Reviews for Heaven Hold Us
Guest chapter 4 . 10/5
Oh thank god neji isn't dead in this. After shika and ino lost their dads and the whole kakashi losing his sharingan it would be too much for our poor shika
Ajean16 chapter 4 . 8/9
i just read all of the installments and I would just like to say thank you for writing because you are amazing. You see the world in your mind and you have the ability to put it on paper (computer in most cases) so that we have the chance to read it. I just lost my job and my mom who has had cancer for about 10 years has now almost run out of time. Reading has been a safe haven for me. Whenever you update,know that you have a reader who loves your work. Stay safe.
roxx1407 chapter 4 . 6/17
God, can't even tell how many times I've read the whole serie, and to think now it's back, it's insane!
Also, the amount of stress I had over Neji and Shikamaru, the war, that pitiful bitch ass move Kishimoto played us with... and you say he'll be back... well, as people has already commented here, I prefer to take my cannon from you...
Also, Sasuke, I always thought he was a good character that lost all of his appeal when peace came over, it seemed so unnatural and forced how they tried to fit him on the happy-go-round trainwreck, I mean, dude had some serious mental breakdown with all the shit that's happened but he seems to get over it and married his childhood sweetheart? Only he never had a childhood, and his heart is anything but seet? Yeah, right, I'll pass. Better give me a bitch-ass death . Also Sakura, nice how you gave her so many layers, beyond the "I wanna marry Sasuke"

Ino, I wasn't expecting her, but I am piqued. Would read a whole Ino/Kiba stand alone, the glimpses in BtB were so good.

I swear, new kids have it so good with the fanfics now, I remember back in 2007, scanvanging for a little piece of good ploto amongst the seas of limejuice and teeneager angst.

Stay safe, and thank you, I'm bathing in ypur words right now.
tomuika chapter 4 . 5/6
ah im now curious about what happened to shikamaru and neji. and forgive me for this, but i am kinda confused with what’s happening..
Guest chapter 4 . 5/5
Your story has been the best fanfiction i have ever read. I spent long days waiting for the updates on break to breathe and the follow-ups and it always made my day to read another chapter. Now, in 2020, my friend started to watch naruto again and i begged her to read your stories, as they have become canon to me - more than the actual ending, which i found predictable and flat in comparison. As i sent her the link to your stories, i saw the new one-shots you published. It's like meeting long lost friends. Thank you for sharing your characters with me. I always felt and feel deeply for them.
randomactivity chapter 4 . 4/20
This was a fun chapter. It had action in two different ways, physical battle with Kiba and Genma and emotional battle with Sakura and her denial. Speaking of Sakura let me get that out of the way first.

I’ve never cared for Sakura’s character in the anime but you’ve managed to make her tolerable to me in this series. Until this chapter. All of her dependent, needy, Sasuke loving blindness had me throwing my hands up and rolling my eyes (lol) but saying that it tells how well written the moment was, it had me physically reacting. What she’s been going through is sad and painful for anyone to experience. But Sakura seemed determined to not fully grasp or accept what Hibari was telling her. That made me mad and that made me feel less sorry for her. Yes she heard him and she knows the truth herself but I left this chapter feeling like she wasn’t going to act on that knowledge.

What else was fun about this chapter was the surprise guest of Hibari. I love how us readers never know who’s going to show up or what the chapter is going to be about. This made me like Hibari a little bit more than I already did. Why? Because he cared enough for Sakura to call her on her bullshit and back up his claims with personal experience. What threw me with him was his reaction to the boy “possibly” having killed his sister. Knowing how much Hibari loves children I wasn’t expecting that at all. Like Sakura said he’s changed. Enjoyable original characters are hard to come by, he is fantastic and if this is his last appearance he will be missed.

I love how you nicely wrapped up the Sakura and Hibari saga without leaving us wanting for anything else from them. At least that’s how I felt. We got a quick back story of the night from their last encounter. You cleared up their feelings for one another and the relationship between them, plus a passable parting. So I was satisfied.

Now I have to mention how cool the transition was or it was more the way you connected plots by starting with the Kiba/Genma fight and moving to Sakura but bringing the chapter together by rushing Kiba into the makeshift hospital. Not only was that cool but it was also telling that Genma obviously kicked Kiba’s ass in the end. Little bits and pieces of writing like that, where plots intertwine and readers can make conclusions for moments that weren’t written out, just make me happy and giddy as a reader.

