Reviews for The Lines That Cross
c0urtney chapter 19 . 10/18
This story just gets better and better.
I can't wait to see how the little girl is related to Christian. :)
JB chapter 19 . 10/15
Wow everyone is definitely overdue for some peace of mind body and soul (including us). This story sure did ramp up to overdrive of emotional overload to the highest degree. Hoping for better days to come for all. Looking for the end of the evil monsters in a most harsh way, one can only hope. Thanks for sharing your words with us. JB.
Guest chapter 19 . 10/14
Ohh no no no not Christians child. Biological children should be Ana's and Christians not with someone else.
Who is this creep coming for Christian and Belle?
Guest chapter 19 . 10/13
Please please please don’t have the little girl turn out to be his biological child. Please. I love this story so far, but that would ruin it for me. :( Please.
MrsAnastasiaGrey chapter 19 . 10/14
Please not another long lost child for Christian by a dodgy ex sub plot.
sweetsub75 chapter 19 . 10/14
No he the dad?
Twinder chapter 19 . 10/14
Wow. Omg wow.!
VRB Mariposa chapter 19 . 10/14
Wow, great chapter. Can't wait for the next update. thanks for the update and the entertainment :-)
Carol222 chapter 19 . 10/13
Another powerful chapter. Ana is indeed a warrior. Who is that creep who is now gunning for Christian? Man who set the fire? And this little girl with red curls and Grey eyes. Any relation, Christian? More, please.
velosewer chapter 19 . 10/13
I've missed catching the chapters for this story. It's such a great story so I'm looking forward to reading what happens to these two and how they protect their families in the future.
Kelly Carberry chapter 19 . 10/13
Have this weird feeling could Christian have a child he didn't know about?.
hdrubble chapter 19 . 10/13
Too heavy too heavy x a million.

Oh hell no this better not be some sub ex kid with Christian. So fun predictably boring. Plus I would hope in addition to Belle they end up having kids together not just adopting.

I fell in love with the story because everything wasn't crazy and dramatic and full of plot points but the last chapters are missing the charm the start of the story had. Romance, communication, fun mixed with their troubled pasts. The slap was a useless plot point. Everyone is in trouble and acting dramatic. I'm going to give it one more chapter but the story ended for me a few chapters ago.
a.hdz86 chapter 19 . 10/13
Omg... is she going to be related to Christian
meigs37 chapter 19 . 10/13
Oh hell, who is the girl?
Christians child or a sister maybe?
PLEASE dont keep us in suspense .
smills chapter 19 . 10/13
Good chapter
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