Reviews for Spirit of the Triage
EpicPx chapter 36 . 9/14
i’m halfway through but i decided to skip a few chapter till i caught up to the latest chapter, i’m back to reading from chapter 36 to the end properly but i have to say, this story has been really tragic, i feel so bad for the oc but i like this kind of storiesangstit’s really well written and i can’t wait to see how this will end, please don’t leave this incomplete
Dragon Torretto chapter 83 . 9/9
... he’s being interrogated at the beginning of the chapter after having killed Madara Uchiha. Fuck this story, because nothing logical every seems to happen.
Want to drop a piano on a bunch of puppies, sure. Want to throw around political weight just cause, well I guess we can’t stop it. Want to be shown unnecessarily cruel, self righteous and moronic actions - just about every chapter.

I have never seen a more negative story. I will never read this story again.
Dragon Torretto chapter 82 . 9/9
This was unnecessarily cruel. Keeping canon events exchanged for the Sanbi just cause?

Ah hem, at what point will it be written that the MC does not react like other shonibi? Does he have to become god or something, because he pretty much never does what they expect of him. But sure, assume he’ll go one rampage because anyone else would have right?
Dragon Torretto chapter 80 . 9/9
Yeah... No. fuck the MCs thought process, he’s been written as a moron here. If he had done everything he could solely to ensure Kushina would never be sealed with a bijou, he would’ve taken the power the third offered to get EVERY SINGLE uzumaki out of Konoha and rebuilt Uzu. Gathered allies to protect them, and hunkered down. That is the only way to have accomplished this goal of the MCs.

At least kushina acknowledges her fault and her stupidity. Doesn’t change the fact she’s a flipping moron.
Dragon Torretto chapter 77 . 9/8
... They knew his heart is scarred and even after he tells them seconds later they’re putting their full body weight on the MC. I thought this childish behavior of all the uzumaki children foolish and annoying early in the story. At their current age, and their experience with war Nagato and Kushina doing this aggravating his pain from his heart injury is cruel. This makes them look stupid.

