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Cookie chapter 52 . 7/14
First of all: don't be sorry! If you weren't happy with the chapter you wrote we can wait a little (pressing F5 a few times a day ;-))
Rosa is right, Tal seems influenced by something at the moment. I'm not yet sure if it is only his worry for his little family or the demons' influence. The baby is great, but poor Nola seams to suffer a lot for it.
Solas and his whole plotting. He is going to choke on his construct of lies at some time. It is impressive how steady the story is progressing. Finally we get a glimpse at what the demon might be plotting. I mean, it first appeared first like...80 chapters ago? Great work.
I'd love to read the alternative story at some point, but if you don't deem it ready yet waiting is ok. The authors' intuition is alway right!
Cookie chapter 50 . 6/11
Ok, I'm shocked how smooth that plan worked out, until now at least. I was seriously concerned that the thing Tal summons isn't their father at all... or that it is and he gives an dangerous advice with half the context. But this was perfect. And Tal is still not listening! Infuriating! 'Do not listen to those demons' is an easy message, but Tal is so unfexible in his questioning he does not see it. I am so curious what the next chapters will bring. Great work!
And sorry for my horrible english ;-)
Frogbutton chapter 50 . 6/10
Random Rockets chapter 50 . 6/10
Tal listen to your Babae! Don't let the Forbidden Ones dictate your actions! You've done so well!

Great chapter, it wasn't quite the closure I wanted from the convo but it was satisfying nonetheless. Though that brings up an idea I've had percolating for a while. Since death wasn't known by the elves in Elvhenan and Felassan said it felt like dreaming, do all souls go to the Fade or just Elves? Are souls recycled or are they the basis of Spirits? Is reincarnation a thing?

Ah, I love theory crafting and questioning everything . Have a good day!
Frogbutton chapter 49 . 6/4
I mean, Rosa definitely shouldn't have done that. Not ok. But I feel like it is a little hypocritical of him to get angry with the amount of lying he is doing. And if he had been forthcoming she wouldn't have used that on him in te first place, I'm sure. But still though. Very much not ok. But it wouldn't really BE Solas if he was, now would it ;P
I am very excited to see whether she inherited more powers though! Tal had more than Fally's? He has the speak-to-deadies, sort-of-ressurection-with-control-over-them and anything else?
Hmmm has she displayed more than Bullshit-detector and coercion!? Have we been reading what she can do all along? :o

Ah the eyecolour makes sense though :) I haven't really reacted to that /because/ she is his daughter. :) and i totally love the weird powers they have :D i love it when people don't copy-paste the game-story into a fic. We've played that. It's cool, but I much prefer stories that makes the characters, and the reader, surprised :)
I hope you get a break soon and that your little Mayhem sisters take care of you too! ;)
Cookie chapter 49 . 5/27
I did enjoy reading this chapter, but the snippet for the next one... OMG!
Can't wait to read it.
I'm wondering what conclusions Rosa will draw from this chapter when sober again. "I don't know" sure is hard to take without the context
KiraChan44 chapter 48 . 5/21
You’ve resorted to filler chapters Shilyn... although I do still enjoy reading those, I want some fluff, and fighting, and the god damn ball! I guess this wasn’t entirely filler, because Cole ALMOST spilled the beans. Well, I guess he kinda did, but no way Tal’s going to figure out the anagram, and it doesn’t seem like Rosa heard at all... Ugh. I love you Shilyn, but I cannot take all this teasing!
KiraChan44 chapter 47 . 5/21
You got me with the deceit demon. I was like huh!?” With a million question marks floating around my head. First thought was “am I even reading the right chapter?” Then it was “Wait, did they all LIE!?” Then I thought “Wait, did she have twins and then one survive!?Cuz I can totally picture you doing that because you’re sly like that). And then Rosa couldn’t see it properly at first and I was like “damn, it really is a demon”. Not gonna lie, it broke my heart a little!

Glad to hear that things seem to be healing up! I’m rooting for you Shilyn!

