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Geochili chapter 5 . 12/18/2023
Of course Sarah would know spoon sex will work if you have cracked ribs. She's probably a pro at to speak. And she clearly has enjoyed lots of sex if she was willing to give Chuck a one-off fuck as a "thank you" for a date where she didn't have to bang a sleazy mark. (I don't personally believe Sarah was a blonde Carina, but you ad-libbed that Sarah would have fucked Chuck on their first, first I'm just playing along here.)
Geochili chapter 4 . 12/18/2023
Sarah is correct. The CIA gave her a job as as a lying, killer, seductress for Graham's personal definition of the 'Greater Good'. Her marketable skills then would be conwoman, prostitute, or professional assassin? She could have "marketed" the first skill without becoming Graham's personal whore killer.

Yeah, Bryce was a real hero. Destroying Chuck's academic career to protect him. Then painting a giant target on Chuck's back by tricking him into downloading the Intersect, which nearly resulted in his death again and again...and by all rights should have resulted in him being dropped in a bunker. If Stephen was involved, he has a funny way of trying to protect his children by abandoning them, but only until he needed to use them. I guess the siren song of 'Greater Good' led Stephen to sacrifice his children. He knew the Intersect he supposedly had Bryce send Chuck would corrupt Chuck's brain eventually, but didn't give him the governor until way late after he downloaded the second one.

I admire your attempt to make sense of canon. But, canon can only be made sense of by understanding that the show creators and writers were simply trying to maximize the WTWT and drama to the bitter end. And the end was a bitter pill for fans to swallow, indeed.
Geochili chapter 2 . 12/17/2023
So, Chuck agreed that Sarah was correct to yank his chain and lead him on as his handler to keep him in line? WTF universe are we in?

Was it 2x or more that Sarah pacified Chuck with the "stay calm and work with us and you get what you want? Then in a great chess move...Chuck called on Sarah tell the truth.

SARAH: Hahahaha. What did I do?
CHUCK: You helped me become the man you know today...I lie a lot because I love you. I used to hate lying but now I love doing it, apparently.
SARAH: I'm leaving with Bryce after the wedding.
CHUCK: Sure. Of course. It's just a mission. You've done so well staying out Bryce's bed in the past...
Geochili chapter 2 . 12/17/2023
So you decided to sidestep Sarah telling Chuck that she was leaving with Bryce in the morning because Chuck was the most oblivious, stupid, unmotivated, stick-in-the-mud man on the planet. Of course, Sarah could have resigned to be with Chuck.. but she told Daddy yes, she told Graham yes, she told Bryce yes. It was easier to say no to Chuck because he knew so much less about how to manipulate Sarah. OTOH, Sarah knew exactly how to manipulate Chuck. So while Chuck is praising how much he needed Sarah...she's probably thinking back about how much she needed Bryce.
Geochili chapter 1 . 12/17/2023
Goddamn. Can you imagine how hard Sarah would be fucking Bryce right now if he were alive? Sure, she would feel a little guilty. But, she didn't assassinate Chuck...and Bryce's cock and hands are so familiar...
Geochili chapter 1 . 12/17/2023
Sarah didn't get recruited into the CIA. She was blackmailed by Graham, right? And now suddenly she never had qualms about being Graham's personal assassin? She wasn't bothered by her Red Test? In canon, she said her Red Test was the worst day of her life. Granted Sarah apparently went from mission to mission to avoid self-reflection...but never had qualms?

In Canon, 'Budapest' seemed like a watershed moment for Sarah, when she let all the qualms come out to play. In this story, that mission was left in her was leaving the baby with her mom. But, not Bryce's betrayal of Sarah in/after Cabo that happened before Budapest? Or Graham ordering her to work under Ryker in Budapest because of Bryce's betrayal? Sarah didn't trust Graham to know about the baby in canon.

In this chapter Sarah trusted both Graham and Bryce and wished they were around to consult. She wanted nothing to do with Chuck, Casey, Ellie, etc. She now believed she was married to Chuck for real...that in a life she can't remember, she trusted another person with her heart.

Yet she shuns Chuck and desperately wants the counsel of two men who used her as they saw fit. I think at the start here, you've written a Sarah who just wanted to fall back on the two men she most recently sought to please.

I'm really curious where you went next in this story. There were great reviews for it. Sad as fuck on all levels so far, but so well-written. A double-edged read...
MM2020 chapter 6 . 8/12/2023
Wow! What an amazing story. As WillieGavin said the rated-M stuff was classy and very easy on the sensibilities. Unfortunately, for us CHARAH fans you never wrote your sequel. Hopefully one day you will return and continue with your amazing writing. Fingers crossed.
maisma51 chapter 6 . 9/22/2022
I really enjoyed the story. Very well written. Thank you for writing and sharing your words.
mistopher chapter 6 . 7/20/2022
This was an excellent story! It was recommended because I was looking for a fic after the finale that was mostly from Sarah's POV and you did such a great job with that in this fic!
RoundelNut599 chapter 6 . 12/28/2021
Great follow-up to the end of Chuck. I think that's exactly the ending all Chucksters were hoping for. Great job! Keep it up!
CharmingCharles2896 chapter 6 . 7/12/2021
Great story, filled with heart, and romance; this was such a deep story, that had so many layers to it. I really enjoyed this story, well done!
Praday chapter 2 . 3/3/2021
So touching this chapter ! And that end... so sweet
Kelt45 chapter 6 . 2/25/2021
It is sad that Rachel doesn't seem to be active anymore on FF and only seems to have written this one story in the Chuck universe. I think this is one of the better post-finale canon compliant short stories out there. It doesn't try and do too much and just focuses on what Chuck says on the beach and the immediate aftermath. It has enough sexy content to earn the M rating, but it mostly occurs in only a few later chapters and is tastefully done. I recommend this story to all readers who can handle the M rating.
Soccerfan37 chapter 6 . 2/25/2021
Thank you for this wonderful story, I really hope you still get these review/reactions.
This is a gem of a story and I really hope you continue to write if only for your own entertainment.
Again Thank you for sharing such a charming and emotionally satisfying story.
Dan Anderson chapter 6 . 12/8/2020
This is one of my new favorite stories. It’s incredible to see so much character development (or maybe less ‘development’ and more ‘realization’) in such little time. Even though this change in Sarah happens so fast - in less than twelve hours - it doesn’t feel rushed or cheapened because of how much time you give her to explore and confirm her findings. I love how you let her explore everything emotionally, logically, physically, and verbally.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this story is the depth to which it reaches and analyzes Sarah’s self. One of my favorite aspects of the Chuck series was that it wasn’t just about Chuck. Sarah was far more than just a one, two, or even three-dimensional love interest. She was written to be just as meaningful, deep, dynamic, and complex as Chuck. The show was just as much her story as it was Chuck’s, and you nail that here.

The minimalistic plot allows for an incredibly appealing level of depth, especially in the first two chapters. I appreciate that you made this story just as much about dealing with Sarah’s sense of being lost in the beginning as it was about her re-finding Chuck. It’s easy to understand the appeal of their re-connection from our own perspective (or Chuck’s for that matter), knowing how much they were missing and how great they were/are together, but it’s easy to forget what would motivate Sarah to seek that connection. In that context, you do a phenomenal job describing Sarah’s sense of incompleteness and disorientation, making the import of their reunion for her the inexplicable security and comfort her soul has come to find with Chuck.

All of this would be impossible to achieve gracefully without your amazing way with words. It’s not overly complex but perfectly clever and simple to allow the reader to get lost in the words and understand the beautiful concepts you convey.

Thank you so much for writing!
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