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Kipling20 chapter 58 . 9/15
Great story! Love that Olivia has found love
Mrs.saraCasey chapter 1 . 9/7
I love this story so so much.
Guest chapter 58 . 9/5
great chapter ... cant wait for next
BenoightLangson chapter 58 . 9/4
Great update! Can't wait to see what happens next.
Guest chapter 58 . 9/3
Can't wait to read more! Please don't take so long :)

Guest chapter 58 . 9/3
Thank you for giving us one more chapter! Look at Olivia! She’s come along way...I love that she choose to spend the weekend with Toms family. Love this little family!
trace619 chapter 58 . 9/2
I love this side of Olivia. She is so relaxed and completely at ease with Tom. I just love what they (you) have created.
lizzard9 chapter 58 . 9/2
I absolutely love this side of Olivia. she seems so relaxed and truly happy. that is a huge accomplishment for her. love where you are taking this trio.
BJ chapter 58 . 9/2
This was a wonderful surprise. Your writing is so real. I completely escape into this story. As I have previously stated, I cannot get enough of this couple, and I love the family that is building.
BenoightLangson chapter 57 . 9/1
This was great.
Kaiser Chris chapter 57 . 9/1
I've got to say that this was a nice find in the fandom when most SVU fics on this site are rather bizarre shipfics with the characters acting completely OOC and dealing with heavily forced romance, while the OC romance fics tend to be extremely forced and one-sided with a perfect relationship, OC doing no wrong and acting perfect, and constant rehashing of canon events. This was overall a really great break in the constant slodge of mediocrity that has been present.

One thing I really love in this fic is that the relationship is equal between both Olivia and Tom, with both of them actively changing for the better from interacting with each other and there never feels a moment that a huge power imbalance in play. While Olivia finally does get a much deserved romance, it's not some Prince Charming Fantasy and there are natural hurdles and progression that takes place that fit well into Olivia's character and history. Tom is not a flawless Gary Stu and is overall a realistic character with flaws just because he's human. His presence and relationship does help Olivia, but it helps him become better as a person as well and Tom earns his love with Olivia through his actions rather than being given her on a silver platter. It's a nice slice of life that still keeps true to the show and remembers the struggles of SVU without turning into romance mush, and the plot flows naturally with satisfactory conclusions. Olivia is still the same character who is written faithfully and takes understandable actions that all fit to the life she's lived in the past two decades.

That being said there is some constructive criticism that I would like to give in regards to some flaws that I hope to be addressed. Mainly Tom's relations and his family.

First off, while Rebecca is honestly a decently-written character on her own, far beyond the usual standards that most authors write their OC's with on this site, her role in the story is very forced and awkward at the best of times and if Rebecca were written out, there would be little that would change. The main role that she has in the plot for the majority of the fic is just to be mentioned by Tom in passing on how Rebecca is his best friend and the closest person in his life, that she's a great sister and he loves her so much. We are constantly told so much about Rebecca, yet rarely, if ever does her presence actually have an impact on the development of the plot. There is absolutely about Rebecca's actions that have shaped Tom's core character and identity, whenever she makes a physical appearance it's only to act as an awkward exposition dump to Olivia about Tom or her family about Olivia and Noah, she doesn't have a defined personality besides "Troublemaker as a Kid", and her actions have never really changed the dynamic or progression of Olivia and Tom's relationship besides acting as a tiny incentive to get Tom to have Olivia and Noah to see his family. If Rebecca was deleted out of the plot, 97% of the main story would remain the same and Tom would not be noticeably changed, and neither would his relationship with Olivia change, even though Rebecca is supposed to be a "Core part of his life" as his twin.

The first failure in this regard is the conflict between Rebecca and Tom over her knowing that Sarah was cheating on her. Up until that point we've barely seen Rebecca and have been given little concrete information on her besides Tom's happy memories. Then right out of nowhere, when Tom's main conflict up until that point was the guilt that he was jealous over Noah because he was Olivia's highest priority, then Tom confronts Rebecca and spites her over knowing that his ex cheated on him for three years. Now I do like the plot point of Sarah cheating on him because of his infertility and how that wrecked his personal life due to him willingly going on with the charade for three years and being a huge mess afterwords until he met Olivia. However, the introduction to this conflict and core part of Tom's past came with almost no foreshadowing and was an abrupt segway from an already existing conflict, and forcing Tom to lash out against Rebecca with us the audience, only just being told that Rebecca was a cause of this in Tom's eyes when we haven't seen her do this action, we haven't seen any negativity towards her from Tom, and we haven't seen any flashbacks of this three year cheat or inner thoughts of Tom that show us that it ways heavy on him. This is a prime example of Rebecca being inserted into the conflict when she doesn't have any buildup in the first place. Why should I care about Tom potentially screwing his relationship with Rebecca when the relationship is ill-defined and this potentially tragic loss comes from an argument that had no buildup?

