Reviews for Naruto's Lemon Adventures
Sora9979 chapter 18 . 2/25
Just want to add we could have done without the butthead picture dressed up as Naruto that's just sad
Sora9979 chapter 16 . 2/25
I do enjoy how your evil mind works but I definitely have to say I would like to see Rukia and Orihime have that the blonde it would certainly make for an interesting show not to mention there are so many possibilities Heck if it was my story just for giggles I would throw in caulifla and kale just for laugh heck you can even put him in Universe 6 in Vados too
Wraith72138928 chapter 22 . 2/23
Now dont get me started on how this is slowly turning naruto into a beta simp
Wraith72138928 chapter 12 . 2/23
This has to be the worst fic for this type of storie im really upset how this turned out so far no-one is helping naruto with his goals or help train him he's not making any effort to try this naruto is retarded and useless
ezioscreed29 chapter 16 . 2/18
they ate pumba!?
ayrton7 chapter 22 . 2/15
Add Eida and Delta
Silber D. Wolf chapter 22 . 2/15
Great chapter
Guest chapter 22 . 2/9
Can you please do a chapter for Sakura ino and ten ten so they have there turn with Naruto and carry his children like the other girls
biginferno chapter 22 . 2/9
I have enjoyed this I am looking forward to more I look forward to seeing Ameyuri and Pakura's chapter but since you brought back Kushina and Mikoto what about Rouran's Queen Sara another beautiful redhead
AJGuardian chapter 22 . 2/9
You had Fu and Konan twice on that list...
Spidey2 chapter 22 . 2/9
HOTT! Keep going! Next to join the harem should be Sakura; Ino, Hinata, and Tenten, and you should have Mebuki kidnap her daughter and bring her to the Namikaze compound, and strip her naked before Naruto breeds her, and Ino; Tenten and Hinata all follow them and join in the debauchery after Sakura is fucked senseless and covered and filled with Naruto’s baby batter!
Xerzo LotCN chapter 20 . 2/9
I mean if you only give him daughters (never sons Boruto is shite enough for any son shouldn't exist) to be aged up and breed lol
Also meh clones kinda unnecessary if he has so much staying power
Also kinda upset tsunami had a night with minato gross but whatever
Only unnames background nobodies for other guys
Any named character from anything for Naru

As long as it isnt him going to ther world only them coming to his like it has been

You know it has been so long idr if he gotten to all the waifus especially movie waifus yet
Obviously not all but has he gotten to movie waifus yet
Naruhina 123 chapter 22 . 2/8
Wow nice to see you back

I have suggestion

Can you added Ino Mother as Lisa Runecastle
SpikedTankedmaster300 chapter 22 . 2/8

Shirou Emiya1 chapter 22 . 2/8
how is this a pokemon crossover when the only thing that can connect this story to it is only one chapter with zinnia on it, wasnt this a non crossover fic? cause i remember seeing this whenever i pair up naruto with tayuya in the filter section
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