Reviews for I think I liked you better when you didn't have a knife in your hand
Dollfacex94 chapter 177 . 7/15
Oh my goodness! I spent all day catching up on the 50 chapters I was behind on and let me just say I am not disappointed! I'm on the edge of my seat! I've shed tears of sorrow and happiness as these chapters progressed and I absolutely need more.
LJH chapter 177 . 7/13
On pins & needles!
stacey40 chapter 177 . 7/13
queen going home to her kingdom.
Elizabeth chapter 177 . 7/12
I like where this is going
CLTex chapter 177 . 7/12
I'm glad she wants to work with Carl and Tara, that she's trying to build the right future for Mia and Judith!
Guest chapter 176 . 7/11
Update update update ️
Runaway Fantasy Princess chapter 176 . 7/9
Crazythinking chapter 176 . 7/9
Hello love I'm back! Love the new chapters they were great brought a smile to my face can't wait for you to calling negan daddy melted my heart. I really wish this was part of the show it realy shows the other side of the perception. Here's Your quote it's something I've written by myself for your story inspired from the last few chapters so I hope you like it and maybe give me feed back on it I don't really know how this whole system works so if you could tell me how to message you directly this would be really helpful thanks anyway back on track here is the quote- fingers crossed you like it: "You hurt me. And that's okay. But don't try and say anything. You'll make it worse. And this wound won't heal if you do - not yet. You can curse and yell and damn god and all things human. While I stand on the water's edge. "Tell me" you say. My name a plead on your lips. Tell me. But I don't want to talk about it, don't make me. I can't tell you i'm fine I'm not there yet. Ask me again tomorrow. I don't want to make it any different than today. And it makes me that much more ashamed. There's only one thing I want, don't make me say it, you hold the gun to my head but I pull the trigger, hear the click - nothing. I'm bleeding to tell the truth, I'm bleeding inside, you cut me but i hold the knife, its funny how it works that way. You're loving me and that hurt runs a fine line between us. Tell me the truth. Tell me - this is not just making conversation."
Hope to hear from you soon until next time good luck and have a great day! :)
CLTex chapter 176 . 7/6
Holy cow! Wasnt expecting that at all!
Elizabeth chapter 176 . 7/6
Ahhh cant wait for the next chapter!
BlueBloodsSVUOrder chapter 176 . 7/6
Oh My God can't wait to find out what happens next and loved the Negan and Blake moments. :) :)
calh chapter 176 . 7/6
so excited for the next chapter!
LJH chapter 176 . 7/6
Love them (kinda) back together!
kagomesdance chapter 175 . 7/5
Wow that was really amazing and intense..I loved it and can't wait to read the next chapter!
calh chapter 175 . 7/5
perfect reunion!
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