Reviews for I think I liked you better when you didn't have a knife in your hand
angelstuffing chapter 110 . 51m
The anticipation is killing me! I know that dragging this out will just make the moment all the better, and I also really hope that Mia is safe! Thank you again so much for updating because I always look forward to your chapters. I really enjoy your ideas and the emotions you put into the characters. I can't wait to read more! :)
ladybug96 chapter 1 . 58m
I am in love oh my god this is one of the best fics I have ever read. Blake is just a wonderfully written character she and Negan play off each other so well. and your writing style just draws the reader in and really makes it feel like we're a part of what's going on. brilliant. amazing. 12/10. can't wait to see how this unfolds
AllieRoexxx chapter 110 . 1h
Gahhhhh! The suspense is killing me here, I am really hoping for an adorable reunion between Mia & Blake... but at the same time, she snuck away... so I am wondering what Blake is going to do when she finds out that Mia is nowhere to be found! I love Blake's bad-ass attitude and how she's becoming more and more accustomed to the power in every chapter (and I also love how much Negan seems to love that tough side of her)! I really can't wait for the next chapter! God I wish that this could be made into an actual walking dead spin off series or something... that would be incredible to watch! ;)
angelvoice15 chapter 110 . 2h
Keep the chapters coming I can stand the suspense for much longer! Love it!
rissbenzo chapter 110 . 3h
Omg omg omg I think I'm actually going to throw up I'm so nervous. Argh. Please please don't let anything bad happen.
AsToldByNi chapter 110 . 4h
I live for this
guest chapter 110 . 4h
Ooooooohhhhh SNAP! she counted! Lol can't wait for the next chapter
HeavenlyCondemned chapter 1 . 6h
Shits gonna hit the fan what she doesn't find the kid
Guest chapter 110 . 6h
i actually want to get there, but im glad ur dragging it out... its honestly the best thing ever. god i love how strong blake is! AND HELL YES I WOULD ALSO BUY THIS! AWE MAN MIA THOOO IS SHE LOST? IM CRYING UR TORTURING ME BUT I LOVE IT... i dont even want this story to ever end
Guest chapter 110 . 9h
Keward2593: ahhhh! I love the build up, the detail, every bit of it! Negan and Blake are the perfect pair. Now ready for the reunion!
CLTex chapter 110 . 10h
Omg I need Blake to deck the crap out of Rosita! This tension is building like crazy..burn it down girl!
Kathiena chapter 110 . 10h
Go Blake! I'm glad she's not taking there shit! I wonder who's going to die when they find out Mia's gone! I'm hoping Rosita or Tara... Tara because she's a pain, and should have trusted and believed her friend, and Rosita because... she a bitch lol I really don't like her tbh if you haven't guessed XD I can't wait for more and I'll probably end up rereading this soon XD
addams chapter 110 . 10h
DreamersChance chapter 110 . 12h
Your killing me with the suspense you know that right! I can’t wait for the next one. And as always your writing is beautiful.
ElysiumPhoenix chapter 110 . 12h
Noooooo! Ugh, I hate this! The suspense is killing me! I NEED MORE! I am also part of the group that would pay through the nose for a hard copy of this.
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