Going back to the fight, I mentioned before that battle scenes aren’t always easy for me to imagine without actually seeing them play out. That doesn’t take away from the moment because the background and mood and reasoning behind the fight were set up so nicely. I found an irony there of how Genma has been feeling like trash and ends up fighting in an alley with dumpsters, both guys are talking trash, I liked that. And who doesn’t enjoy a good male ego battle? I kinda had a thing for rampage Kiba it was hot. I know I’m weird but he can’t compare to Genma all brains and brawn still being thoughtful enough to hold back. I wasn’t a fan of rampage Akamaru though because of what he did to Genoa’s arm. That dog plays dirty.

There was a three way battle going on in this chapter. Not just Kiba versus Genma but Genma versus himself and that inner monologue. Then you had Sakura versus herself. Like I said the chapter was fun for those reasons and a bunch of dialogue and narrative moments that would make this review too long.

I hate how I always have to leave these chapters wondering what’s next, and who’s next? And it’s funny because that’s exactly how I go into the chapters when they pop up. Oh that reminds me, I am loving the contrast between this chapter and the last. How very quiet and contemplative things were with Kakashi and Sasuke. Then you throw a loud setting at us where guys are fighting in alleys, spectators are shouting, things are being destroyed and then there was Sakura and Hibari yelling, and the hospital chaos was happening. It’s just good stuff.
Anon chapter 4 . 4/16
Fuck, this was a painful goodbye... Hibari really doesn't mince his words. I wonder how Sakura will take it, after the initial shock. Perhaps following his advice would do her good, because even if it means that her heart will break, it will also have a chance to finally heal.
Thank you for this chapter, and be well!
Emis chapter 4 . 4/14
Thank you so much for this chapter! Much need closure! Thank you! And omg Omg omg I am so beyond excited and thrilled that in your notes you confirmed Neji coming back! Or. Not being gone! Thank you thank you. I am at the edge of my seat
Emis chapter 3 . 4/14
Omg! I am soo rivited by this! Omg Kakashi and sasuke's moment! Omg it tugged at my heart stings so hard! Thank you so much for everything you do! Your work is amazing!
Memome chapter 4 . 4/12
Yet another glorious chapter. Thank you for this!
invisiblehabits chapter 4 . 4/10
I love you. Lately I have read so much fanfic from authors who claim to write angst (they don't), and suffered through people praising them for being such astonishingly competent writers (they're not). In a world that's gone topsy-turvy this truly offers a break to breathe. In all its glorious bleakness and no-silver-lining despair, this brings me hope. Reminds me that tough times don't last forever, and that good things are always worth waiting for.

Naturally I hope you will continue to write, maybe even one day complete, this unexpected installation. But even if you leave it hanging, here or somewhere further down the line, I will be forever greatful for every new chapter you have put out. The way you've managed to enrich the side characters of the source material, transformed them from flat background decorations or at best two dimensional pieces on a board, into full fledged individuals I can simultaneously love and hate, care about and want to slap... Every single one of your characters, both borrowed and original, have strengths and weaknesses, good sides and bad, admirable traits, redeeming qualities, and aspects that make me wrinkle my nose in some level of distaste. No one is perfect nor perfectly flawed, never truly good or fully evil, and I live for it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding me not all good writers have abandoned the web. As always, I look forward to anything and everything you'll write in the future. Stay safe and healthy in these trying times 3
Heki564 chapter 4 . 4/10
Have I mentioned before that I LOVE this series. I always click so fast when I see these updates in my inbox. It’s the first thing I did this morning. Times are rough right now and this was a great pick-me-up. On that note, I hope you are doing well in these strange times!

I love hearing from Genma’s POV. The witty sarcasm is a hilarious balance to the tragedy of his being. The row your boat line had me chuckling. Genma is such a tragic character in this universe and you write him beautifully. The struggle he has within himself is wonderfully written. I always look forward to reading from his mind.

Hibari and Sakura’s ending was bittersweet yet beautiful. I had always wondered how they would end and I’m pleased with the outcome. As much as I personally believe Hibari is better suited for her, you can’t help who you love. This whole series is a testament to that fact. I’m sad that this will be the last we get of Hibari but I respect it. It’s time to move on.

Even though I am hungry for more content, I respect that this is a side project and will wait patiently for the next chapter. I’m interested to see how Neji comes back into the story and how everyone deals with that, especially Shikamaru. We haven’t gotten much of him in this post-war story which is probably for the best. I don’t know if my heart can handle the heartbreak he must be feeling. Though I am eager to get his POV nonetheless. As tragic as it would be I want to know how or if he is able to pick himself up from it.

