666 chapter 21 . 9/22
Aw its sad you haven't updated this in over 2 years. This is one of my favourite Star Wars fics I've ever read.
Tony McNucklz chapter 21 . 9/17
i think tori starting out hemming over whether to report him is a good move. her faith in the absolutism of the military has already shaken, so i think her talks with him and her experiences over time with the perspective of looking for more faults, perhaps even unconsciously, will long term lead to disillusionment and the potential for rebellion. but the recruitment would have to frame it as her having the chance to be famous as a hero that helped threw down the empire.
I didn't feel the force ghost as being a Deus ex moment. specifically because he can't spend months or years regularly visiting. he has a couple days a couple times a year. most of his learning basically assigned self study with 2-4 times a year chances to get feedback on months of work. it will certainly be valuable, but because it's such a limited resource it doesn't come off as a clear OP godly dropbox. if you had contrived to have him be able to visit regularly without any risk, or worse had a way for the ghost to just follow him, THAT would have been deus ex.
hope to see more of this some day.
Tony McNucklz chapter 14 . 9/17
Much better. troopers that can hit things. despite your previous blunder.
Tony McNucklz chapter 12 . 9/17
Honestly, think of the unsullied in GOT. theg had no worth to the masters. their lives only had meaning in that they lived longer than other slaves soldiers meaning they needed to be replaced less often making them cost more to buy. but they weren't given spears and shields that didn't function. spears that would snap with the first thrust, or swords that would lose their edge from one blow or snap at the hilt from shoddy crafting would make the unsullied worthless as soldiers. it's the same principle with the stormtroopers. blaster that can't hit the enemy are as useful as throwing a shoe at them, and palpatine wants an army that kills his enemies. scary armor has a purpose as a symbol and intimidation tactic, even if it doesn't protect a life palpatine doesn't care about. but palpatine does care about his enemies dying, so he wouldn't give them shit weapons. cheap and durable. that's what he'd go for. the space version of the AK47. a weapon that always works in any environment, has a reasonable effective range, and doesn't fail. palpatine knows his death star can't be everywhere, and he oversaw a war. he knows the difference between effective soldiers and inefficient waste.
everything about the E-11 needs to be retroactively edited to purge this abortion of your ill concieved take on imperial military equipment.
Tony McNucklz chapter 12 . 9/17
I can't believe you actually made stormtroopers shit shots as part of your story, even with your clunky explainer making it an equipment problem. I loved the movies, but even as a kid i recognized that plot armor was making the enemy troopers unable to hit main characters. palpatine might be ok with cheap weapons, but weopons so shit that crackshot troopers can't hit a barn while standing inside? it completely nullifies the point of a military dictatorship. a military dictatorship with a useless military could not possibly survive regardless of the power at the top, and palpatine is smart and experienced enough to know all of this. you could have just made the E-11s a middle of the road, average weapon. not aweful, not great. just average. the armor is more defensible, since his soldiers lives redifine expendable, but what was the point of the years of training and all those expenses and the time to forge excellent shooters when he was just going to give them a weapon they'll never be able to use to hit a target? it's beyond destruction of the suspension of disbelief that you would actually make palpatine so stupid that he has no interest in his soldiers being able to hit a target after all those years he invested in making them good shots when their ability to hit the enemy was going to be luck of the draw.
Fucking infuriating.
Tony McNucklz chapter 11 . 9/17
Staying in the empire after this makes no sense. your attempt to downplay it was ineffective. He hasn't even finished achool, qnd someone has attempted to murder him. and he knows that this is normal. which means his entire future with the empire is going to be spent worrying about the next attempt on his life by his own comrades. but oh wait that droid was sort of nice and he had a favorite teacher so adding the people sleeping next to him to the long list of "could try to murder me for no reason at any time" certainly isn't enough cause to to want out of the empire. he doesn't even have to join the rebellion at first. he goes as long as possible in the corps for the training. picks up as much info on areas the empkre has less control from both scuttlebut from fellow soldiers trading stories and reports he'll have access to as an officer, and by the time he leaves he has a list of places to start. probably as a bounty hunter. get a helmet and change his name, and in the massive galaxy one trooper isn't going to be worth the resources to hunt for to long.
Guest chapter 21 . 8/30
Man. This is brilliant. So glad I found it.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/28
Falconfighter1427 chapter 21 . 7/14
Their was no next time sadly
IamOminous chapter 13 . 5/15
Opps I was a little off, so here I googled it.

The Gray Jedi believed in balance, not only in the Force, but in every other aspect of the galaxy as well. However, unlike the Potentium the Gray Order preferred an active role in shaping the ebb and flow of the Force, in the galaxy, keeping watch over galactic affairs without intervening unless they deemed it necessary. They believed that the Force did indeed have distinct Light and Dark sides, inherently good and evil, regardless of the user's intentions. But, without one side, the other could not exist, and to truly be one with the Force, both must be mastered. Like all Jedi, they wielded lightsabers but, unlike them, studied and practiced all aspects of the Force.
IamOminous chapter 12 . 5/15
space ships have windows incase of system failures, you can navigate with vision. It has actually happened in real life a handful of times, and takes a higher level of mathematical knowledge then I'm capable of to be honest. Essentially you have to determine your trajectory and determine how to fix it and pass through the atmosphere and control all of you systems manually at the same time with full knowledge that if your calculations are even slightly off you'll die.

Neil Armstrong, as well as the cosmonauts Pavel Belyayev and Alexei Leonov (also first man to be exposed to space, first spacewalk and his suite wasn't designed right.) all survived failure of computer sensors.

Though I think the cosmonauts survived worse because honestly they had a door seal failure and one of them was dying from the bends but they not only survived manual reentry (which melted the broken door shut and they had to blow the door off with C4, which don't get me started on the fact that Russia gave its cosmonauts explosives) but survived being stranded in the Serbian wilderness and faced off a bear.

seriously total legends, especially considering they got the job because they were the only people on staff crazy enough to pilot what was essentially an experimental craft built by people who had no idea how space worked at the time.

Love your writing this story is amazing! though I'm pretty sure reading minds is a dark force ability, but repeatedly throughout what used to be canon, it was subtlety pointed out that the dark and light weren't inherently good or evil.

Which kind of makes sense considering there are several species that naturally evolved light and dark force abilitys. And this was actually semi common knowledge during the old sith wars, and has barely held on. Often referred to as Gray or Gray jedi (dosen't actually have to be jedi) They are the very few force users that actually practice the delicate balance between light and dark. The reason why they seem to be rare is very few have been able to maintain this balance usually falling one way or another.

The most significant Gray Jedi that I can remember is Jolee Bindo, he did start out as a Jedi but left the order as he felt their veiws weren't truly wise. he self exiled himself for years and eventually started to live with wookies, and eventually came out of exile and turned the Sith Ravan away from the dark side. He could also always use all jedi and sith mind tricks and sith lightning as well as a well know healer. He was an awesome Grey Jedi Master and was Considered Canon by George Lucas.
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