While Kichiros decision may make sense as developed over time, it is illogical from his character overall as his base. What does the MC hope to accomplish? Stay in Konoha forever? Do nothing? Rebuild Uzu? He’s been deciding exactly nothing but taking his orders even though he hates war, hates most of what he does and faced resistance all along at every turn even by those he trusted most. This character makes absolutely no sense in this context. Is he a mindless slave? Is he a contrarian with a plan? When he was young and weak, doing what he was told made sense. Now? It doesn’t. He doesn’t care for the power of being second to the hokage, so why would he continue under this system that continues to follow war after war without end? Based on his baseline character, he should’ve taken the out from the 3rd when he saved his life and worked towards freeing his clan from the snakelike grip Konoha has on those of Uzu.
Dragon Torretto chapter 76 . 9/8
I appreciated the MCs pacifism, his strength of character and measures he took to see what he saw as right earlier made sense. What does not make sense is this constant game of beating the crap out of the MC “for the good of the village” at every turn. It makes him weak to go along with it, weak to constantly suffer from it, and it makes those involved with making it so foolish. That it’s his own family when it isn’t the hokage doing it is shameful. His constant apologizing after dealing with the fallout of other people’s stupidity is grating.
At least Tsunade was actually sensible. Nagato does not deserve his power if he actually threatened the person he respected most in the world with permanently sealing his chakra. Fuck nagato.
Dragon Torretto chapter 74 . 9/8
... Hitting his best medic to knock him out. I don’t know why Minatos been written as an idiot, because only an idiot would do something so stupid. His paranoia with “traitors” once more pops up. His sealing his best, practically only, medic unconscious for hours here is also pathetically childish and stupid. His leadership is already incompetent at the start. I don’t know how any of his character development to this point differs from canon enough to change the happy, trusting man with the charisma to lead Konoha to this paranoid shell, but he is distinctly lacking compared to canon Minato Namikaze.
They’re at war. If they’re seriously going to haze a fellow soldier while at the battlefront, those soldier should be flogged, and publicly shamed among their own unit to discourage others doing similar. Hazing may be a disgusting time honored peacetime tradition to newbies or against public perceived pariahs as in this case, but it has no place on the battlefield where life is cheap and the only thing stopping each man or woman’s death is trust and support of their fellow comrades.
Dragon Torretto chapter 62 . 9/8
Yeah, Hiruzen deserves violent death after his behavior this time.
Kushina is acting like a brat and her actions have made it so she’s just like Hiruzen, except hers is stupidity/ignorance based rather than knowingly cruelty.
Mia to is finally acting like the Minato of the 4th kage of canon, at least someone is being sensible. I tire of the MC being a martyr, constantly apologizing for things not his fault, taking the blame of others...
This remains the most negative story I’ve read, and I’m not seeing a positive to make up for things to continue reading.
Dragon Torretto chapter 48 . 9/8
If they all feel what roach described about toward the MC, he shouldn’t be in Anbu. Rationally I can’t think of why he is other than the Hokages written as an ass and kinda a moron.
At least MCs mentor showed some sense in chastising the hokage, who if he has no reason to be torturing the child shouldn’t be doing it.
The 3rd is supposed to be a very compassionate man, though I could interpret how he is written as overzealous following the will of fire to protect Konoha, there’s a certain point crossing a line where it’s OOC and he’s just being a moron unfit to be hokage.
If it continues, rationally people will start turning against the Hokage and superseding his authority and eventually call the equivalent of a vote of no confidence requiring a new Hokage.
Dragon Torretto chapter 47 . 9/8
This is the singlemost negative story I’ve ever seen.
Rather than building the MC steadily, he gets knocked down, degraded, condescended, beaten up, and misuse of authority against him every single chapter to further break his will.
Dragon Torretto chapter 44 . 9/8
I’m tired of seeing the MC berate himself and agree with someone else he’s being an idiot when he isn’t.
Dragon Torretto chapter 42 . 9/8
The contestant questioning, condescension, and general assholish and ungrateful behavior directed at the MC is beginning to become grating, pretty much every chapter has it.
The constant show of authority when he simply doesn’t bend to the whims of supposed authority figures which shows they don’t deserve said authority is even more annoying.
To an extent there’s logic to smacking down the MC for disrespect to get him to follow the rules, but it’s become such a constant thing that said logic is no longer logical. It’s clearly part of his personality and he works professionally otherwise exceeding all expectations of him.
gv100 chapter 98 . 9/8
I still don't understand why he never tried senjutsu, or what happened to his summons
Dragon Torretto chapter 6 . 9/8
I don’t find this unbelievable like some other reviews here. I do agree with another reviewer that it’s incredibly stupid for them to send a brand new genin child with improper training frankly which they should be aware of, out into the war zone as the brand new jinchuriki. Pretty sure Mitos death could’ve been spaced out further in the story to this end, it does seem oddly placed/timed at that.
Overall though, looks good so far. Does make me hate Hiruzen Sarutobi here. Knew he was a leader, but this is clearly manipulation and control over a child. He wouldn’t do this to Naruto, is his bias of his students/those he holds in high regards the reason and he’s a right bastard to others normally “for the good of the village”? As a writing piece, getting a reader to feel something means you succeeded as a writer, but I sincerely hate Hiruzen as shown. Most people might stop reading feeling this, food for thought. I’m a contrarian like the MC though.
Hizuen Sautoni: You have failed your city.
Echo chapter 98 . 9/4
I love this fic. It's so full of surprises and maybe-fix-its but then the fix it's becomes super complicated for the mc. Not gonna lie, Id save this fic for a good ol reread some day but it ain't for the faint of heart. I'm pretty sure I was tense like 100% of the time because of the amount of stress there is. I mean I'm totally rooting for a calm and cool headed protagonist thats just a fixer upper but Kichiro has such a unique personality that I don't actively cringe against because the righteousness really turns me off sometimes in these fanfics and it does sometimes when Kichiro is reiterating the children's ages when there's nothing he can do bout it anyway but somehow I got through it. I love the other character's characterization too. I was really iffy about taking away Nagato's rinnegan but then again the power scaling would probably be unbalanced if Nagato's kept it. I'm totally on Kichiro with not regretting it tho. I was really sad that Minato and Kushina still died and the Bijuus went back to their villages. Because damn that was 4 out of 9 Bijuus in Konoha. I kinda want to see a crack fic where the Uzumaki, and Uchiha rebuilt their homes in Uzu but also just attracting missing nin and other clans in Konoha because I'm pretty sure Kichiro had way more allies than he remembers. Also because it's funny. I mean non clan civilians were really more troublesome than it was worth.
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