On the opposite end of the spectrum and a good example of OC character interaction is Carrie and Olivia. Carrie is written well and has a good place in the plot because while we don't see her in the show, establishing that she is Olivia's only best friend outside of SVU allows Olivia to have an outlet to open about her relationship and personal troubles that she never truly can with Fin, Carisi, or Rollins. Carrie is also a good character because she spurs Olivia into action and its thanks to her that the ball of Olivia and Tom's relationship got rolling in the first place, making her important to the plot.

Another example of the flaws of Rebecca's character divorce with Walt. We the audience knew nothing before Walt leaving besides the fact that the relationship between him and Rebecca seemed to be stable in Tom, the main POV character's eyes, and that he has a daughter with Rebecca. Then when Rebecca goes into a heavy guilt trip and gets drunk over a conflict that wasn't properly prepared, Walt just walks out in a blaze of fury and turns from an average man with no defining character, to this hateful and spiteful man who is wrongfully taking it out on Rebecca. I can't feel for Rebecca or Abby's loss in this because there was almost nothing about Rebecca's marriage before that indicated that it had issues, and the marriage was not a core part of Tom's life and how it affected him interacting with Liv. There has been no mention of the core conflicts of why the two had such a bad marriage when they just had a kid, and to us it just seems like Walt flipped out over his wife getting drunk and can't stand her or her family. It doesn't even affect Rebecca as the recent chapter show she's just fine on her own, hates Walt but doesn't have any romantic attachments left, and it doesn't greatly affect the relationship with her brother, family, and daughter. If you removed the Walt conflict completely, nothing would change.

Finally, and this isn't a flaw more so than a lack of focus (rather understandable as everything til this point has been solely focused on getting Olivia and Tom to progress to a stable and happy relationship, something that does gives us great payoff), I feel that Tom's family and relationships (outside of my criticism of Rebecca) don't get any hard spotlight or insight. Outside of Rebecca we know almost nothing about Tom's family with his father being absent for both Christmas and Easter, his brother's not making any sort of appearance besides one-liners with vague personalities based on a few traits and their accomplishments, and the only one who has made an impact, Tom's mother, didn't do too much besides be nice to Olivia and Noah and reassure her that she was considered to be family now. We don't know anything about the personalities or inner characters of Tom's family, and most of the times when he's interacted with them it's been focused on his relationship with Olivia. Now that his relationship with Olivia is established and stable, it would be nice to focus on Tom's life outside of her and Noah and see him interact with his family in various events, whether they be casual gatherings or important developments in their relationship. A similar thing happened with Tom's friends where while the chapter was good in showing Olivia finally relaxing and experiencing a normal life outside of the force, we didn't see any of Tom's friends interact with him and Olivia besides passing paragraphs detailing past events, making it seem like his friends don't matter or affect his life. Now that we have established Tom and Olivia, let's focus on their lives as individuals and how it plays in the relationship.

Outside of this the rest of the fic is good in quality and has been an enjoyable binge read from start to finish. I hope that you don't take the criticism personally as none of what I have said has ever impacted my enjoyment too much that I thought a chapter, or the overall progression of the story, was bad in any regard. I just feel that these are flaws that can be corrected in the future and if done would lead to an overall higher quality.

One recommendation that I would like to make is to add an OC Detective to SVU. I feel that the SVU cast has been really missing an extra player since Amaro left and Mike Dodds was killed. While it would be kind of awkward if they make a new cast addition in the future, overall I think it would be for the better of the story as it would create new drama and storylines within SVU without having to rehash canon and replaying the same episode script over and over again, with the only change being Tom injected. New stories and cases can be created naturally and the addition of a new detective would create a new conflict for Olivia has her routine is broken with her traditional inner circle having a new member join them, and depending upon the personality of the OC, create some natural conflict between them and Olivia on the various cases, having Olivia grow outside of her relationship. Plus it would be a logical in-story excuse for Olivia to not be constantly wrapped by work and focus on her family some more.
Marlivia Hargison chapter 57 . 9/1
ok, I'm not gonna die or anything...yes I am
trace619 chapter 57 . 8/31
This was wonderful. Heartbreaking, but wonderful. It's unfortunate their date was broken but I loved hearing Tom talk about he & Noah's evening. I thought for sure she was going to ask him to move in there for a moment. It's sad you may not be able to update for a while, but I understand. Will be anxiously awaiting your return!
Guest chapter 57 . 8/31
On man, it makes me so sad to know there will be no more updates. I was really hoping that in their romantic dinner Tom would propose they move in together. Bummer.
BJ chapter 57 . 8/31
This was another amazing chapter. I can’t get enough of this story. You beautifully write this couple, and their adoration for each other is breath taking. Thanks for the heads up about how long the next update will be. I will look forward to it.
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