Reviews for Sarah vs The Caveat Emptor
Thankful chapter 2 . 10/14
God, this chapter was so good! In fact I wish this second chapter has been the last episode of chuck. Just the entire episode of him sitting on the beach telling Sarah their story. Beautiful job!
Steelejay chapter 6 . 8/26
This was as good as I hoped it would be. Sarah rediscovering who she's capable of being, who she really is when she let's herself, was a joy to read.
Steelejay chapter 2 . 8/26
I have a bad habit of just clicking next to get to the next chapter, then leaving a review at the end of the story rather than expressing thoughts on each chapter. I did it without even realizing it at the end of chapter 1, and I find myself now at the end of chapter 2 with wet cheeks and joy in my heart that there's more to come. This is a wonderful perspective on their conversation that was simply a musical montage in the show. So very well done and your insight into Sarah is fantastic.

You could have left it here and it still would be one of the best resolutions to the show I've every read. The last two words of this chapter sum it up perfectly to this point.
Ancientgamer chapter 1 . 6/3
Wonderful, wonderful story. This story has been my entry into Chuck fanfiction. I've read it about once a week for the last two months. It eased my heart and has allowed me to fall in love with Chuck again. Thank you.
talestocryover chapter 3 . 6/1
Wen you have time explain Elle's relationship to Sarah. I don't know this story. And the kidnapping and car crash. Wow!
talestocryover chapter 2 . 5/29
Dominatrix Heidis? Freezer video sneak peaks?This tale has it all. I wish I had known about the Intersect when I was in High School. I would have graduated on time.
Very detailed and descriptive. Chuck and Sarah are sympathetic characters. I hope Chuck's head does not explode with all that info.
Ch. 3 this weekend.

talestocryover chapter 1 . 5/26
Wow! I missed plenty. I realize it was explained before, but what are the intersect glasses? Quinn is dead? He sounds as if he deserves it.

You just helped me with Chapter 3. I'm going to include mucho beach scenes. It will set some romance.

Pretty interesting young woman.

Thanks Gavin
sachaelle chapter 6 . 4/12
Reading this after a monster binge marathon watching Chuck 1-5 in the quarantine, & looking to a good story for post season 5 continuation story. Good story, though I personally don't think they would have junk to getting back together the same night, it is a believable scenario.
chucksboxers chapter 6 . 12/2/2019
Wow that was great - it got way steamier than I thought it was going to but I loved it! It felt very Chuck and Sarah the whole way. I liked the combination of realism and optimism in your story. That Sarah is fighting for her own future after the last few episodes took so much from her.
P.J. Murphy chapter 6 . 11/22/2019
Awww, only six chapters.

Once again, you do a wonderful job of providing insight into C/S. And I LUUUUVVVED the Sneakers reference (Ben Kingsley’s accent was SOOO bad!). There’s a comfort in seeing Sarah not only realize life existed beyond the next mission, but she was determined to go after it.

This was a wonderful story. Please write again soon..
P.J. Murphy chapter 5 . 11/22/2019
Hang on while I finish this cigarette... And yes, it was good for me, too. :-P

So well written, equal parts classy and hot. I loved how you interweaved both Chuck’s and Sarah’s doubts regarding making love for the first time post-Quinn, showing how vulnerable each felt and how the other really was the one person they were destined to be with. And Chuck getting a little smug at the end, despite his limited performance due to injury, was so on-target.

Amazing chapter.
P.J. Murphy chapter 4 . 11/21/2019
Continued excellence. The detail you give to this part of the story we know so little about is amazing. You can really hear the mire seasoned Chuck in this, the more confident one, not the same one who had to stay in the car all the time. Also loved how confidently he said Casey was a friend when it took a lot to convince Sarah he wasn’t the burnout she thought he was.

Great chapter.
P.J. Murphy chapter 3 . 11/21/2019
Boiled Devon: I will never be able to get that phrase out of my head. Grrrrr... :-P

Again, wonderful insight into Sarah. She only has vague memories of her prior time with Chuck, and yet it was still so jarring to see him treat her so lovingly even after she tried to kill him. We know why Chuck is doing this, of course, but to go through all of that must be so tough. And wanting to go right back to this loving relationship is so understandable. (Had this discussion between the two in one of my stories but nowhere near as good as yours.)

Loved the chapter.
P.J. Murphy chapter 2 . 11/20/2019
Loved this expansion of that last scene on the beach. Sarah became less confused and more open the longer Chuck talked. And despite what many say, the kiss said all that was needed to be said. It was something Sarah felt, something deep inside her that finally put an emotion to the story.

Great work.
P.J. Murphy chapter 1 . 11/20/2019
OK, now reading this version. Still one of the best analyses of Sarah’s thoughts and feelings at this stage I’ve ever read. Will definitely continue to read this.

Awesome work.
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