Reviews for The Tinkerer
10ofHearts chapter 1 . 12/9
Lol. Bill Gates? That one blew me away. Lol
Rory O'Kane chapter 7 . 11/25
Wow. You really make this world come alive. It’s fascinating reading about your backstories for the things in the magical world, and having them all make sense, even though some of them are different from the fanon that most fanfiction uses.

I can really relate to some of Harry’s attitudes, thought process, and personal struggles. Even the thoughts and problems I don’t have are still imaginable and relatable. They make me glad that I don’t have those problems, and sympathetic for those who do.

It’s a little unbelievable that Harry sold a product to Microsoft at his age, and worked under a product manager without learning much about social interaction, but I can forgive that given how interesting the story has been since then.

The in-story days are moving slowly, but with how much I’m learning about the world – this imaginary world that feels so realistic – I don’t mind.
draconianking chapter 14 . 11/18
8 Lesser-Known, Useful Elements youtube video it should give some inspiration
draconianking chapter 16 . 11/17
More Please I Beg of Thee
Guest chapter 16 . 11/13
Looking abandoned!
Balagor chapter 15 . 11/9
OK, this is a fun story, although I now have a hankering to see a Flitwick/Yoda duel. But alas, this is clearly not the vehicle for such an event.
Vegasman chapter 16 . 10/25
Please, Please, Please update this brilliant fic!
Vegasman chapter 15 . 10/25
I'd call it a representative republic
Vegasman chapter 14 . 10/25
I love this story
Vegasman chapter 13 . 10/25
Harry and Hermione, aren't just inventing new magic they're reinventing it all!
Vegasman chapter 12 . 10/25
Really?. I would want him removed from Harry's equation as quickly as possible!
Vegasman chapter 11 . 10/25
Harry Potter is scary smart, and is saying that enough is enough.
Vegasman chapter 10 . 10/25
Just trying as a first-year student it hasn't been done in 100 years or more. Almost making the team is pretty cool too!
Vegasman chapter 8 . 10/24
Oh well Harry has got no compition from Slytherin, the legend lives on!
Vegasman chapter 7 . 10/24
I wonder what would happen if scientists did really encounter real magic!
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