Reviews for I Am Jack's Broken Heart
Virginie Cires chapter 26 . 10/18
Firts of all i must thank you for this incredible story. Secondly i must admit it took me sometimes to read it but after the 9 chapter i didn't put it down again and swallow it in few hours. Now that i have read the last word i feel emotionally spend. I went from joy to destress to hapiness as the same time as Draco and Hermione and in a few hours it was morally exhausting but i'm gratefull for this fabulous sensation. It has been a long time since i read a story so fulfilling. I'm for sure going to check your other works. Sorry for such a long babbling. Again thank you and bravo
gflowers1 chapter 1 . 10/17
Darn autocorrect. *rejects
gflowers1 chapter 1 . 10/17
Dang. The part where Draco sees her at the manor and renders her...ugh! I cried!
LaBelladone x chapter 26 . 10/15
Sorry! Sorry! You were gathering them all up to glue back together. Thank you...Happy sigh...
LaBelladone x chapter 22 . 10/15
Did you just stamp on those pieces? Oh my God! You just did!
LaBelladone x chapter 16 . 10/15
Yep. It's in pieces.
LaBelladone x chapter 1 . 10/15
I think my heart just broke.
LaBelladone x chapter 1 . 10/15
Ha ha! Beauty to his Beast? What will happen when she realises she is only Beauty to his Royal Gorgeousness? His Royal Adonis? No? How about His Royal Sex God? Lol! This is just a beautiful story!
LaBelladone x chapter 3 . 10/14
I'm half way through the chapter muttering "nononono" over and over again. I'll be reading this with a knot in my stomach until it's over. What tension! How will she find out? How will he react? This is brilliantly written.
In Dreams chapter 26 . 10/9
This. Is amazing. What a wonderfully sweet, multi-faceted story. The emotion in those last few chapters was so raw and brilliant and really touching. You write so clean and concise with just the right level of detail and I really admire that. I've loved your one-shots and short fics that I've read so far but this was perfect. Great work xoxo cait
Guest chapter 26 . 9/21
Frank and Lucius FTW! Thank you, dearest for sharing this wonderful piece of work! You are an amazing writer! 3 ️️️️️️
OverlyInvestedFangirl chapter 26 . 9/21
These are so cute and a nice fluffy ribbon to tie everything up with, very glad you got some inspiration
OverlyInvestedFangirl chapter 25 . 9/21
Your characters are all so brilliant i love them and its sad to be leaving but the ride has been a bloody good one
OverlyInvestedFangirl chapter 24 . 9/21
So very cute
OverlyInvestedFangirl chapter 23 . 9/21
I think their both being idiotic twats that both need to apologize to each other for being stupid and not sorting this out sooner cause they both kinda stuffed up in one way or another to be honest but if I've learnt anything from people and fictional characters it's that things are never that easy
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