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mommymac0508 chapter 71 . 11/21
Hello I am so sorry it has taken me so long to finish but I just read the last 15 chapters and I loved them wow I so didn’t see that Paul was the driver that kill his brother wow blew me away but his and Bella’s life is beautiful
Thank you for the great read
JD Thorn chapter 18 . 11/19
I notice that "Mom's" name is never mentioned. Is his mom Esme?
Anita chapter 25 . 11/11
Ooh, I bet that was Esme.
saintfudge chapter 71 . 11/6
Love it ..gtreat story ..thanks for sharing have fun
GUEST chapter 59 . 10/30
I love stories about Edward being a dad and/or an expectant dad. I think you have done a great job with that aspect of the story.
I know you are an intelligent person (who must have a great vocabulary), but you don't write that way. I know that Edward didn't graduate from high school, and that he has had some rough years, but for someone who wants his son to speak better, he uses TOO MANY four letter words. Not every uneducated person speaks that way. Those four letter words (used, I suppose to emphasis his feelings and the hard times he has had) trivialize the emphasized words (and if he keeps doing it) are bound to be picked up by Charlie. I know Edward doesn't want that to happen.
GUEST chapter 39 . 10/30
"You are my Sunshine" is the state song of Louisiana, because Jimmy Davis was the Governor of the state.
So his dad brought his son home to protect Esme from her husband? I guess that explains Elizabeth's reaction. It is a wonder that Beth never spit that out to Edward in one of her less attractive moments.
BELAVERA chapter 32 . 10/29
I was afraid he would never get a chance to say it, if he put it off much longer. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I think (if they were healthier) that they would like custody of Charlie. I hope they realize that Charlie needs a younger set of parents to care for him. All they could do is hire a nanny. That wouldn't be fair to Charlie.
GUEST chapter 18 . 10/29
Depending on how old he was, there could be more verbs and adverbs, how ever, if he is younger than three, it is pretty good. His mom seems to have favored Seth, starting at a very young age. It seems like Carlisle did what he could to even it out. At that rate, maybe this Esme wasn't the mom material that we are used to her being. I like the other Esme better.
I love the fact that Bella and Edward are both in love with Charlie.
GUEST chapter 5 . 10/29
I'm proud of Edward for not smoking any more. I like that he thinks of Charlie, because smoke of any kind is not good for babies. What Charlie did when he was being changed is quite common. He will learn (I hope) not to take off the first diaper until he has the second ready. You can buy a tepee shaped piece of fabric to set over the baby while you put a diaper on him to avoid that.
GUEST chapter 4 . 10/29
I am usually a sucker for daddy-ward, especially when he is trying to be a good father. I think he probably needed to change Charlie's diaper when he woke up during the night.
yayasimone chapter 3 . 10/16
You're a good storyteller. I might suggest more contractions, though; it's more how we naturally speak.
Isao84 chapter 70 . 10/15
That was a perfect ending! Thank you
labellavampira chapter 45 . 10/11
Well I guess that answers the apartment question!
labellavampira chapter 43 . 10/11
I really enjoy this story! I've been reading it straight through...the only thing is the lack of clarity in the details has been driving me crazy, haha. Like when did Elizabeth officially stop watching Charlie? It never says. So did Bella just take over watching him for 10 hour days while Edward works once they became friends? And does Bella still have her own apartment or are they living together now? Edward keeps saying house when referring to home, instead of apartment and hasn't mentioned anything about Bella and he living apart since they started sleeping together. These are just the things I can think of at the moment...I mean, the details on Seth and Kate's death, the ages of the characters, etc. are all missing and frustrating...but I assumed was part of the mystery surrounding why Seth and Kate left Charlie to Edward and what was up with Elizabeth...but that doesn't seem the case :/ Hoping to get some clarification on these details soon :)
athome Jo chapter 71 . 10/10
LOVED this story!
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