Reviews for Wake up to 25
obscurereader chapter 3 . 4/24/2017
Harry doesn't know how to Floo at this point in the series.
jaeenkil chapter 3 . 4/12/2017
Intresting start.
Missis Figg chapter 3 . 4/12/2017
I like the originality of your idea, I never saw a plot like that before.
You should get a beta to check orthography, though. The Order of the Phoenix, the Imperius Curse, the Dark Lord, the Minister of Magic should be capitalized. J. calls dark spells "curses" and the harmless ones "charms", so Imperius is a curse unless there is some political meaning behind calling it a charm. (Is Voldemort advocating the notion that no magic is inherently bad?)
The Imperius Curse doesn't cause memory loss, so it doesn't make sense to check for Imperius by asking questions. Questions could help uncover a Polyjuice impostor; but Dumbledore knows that Dudley is Harry's cousin, so anyone from the Order trying to impersonate Harry would know that. Astoria should ask a more personal question.
Also Harry's being really silly for walking away instead of finding out his story from his wife, but he wasn't a genius in canon, either, so I guess it's not OOC.
Really intrigued by your story, do write more!