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infadinityfollower chapter 1 . 11/16
Pretty good~
TheReaperJ chapter 18 . 11/7
TheReaperJ chapter 17 . 11/6
Oh that ending was so badass, wish you would have gone into details on how to disfigure her body was.

Like was there a bolt though her forehead blowing everything out from the back or was her upper torso ripped to pieces. That would have gotten my blood pumping lol.
TheReaperJ chapter 16 . 11/6
I'm not sure why I picture Hekapoo wearing the Princess Bubblegum business suit but it really seemed to fit her.

You've done an amazing job on feeling in these unknown characters little jokes along the way.

The color blind thing got me pretty good and then Marco talking about being the red team. Surprised you didn't mention anything about his red hoodie.
TheReaperJ chapter 15 . 11/5
Look at Marco manning up... after peeing his pants like a little girl lol. Love how he ran away after blowing out Hekapoo's flame. That ending with him yelling back at the female for giving away his position was priceless.

Shell shock... now that's something I haven't heard in years. I believe it was the frist trem used for PTSD after WWI. Great little touch that makes the story more real.

Not sure what's all up with the random charters but they do make the story more interesting.
TheReaperJ chapter 5 . 11/5
Chapter 4

Pain rains and conductor hilarious

Hottest candy from adorable

There just too many others to add about this chapter but it tickled me in all the right places. I kind of forgot this story so im stating from the begain and so glad I did.

Love how cute Hekapoo is with their relationship and i got to give it to Marco, bagging her sweet ass the first year in is still great.

I wish he would take his vitamin man the fuck up when she naked and all. She's into him and that's all he should care about rather then over-analyzing everything.

So happy to see that he's over Jackie already, really hope to see the first time they got it on. He would seen to be all way uptight the first time they would go at it.

But the kid got some balls and taking shit back at her when he tries. The mind Marco's really don't do it for me but they are starting to grow on me.

I would like to see a female version of himself walking around there a little. He seems to be comfortable when when in a female attire.

Not hinting at him liking it but it's still fun to see him totally cool with it. Plus i would like to see some hot action on Hekapoo wanting him to dress up with the ponytail.

I might have an out thing for princess Marco... just looking my avatar. Really looking forward on carving up with the story.


Just what in the fuck is going on?! No clue what's going to happen but talk about on hell of a battle.

Bravo man!? That was really something else, it came off light and fluffy but when the action... holy fucking shit balls!?

It pained me to think about Hekapoo screaming with the sword deep in her but that was some heavy shit. Really bat shit crazy stuff and i love hearing crack a few jokes.

That last part about her seeing her favorite fleshwad was cute and you can tell shes falling for him or just really glad he's in her life right now.

So glad I have a butt load of chapters to catch up on!
Mr. Haziq chapter 24 . 10/28
I wonder what's Marco doing...
Not another me chapter 23 . 10/14
This was nice, and i love how well narrated it is. I can't wait for the next chapter, but I also hope you have a nice rest. Keep like this please, I'm sure that this is one of the best fanfic there is.
P.S. thank you for not killing Blue, and also for not making this a harem fanfic (There's plenty of them)
Mr. Haziq chapter 22 . 10/2
So the current arc villain is dead... what now?
Puncore Bot 9000 chapter 21 . 10/2
Fuahahhahaahaha! Oh man if you think that ones bad just wait, I'm very well aware that the next thing I'll be posting tonight will probably tick some people off, though remember one little thing.

biob1 chapter 21 . 10/2
So marco sympathises with xenophobes now? I don't get it while galethorn had some valid points he pretty much admitted that he tricked every one in to thinking he WASN'T a xenophobe so he coud later carry out his xenophobic plan. He even said he manipulated others to gain more influence which it's kind of implied he was doing by going out with Heckapoo and it was during that he found out her secret. Marco already KNEW about that though, the only new information is that Galethorn was going out with Heckapoo to increase his influence. I get that him being her ex is supposed to make Marco doubt his relationship with her but he is taking advice from a guy who's entire relationship with her was based on a farce.
Mr. Haziq chapter 21 . 9/25
Well... That ain't gonna be pretty...
The Book of Eli chapter 17 . 8/27
Oh man things just got into the fun kind of crazy I can't wait for more...
The Book of Eli chapter 16 . 8/22
Still having fun reading the fic and can't wait for events to come from this...
CreationHunter chapter 16 . 8/22
Kur is a fucking beautifully savage bastard.
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