Yes, I was there for your big cross country move! Cuz I moved from Utah back to New England about the same time. And I totally understand what you mean with the HOA’s,they suck. Part of the reason why we left UT is because HOA’s are everywhere and when I buy my own home I don’t want to be told what I can and cannot do to my home. HOA’s don’t really exist where I grew up, and my family was all back east... so we moved!

I’ve been slacking on my own story too. The hubby got laid off and I’ve been working 70 hour weeks. I’ve been hardly able to breathe, eat or sleep in the last 4-6 weeks. But my husband finally got work again, so I just quit my part time job. You can’t even begin to imagine how much less stress I’m feeling now! It’s such a big sigh of relief.
Frogbutton chapter 48 . 5/14
Kittens! What are they called? :D can you show pics here? I am all for getting pics of the kitties! :D
Also... Cole, spilling the beans! Tal is starting to put this together. I love it. I love that he is not JUST a buffoon, clown, trickster. He's clever too. But again, not too perfect either. Which is what I fucking LOVE about your fic. They are not Mary Sue'ing their way around Thedas. Well, a little bit... what, with the special powers and all... but it's not like "fiery red (or white. I keep stumbling across that a lot now too. Jesus, lord have mercy.) hair, purple and teal eye colour, is super small sized and gets picked up ALL THE TIME and everybody falls in love with them."... I went off on a tangent there, the point was, I appreciate that you find a balance with your characters. Hell, Rosa almost died last chapter. She is not currently OP. Which is nice, I think. It allows the reader to be surprised. And keeps us in suspence. I really like that. I love that I can't outright state what's going to happen in the next chapter and then sigh with regret for getting it right. I appreciate the hell out of this, so thank you for putting so much time and energy into this story. It is one of my alltime favourites, for sure.
And nice with the old elven comparison. I like your Abelas headcanon. I am so curious about what sort of fuckery the Forbidz' Kidz are gonna get up to (read: attempt to brutally murder) next. I have a feeling it'll be something that comes back in the Fade bit, like previously suggested :D man. That'll be some fucked up shit for sure if they are all involved there... haha, Solas will get munted. XD
Random Rockets chapter 48 . 5/14
I thought that with a bit of the truth out there that it would make things easier on everybody. Well that seems to have not been the case. Interesting direction with the Forbidden Ones wanting Solas to succeed.

Hope things get better for you!
Frogbutton chapter 47 . 4/28
Aaaa! Just saw you posted this, JUST as i clicked "post review" xD it's fate! ;P hehehehehehe. xD But remind me, please. Was Tal a dreamer too?
I am so, so curious about the deceit demon! Was it really Deceit-Deceit or just a deceit-Deceit? Poor Rosa and Tal, having to remember that Da'assan didn't live :( I bet your butt that Imshael hasn't dawdled around like a silly cartoon villain and released them. Haha he'll probably make their lives miserable x) hmmm Fear and Deceit... is Fear going to be the demon in the Fade? Oh my god, Nightmare AND Fear, together? That ought to be.. xD Jesus...these people go through the worst of things x)
Frogbutton chapter 46 . 4/28
Just letting you know of a slight error near the end where Tal asks Rosa: "that's why you removed the Solas do it" :)
And AAAAAAAAAAA HE CAME CLEAN-...ish! XD in his usual vague fucking way xD god damn it, he is a frustrating feller. But at least they have all the puzzle pieces now. They COULD put it all toghether if they really think about it. Like the orb. He said it was HIS in the other fic, right? That's an indication. Allthough they could assume he lied... Then again, he didn't lie, so Rosa wouldn't have picked up on it anyway, even if her power worked or not. I am so glad he told them about the eluvians though. About bloody time he gave them more than a fly in their soup. X) Goddamn it, woman, you keep me on my toes for sure! XD This is such a good fic. After a "prologue" and more you still holds people's attention. It's very impressive in these "use and discard" times. :) ...not sure that translated the best into english, but you understand what I mean, no? I am, as ever, looking forward to the next chapter, I'd LOVE to hear Solas' thoughts after Fel called his ass out x) little Bashful Blushing Bobbie. XD
KiraChan44 chapter 46 . 4/17
Oh my god, I can’t believe you still have those plot bunnies I gave you about Tal! At least let me read it pretty please! I’m giving you my best puppy dog eyes Shilyn!