As always, I love this series and look forward to anything you create. I hope you’re doing well and staying safe in these weird times. Until the next one, thank you!
blurcndish chapter 4 . 4/10
God you're amazing, you know that right
I hope Genma going to be fine, he's been through a lot and I have this urge to shove him inside a warm blanket and cuddle the shit out of him
and wow you write SakuraHibari's interaction so painfully beautiful? i can't even- i mean how did you string those sentences and drew a perfect image about their relationship since the beginning?
and I kinda... maybe... very very worry about how Shikamaru is doing? please i'm begging you show him to us soon T.T
oh and thank you for altering Neji's fate! I can't wait to read how it's going to play out!
Thank you for the chapter, it's really lift up my spirit!
Much love for you and stay safe!
onlyagirl chapter 4 . 4/10
Oh my god you actually updated this! thank you so much!
randomactivity chapter 3 . 2/22
When I finished reading at first I thought this was too short but I realized that was just my greed talking because I could literally read this series for hours. My greed aside I think this was a just right chapter to get the main purpose across. Which for me was to let readers know that history mixed with emotions still connected Kakashi and Sasuke. That’s why Kakashi would visit every night and why Sasuke spoke up. Even if they didn’t communicate for four months verbally they had been speaking the whole time by physical presence. I can just imagine Sasuke being just as torn up inside as Kakashi is, wondering who he is now and where to go from there, if he’s even able to have a chance to figure that out outside of imprisonment or worse, death. For me the two were in the same place mentally and emotionally and that’s why Sasuke asked the question, he knew they were sharing similar torment for different reasons in different ways and he was ready to reach out. Kakashi being there every night was how the copy-nin reached out and I think Sasuke knew that. That’s just my interpretation of their situation. Either way I absolutely loved it!

I wasn’t sure how to feel about a Kakashi/Sasuke chapter because in the BtB world they weren’t a thing but after reading this I’m so glad you went there. Their dynamic and the storyline fit perfectly with the series. It was all pain and suffering wrapped around lungs struggling to grab air. Just when I think the pain will crush those lungs you throw in a tiny bit of hope, loosen that grip and let the characters breathe a little. Just enough to grab a head clearing breath and feel something other than sadness and confusion. Kakashi got that from Sasuke when he finally spoke. And honestly I think that’s what Kakashi wanted all along, the acknowledgement that there was still something inside that broken boy worth showing up for night after night. Even if Kakashi masked chakra some bonds you know a presence is there and Sasuke knew. There was something very touching in this chapter, not just the sadness or chemistry of the characters. The way it was written to make us feel what Kakashi I
felt for such a length of time definitely pulled my heart strings.

What I really love is the way you can express so much with very little dialogue. Yes, for this chapter that’s what was called for but in any story you’ve always done the narrative justice. I also adore the similes and antonyms you come up with. They’re so fun- even the darker analogies. I hope I wasn’t the only one literally imagining Naruto’s heart jumping out of his chest to turn into a red carpet welcome back for Sasuke (lol) I loved that. A reader’s imagination is nothing without a writer waking it up, you nail it every time.

I loved the GUILTY symbolism that wasn’t meant for Sasuke as a rogue ninja but it was clearly there to mess with Kakashi about his own guilt for dropping the ball with his former student. His guilt towards the Uchiha clan in general has to be suffocating him and having that word plastered on the wall and the way you referenced it really put that into perspective of his character. He does care he does feel guilty. I mean at anytime he could’ve painted over it or something but that again would be a lie and duct tape patch work to fix his real problems. He has a heart and doesn’t know what to do with it.

You’ve done something awfully wonderfully here by opening up this storyline. Now I’ll be attempting to play out how it continues on my own and driving myself crazy. I don’t care how many years pass your writing still has that magic to suck readers in instantly. Speaking for myself it was like no time had passed at all between this chapter and the last. Everything flowed so well. I will try to survive until or if there is more to come.

When you do something you love and share it of course there’ll be nerves. I think it’s the long pauses in between writing, or anything we do, that create unfamiliarity with it, and once you get past that unfamiliar feeling it all comes back naturally. In saying this I’m saying to you- don’t think of it as getting rusty but as being temporarily unfamiliar. This chapter rocked!
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