Reviews for Bleach DxD: Dies Irae
Generation Zero chapter 6 . 16h
That is interesting. Izanami is Lord Aizen's beloved woman which is not surprising comes to think of it since Izanami and Aizen are similar in several ways that it seems like a chemistry. In the mean time, the nigh Omnipotent beings are on the move with possibly target being Ywach himself. I wonder how he will react to that. But the last thing to be shock over is...OGMG YWACH is getting in touch with Ichigo already! This is going to be a very tense phone call for sure and I wonder what they have to say for each other since they wouldn't be able to go back home any time soon. Any confrontation between them would have to wait since any further interactions would drag unwanted attentions on to them. I wonder how Ichigo would deal with all this. The candidate for Ophis adult form would be Scathach if you please ;)
MightySword chapter 6 . 10/13
OriksGaming chapter 1 . 10/13
You NEED a beta. It's far too obvious that you're not a native English speaker- which is fine- but if you're writing in English, you should really make sure that you're writing correct English. There are tons of spelling errors, your tenses are all over the place, you rarely ever add in commas where they should be, and your pluralization is extremely spotty. Also, don't use parentheses for a character's thoughts. It looks very awkward and breaks up the flow of the story- and if you're writing in first person, practically everything that your narrator/main character says, outside of things in quotation marks, can be considered their thoughts. You don't have to randomly separate certain ones.

Tldr: Similar to many other fics, your premise has potential but your overall writing quality isn't really up to par.
grey sigma chapter 6 . 10/10
there is only one thing that is constantly bugging me, the use of leaved in place of left...i have seen that in two or more chapters..
Infinity Emperor chapter 6 . 10/9
Scathach or Raven for Ophis's adult form.
AnimeA55Kicker chapter 6 . 10/8
Personally Im rather in favor of using Scathach from fate, as its one of my favorite series.
askasknot chapter 6 . 10/8
Scathach from Nasuverse
Hashirama 1710 chapter 6 . 10/7
scathach please
Guest chapter 6 . 10/7
Very good
MaskedRiderEnzo chapter 6 . 10/7
raven or scathach
Cinder.Kitsune chapter 6 . 10/7
Dp11 chapter 6 . 10/7
Scathach from Nasuverse has the best appearance for ohpis.
ByyBeats chapter 6 . 10/7
Either raven or Scathach
domon.ace chapter 6 . 10/7
SCATHACH for ophis!
Aesir19 chapter 6 . 10/7
From your candidates for the adult form of Ophis, personally my favourite would be Scathach and 2nd choice Raven Branwen.
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