Reviews for Two Years On
laco0417 chapter 54 . 7/5
Ohmyfeelings... I really liked how all the Bellas ended up together on BeChloe wedding night. And I felt a little knot on my stomach when read the last sentence from CR.
This chapter is really sweet, good work!
Southamerica5 chapter 54 . 7/4
I love how they all somehow made it put to the sunrise after staying out late partying at the wedding. It's like they all had an internal Bella's bonding moment notification. Wherever life takes them, they will always be Bella sisters.
Duh2042 chapter 54 . 7/4
Lion King! Lol
damarism chapter 53 . 5/11
OM-Aca-G! That was so so Romantic, I loved it
laco0417 chapter 53 . 5/7
As if I didn't love that song already. This was "Perfect" ;)
betaprime chapter 52 . 5/6
Why can no one on this site conjugate "sit"?!

I sat. I was sitting.
You sat. You were sitting.
He/she sat. He/she was sitting.
They sat. They were sitting.

"Were sat" and "was sat" do not exist in the English language.

Try saying it out loud. Is that something anyone has ever said?

Please spread the word.
Southamerica5 chapter 53 . 5/6
YES! Good first dance song and artist. I don't ever want this story to end because I love it so much!
nayaholic23 chapter 53 . 5/6
AaaaaaAaaaaaaaAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh love this omfg ugh this story is never ending and I flipping love it
JessTerr chapter 53 . 5/6
That’s an awesome artist and song to have as a first dance. I was laughing as a thought flicked into my mind - during the interlude if they could have heard Aubrey or Stacie. Haha
damarism chapter 52 . 5/5
Now I am also curious like Amy, who is going to perform at the wedding! So glad both families are coming together, that is a huge relief for both Beca and Chloe. Love your story, can’t wait for the next update!
BechloeFan chapter 52 . 5/5
Please write more
LuckyoneChris chapter 52 . 5/4
I have a feeling that the first song Becca and Chloe will dance to as their first song will be the song from kodaline the one that Becca used to propose to Chloe it would make sense. The lyrics that she used to write to her the one she proposed to her and the one that would be their first song. It goes with the feel of the story from the beginning and it's fitting for them as well.
I'm glad that everything is coming together nicely for both sides of the family. It also has the feeling that it will be ending soon. Hopefully not before they have a kid or two and have alba interacting with said kid.
Can't wait to read more. I even went so far as to read the story from the beginning all over again. Enjoyed it so much
JessTerr chapter 52 . 5/1
Loves this chapter. I especially like when family members change their mind about alternative couples. Life is too short for people to not get along. #loveislouder
Southamerica5 chapter 52 . 5/1
Love it! I was so scared when Chloe's grandmother went to talk to Beca. Amy makes me laugh.
Wahineco chapter 52 . 5/1
Thank you! Love it.
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