Reviews for Ten Minutes
Guest chapter 104 . 9/23

Guest chapter 104 . 9/23
CSG chapter 105 . 14h
Awww, that had to be hard.
Guest chapter 79 . 9/23
CSG chapter 104 . 20h
I'm cautiously optimistic about his dad.
acw1 chapter 105 . 22h
CSG chapter 103 . 9/24
I'm so proud of him.
2old4fanfic chapter 105 . 9/24
This was a tough one
traceybuie chapter 105 . 9/24
Mike and his lawyer are both douchebags.
soniabell chapter 105 . 9/24
I have not been a big fan of the flashbacks, they paint Bella rather poorly. In this chapter I can't help but feeli like Bella is a weak punk. He got 5 years and she stood by a punk who ignored her and sucked in bed. I would have respected her more if she choose to be alone that keep up that charade.
Rebadams7 chapter 105 . 9/24
No good, no happy place in this mess then.
grandmachix chapter 105 . 9/24
Remembering the hearing. He spoke the truth, which decided the outcome. He would always fight for her.
grandmachix chapter 104 . 9/24
Carlisle is sober and clean. Making an effort. Will Emmett have more to say? Will Rose tell Bella?
ceceprincess1217 chapter 105 . 9/24
okay now this just makes no sense! 5 yrs for a wrist break? is that right? I had to catch myself for saying 'it's stupid' sounds like one of those damn troll guest reviewers I hate. It's not stupid but is it right? 5 yrs? He got out fairly quick anyway. I do hate these flashbacks b/c Bella just seems like the victim and Edward doesn't seem that bad. I don't know they are just painful! ignore me! good job!
4theloveofacullen chapter 105 . 9/24
Awe, my heart breaks for her...does this make me crazy? Thank you for the update!
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