Reviews for The Charmed Ones are Evil
Car45 chapter 1 . 9/6/2018
Although I don't know "Charmed" very well, this very effectively shows the supposed heroes of the series in a much more malevolent light.
purple-lightening chapter 1 . 8/27/2018
Hey Aurora,

I am reviewing this as part of the Caesar's Palace Forum Reviewathon (basically we have a week to review as much as we can!)

I really enjoyed reading this and it brought back all those old charmed memories.

Personally, I never liked the whole Billie/Chrisy storyline or their characters. Season 8 in general was poor but this reinforces the selfishness and double-standards of the charmed ones.

I like how Billie starts off trying to defend the charmed ones but eventually she sees them for what they are. Of course, they always do this to "save innocents" or the "greater good" but the projections shown speak for themselves.

I always liked the character of Darryl. He was there right from the beginning and had their back. He risked his own life, family, reputation and job many, many, many times. As a man with no powers he put himself in grave danger to cover the girl far too many times. I do feel that he was used and somewhat kicked to the curb when no longer needed. The way you show the scene here is perfectly described and encapsulates this very thought. They ask him to do them a favour (again) to risk his life (again) and he refuses - rightly so. But they guilt trip him and try to manipulate him and against his will use him. That crosses a line. Darryl has a family which they never really show any care for. As the charmed ones they have a destiny and responsibilities which are nothing to do with Darryl, yet he helped them out so many times. They don't even give him the respect of years of friendship and his right as a person to have a choice. He watched Andy, Sherridan, Kyle and other law enforcement die... why does he have to risk his life? Also, their plans are not fool-proof. As we have seen countless times the witches foolhardy plans rely on luck and often backfire. They act emotionally, and often recklessly.

Also, the scene where Rick is killed after he's made to look like Chris is again an example of this. Rick is a mortal, he may be a criminal but that does not mean he should be killed. After all, the witches have spent time in prison, even Chris, and they either broke them out or used Darryl to save them. But Rick was set up. Phoebe knew exactly what would happen. Plus, this also serves their selfish motives in that they are also helping Chris. The demons after him will no longer hunt him as Rick has been killed as an unknowing pawn.

That bring me onto another point. Chris. Before, they knew he was family he was treated pretty badly. He wasn't listened to or taken seriously and they constantly said how he wasn't family or someone they could trust. He was used many times himself and he too saw the self-indulgent attitudes of his family.

Even if you go further back, Cole became good when he was stripped of his power. The Source filled that void making him evil. Essentially, he was controlled by the Source and it wasn't really Cole. However, the sisters vanquish him and blame him even though it was the Source. But if it were say, Leo, they would absolve him of anything done while the Source was in control as it wasn't him. The same way they do everytime they are turned into a wendigo, mermaid, furies, banshee or anything else.

Overall, I really loved reading this. You execute it beautifully, weaving seamlessly through the different projections of the scenes. You see Billie slowly see the truth and question how "good" the sisters really are. Of course, Christy is manipulating her but those things did happen. Christy didn't make them up.

That being said I did love this show. I liked the earlier seasons where they were less hypocritical and it was more about sisterhood and magic.

Thanks for writing this brilliant gem of a story.

Kookie Potter chapter 1 . 1/13/2018
I wont deny they did get selfish and the rick thing was always questionable but Billie was still the worst. She was some newbie witch who was only just starting to protect innocents and had been taught a great deal by the sisters but turned on them took over their house and attempted to kill them because a demon and her sister told her too.

Yeah i know the whole christy warped reality but thats no excuse for Billie because she would of killed those same selfishes witches all because she just wanted her sister back.

Who said you can murder your own because their selfish. If that were the case why not try strip their powers. You had that chance when you looked at their desires. You used Pipers son and nearly killed him too and then killed your own sister. You could of flown that telekinesis anywhere else and just knocked her out.

Obviously this is all down to the show and the writers but the characters piss me of so much. They wanna talk about them losing their way but both of them was gonna kill them for the greater good. Coming like Gideon and people forget that.

There is also the fact that they always wanted a normal life and lost a sister and had been through so much. Like cole and chris and all that stuff. Im so not surprised.

Was all of it ok? No which the sisters learned the hard way but that still didnt give newbies the right to stroll up like that. Billie will always be worse than Christy because Christy although she pretended to be all roses with sisters it was only for a little while where as Billie it had been like a year and again they taught her loads.
let her stay in their house. Let touch their book of shadows.

Sorry for ranting honestly but this always gets me riled up. Needless to say this was very good piece of fiction.
Honestly it was. If you do more just expect another rant at the character and not you personally
CMR Rosa chapter 1 . 11/7/2017
Now this bring back a lot of good memories, I admit I forgot who Darryl was until I researched him and I remember that character, this was a great call back to the series.
jettmanas chapter 1 . 9/6/2017
Interesting look at some suspicious moments in the ladies' past. Close call at the end for them! Wow, too bad about Rick.
Loki God of Evil chapter 1 . 4/26/2017
Haha well written, I can briefly remembering watching that episode and the sisters taking advantage of Darryl even though he was married with kids? (not sexual advantage, just too much risk with a human body and one with no special powers at that.)
The first time I saw Christy I didn't like her at all, Billie was okay though, kind of down to earth.
Dominus Trinus chapter 1 . 4/15/2017
That was good. Christy and Dumain should've shown Billie these in addition to the Chris-Crossed future. Also Phoebe choosing to be Queen of the Underworld and killing a guy in Morality Bites would've done more in shaking Billie's faith in the Charmed Ones, especially Phoebe seeing she was closer to her.
csg-III chapter 1 . 4/12/2017
I think this story is great.

Of course the writing staff probably could never do something like this - Christy showing actual canon actions from the Charmed Ones to Billie instead of an alternate reality - because them they would have to admit they were writing them badly.

Most of these scenes are things that the writers probably thought, "It's going to be a fun moment", like they letting Rick die, or forcing Darryl to go along with the plan without his consent. They probably just ignored how bad it would hurt their characterization when they came up with these ideas.
bearhow chapter 1 . 4/11/2017
While I'm slightly fandom blind I do know of the main characters. Paige phoebe price Leo etc. plus I love a good supernatural story.
gabyhyatt chapter 1 . 4/11/2017
Great fic, in fact they became selfish after season 6