Anywho... I’m so glad Solas *kind of* came clean. I was a little surprised that Tal got it before Rosa, but I was entirely pleased with how you wrote out that scene. I was also immensely pleased with the Solas/Rosa one on one time. I love me some smut! Wished it were a bit longer though... BUT, they were also out in the open, and I don’t know about you, but when you’re doing it where anyone could stumble upon your sweating forms rutting against each other, you usually try to be as quick as possible... How do I know you ask... well... you probably don’t want to hear it.

I’m glad recovery is going well for you, and I wish you luck with your physical therapy! I’m sorry that you have to struggle so much, but I really hope that everything works out.

Thank you for your encouragement with my rewrite. Real life has gotten in the way a bit, but I was working a bit more on the next chapter earlier in the day. I’m trying to slow things down. I get kind of excited and reveal things earlier than I want to, so I’m really buckling down and forcing myself to NOT do that, which is tough. Ugh.

Can’t wait for next week’s update! I love your works so much. SO MUCH SHILYN. You know, I was thinking the other day, and I’ve been following you and your fics for nearly two years now. I can’t even believe it! It all started with Ellana, but I think I like Rosa a little better. Sending healing thoughts your way my friend!
Frogbutton chapter 45 . 4/2
I love how you portray Imshael. I mean he is probably part of the Forbidden Ones for a reason, no? And the Quizzie in-game just slaps him and he's dead. This was way, way better :) he actually felt like a threat here. Ah, yeah the fade-mirrors! I always thought that they were just "memories" of eluvians, rather than actual ones, as Morrigan states you need immense power to activate them. But then again... how did Kieran get there if there wasn't one on the other side? So that is a fair point, really! :D
And aaaaaaaaaa justcomecleanSolas! Stop being such a secretive bellend! She'll probably accept you-only probably ease into the father-killing news a bit xD

No worries! It's just a body part. If we're old enough to read smut, I'm sure we can handle talking about vaginas, no? ;P I am crossing my fingers and toes for your test to go well! 3 NOBODY deserves to be in pain like that! I truly hope you won't need to suffer for it any more! And get to discover the joys of painless sex ;P It's such unessecary suffering, like. I really hope the doctors take example from your case and actually start studying this. I can bet you there are a lot of women with this not getting proper treatment :( Huff. Beaming all sorts of good vibes your way! I really hope the surgery worked! 33
KiraChan44 chapter 45 . 4/2
Okay, so this was definitely not what I was expecting! My mind is like blown, cuz this went a whole different way than what I expected! WHAT on earth is IMSHAEL gonna do with all that blood!? Release the forgotten ones? Release the evanuris!? Did you make Imshael Dirthamin’s brother in your head canon!? I’m geeking out over here!

What is Solas going to say/do/think when he finds out Imshael took all that blood and is working with the Formless One? What will Rosa (and Tal?) say about Solas’ possession of some of the eluvians? SO MANY QUESTIONS AND NO ANSWERS!

I’m sorry, it’s almost 2 AM and I’m so tired I feel drunk...

I’m sorry you’re still having a problem with sitting, but I hope your test does come out negative because that would be such s wonderful thing for you. I can’t imagine how much pain you were in before, but I hope that things are better now and you continue to be on the mend.

On a side note, I’ve restarted Wolf’s Pride. I hit writers block and I had about a million ideas and I didn’t like where it was going... so now I’ve edited myself, picked one goal and started a rewrite. I’ve got three chapters up if you want to reread. I’ve changed a few things, slowed things down but I think it’s mostly the same. I was thinking about writing in the Titan DLC because everyone always does Trespasser, and though the Titan DLC doesn’t have anything to do with Solas, it totally opened up a new avenue of thought in regards to dwarves that I’d love to explore a bit. Hmmm...

Anyways, can’t wait for the next chapter! Keep them coming Shilyn!
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