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amenta bennu chapter 57 . 10/12
HEY! Long time follower... usually silent due to being nearly perma-mobile and hating to type on my phone... Oops. Just wanted to say... 1) I have reread this story SO MANY TIMES (and the previous as well, of course) so yeah, I LOVE IT. 2) I am SO GLAD she finally knows and I can't wait to see how it goes from here. and 3) I MISS TAL LIKING SOLAS D: I knowwww it makes sense with everything going on, but whenever I reread circle mage I feel sad at how they're like buddies before Rosa even trusts him slightly. My humble request as a lowly reader... eventually can they return to that somehow? Maybeeee? :c but any who, regardless of that, I ADORE this story and am actively rereading it... again. XD Much love!
Cookie chapter 57 . 10/8
Oh. Now I got more than a little emotional over this chapter.
First of all I want to punch Tal for his manipulations. It didn't work out, but still. He wanted to know to save his family obviously but his methods are not excusable. Or rather his methods are somewhat similar to the person he was trying to reveal, which is more than a little ironic.
Rosa's reaction was the perfect 'deer caught in headlight' for the moment. Wonder what she will make out of it.
CatNapObsessed chapter 57 . 10/8
I will not cry. I Will Not Cry. I WILL NOT-DAMNIT!
All the feels, all the feels!
Heart out for Rosa, felt Tal was seriously laying on some emotional manipulation there mentioning his kid and such to get Felassan to tell them what was going on.
Also suspect Tal will be having some trouble keeping his promise to Felassan, while Rosa seems to be one of those people who takes her promises seriously.
These revelations might make curing the Blight difficult, with no time to process but Solas needing her help right freaking now.
Inverness chapter 57 . 10/7
I'm surprised and pleased that you did this.

Solas' identity has been teased so much that I assumed you were going to somehow make it all the way to the events of Trespasser without revealing it. It was very frustrating.
Cookie chapter 56 . 9/24
Oh, that is a huge cliffhanger XD
I wonder what Felassan will do. To this point he was as loyal to Solas as he was to his kids. Even in insubordination. Either way, this will be terrible for at least one party.
Cookie chapter 55 . 8/29
Oh, new chapter on a wednesday morning. No, I should not read it at work. I did it anyway :)
Again, I especially liked the constant change of perspective without breaks in time. Also the urgency Solas' parts conveyed.
And unfortunately I'm sure that the plan to save Zevanni will not work out as planned (as it is no real plan but a prideful 'I'm stronger than they are'). I wonder how - probably the eluvians - Rosa and Tal will get to that specific eluvian and what revelations will take place. Well done!
Cookie chapter 54 . 8/21
This one was great. I especially like how the perspective changes at times. Also - at least up to this point - this might be the first of Solas' plans in the whole story that worked out. I guess it won't stay like that. I wonder what will happen next :)
Random Rockets chapter 54 . 8/12
It makes sense, the Inquisition is a military organization so therefore Parade Dress. I gotta say though, sometimes the exquisite detail on formal wear is nice if not truly realistic:p

Tal you scamp, quit getting into trouble when everybody is busy. You're setting a bad example for your still unborn child!

Also what are the chances Rosa and Tal react at the very least not negatively to the reveal? I'd put it at 40% max. Oh well, we'll see!
Random Rockets chapter 53 . 8/2
Rosa's getting closer and closer to the truth! Solas you had best have your halla in a row!
Frogbutton chapter 53 . 7/30
Oooohhhhhhhhhyessss! I am loving how the plot unravels! I am so curious what will happen! And WHO WAS THAT LADY!? I am so curious! Are the Forbidden Ones all siblings in your story? I am curious what their powers are... though if they sort of look like Tal and Rosa, perhaps they have the same sort of powers? Judas take me. I am just about to explode if I don't find out soon! XD seriously awesome chaptes! I bet Solas will be sweating bulletts around Tal from now on XD
Cookie chapter 52 . 7/14
First of all: don't be sorry! If you weren't happy with the chapter you wrote we can wait a little (pressing F5 a few times a day ;-))
Rosa is right, Tal seems influenced by something at the moment. I'm not yet sure if it is only his worry for his little family or the demons' influence. The baby is great, but poor Nola seams to suffer a lot for it.
Solas and his whole plotting. He is going to choke on his construct of lies at some time. It is impressive how steady the story is progressing. Finally we get a glimpse at what the demon might be plotting. I mean, it first appeared first like...80 chapters ago? Great work.
I'd love to read the alternative story at some point, but if you don't deem it ready yet waiting is ok. The authors' intuition is alway right!
Cookie chapter 50 . 6/11
Ok, I'm shocked how smooth that plan worked out, until now at least. I was seriously concerned that the thing Tal summons isn't their father at all... or that it is and he gives an dangerous advice with half the context. But this was perfect. And Tal is still not listening! Infuriating! 'Do not listen to those demons' is an easy message, but Tal is so unfexible in his questioning he does not see it. I am so curious what the next chapters will bring. Great work!
And sorry for my horrible english ;-)
Frogbutton chapter 50 . 6/10
Random Rockets chapter 50 . 6/10
Tal listen to your Babae! Don't let the Forbidden Ones dictate your actions! You've done so well!

Great chapter, it wasn't quite the closure I wanted from the convo but it was satisfying nonetheless. Though that brings up an idea I've had percolating for a while. Since death wasn't known by the elves in Elvhenan and Felassan said it felt like dreaming, do all souls go to the Fade or just Elves? Are souls recycled or are they the basis of Spirits? Is reincarnation a thing?

Ah, I love theory crafting and questioning everything . Have a good day!
Frogbutton chapter 49 . 6/4
I mean, Rosa definitely shouldn't have done that. Not ok. But I feel like it is a little hypocritical of him to get angry with the amount of lying he is doing. And if he had been forthcoming she wouldn't have used that on him in te first place, I'm sure. But still though. Very much not ok. But it wouldn't really BE Solas if he was, now would it ;P
I am very excited to see whether she inherited more powers though! Tal had more than Fally's? He has the speak-to-deadies, sort-of-ressurection-with-control-over-them and anything else?
Hmmm has she displayed more than Bullshit-detector and coercion!? Have we been reading what she can do all along? :o

Ah the eyecolour makes sense though :) I haven't really reacted to that /because/ she is his daughter. :) and i totally love the weird powers they have :D i love it when people don't copy-paste the game-story into a fic. We've played that. It's cool, but I much prefer stories that makes the characters, and the reader, surprised :)
I hope you get a break soon and that your little Mayhem sisters take care of you too! ;)
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