Reviews for The Blessing
EeWee chapter 70 . 7/2
Lovely story. I laughed and cried and swooned and sighed. Very interesting being in Edwards head this time. Thanks for sharing.
Redtini chapter 2 . 6/30
Wow, I understand his mom's concerns, but some support would be nice. Loved it!
Redtini chapter 1 . 6/30
Can't wait! Yet, I don't have too :)
shaunna100 chapter 70 . 6/20
All I have to say is WOW! I started this story a few days ago and haven’t been able to put it down since... You captured me from the very first chapter! I LOVED the twists and turns in this story, and the revelation about Paul just knocked me backwards! I was NOT expecting that! Please keep writing stories for forever!
sakurathewhitewolf chapter 72 . 5/31
:o I'm most likely 100% going to buy The Blessing. I want to see what changes were made and see the longer version. I'm not going to lie, this fic made me cry multiple times, and I could really understand where Edward was coming from for the whole self-loathing. It was a beautiful story and thank you so much for writing this!
bigchill77 chapter 6 . 5/8
How beautiful. :)
pinklady34 chapter 73 . 5/2
I would love to read an outtake on Bella’s problem with her ex boyfriend. Congratulations btw!
Gagika chapter 73 . 5/2
Congratulations...I‘ll buy your book, it is a must have for me :)
imustbecrazy chapter 73 . 5/2
Congrats! Best wishes for your book!
shaz308 chapter 73 . 5/1
Looking forward to whateveris decided.
grandmachix chapter 73 . 5/1
My dear, anything else that you want to add to this beautiful story will be read with joy and thanks.
twilightobession chapter 73 . 5/1
Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.
sue1zide chapter 73 . 5/1
Good Luck!
I ordered my signed copy. I can't wait to get it.
elizabeth bennette chapter 73 . 5/1
RoseArcadia chapter 73 . 5/1
Can't wait to get my hands on the book, thank you for letting me make your cover!
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