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Vegasman chapter 6 . 10/24/2017
Badgers eat snakes for breakfast
Vegasman chapter 5 . 10/24/2017
Ami Bones? That's one I never saw coming!
Vegasman chapter 4 . 10/24/2017
Harry is right a true Slytherin would never be one!
Vegasman chapter 3 . 10/24/2017
Harry and Hermione, extracurricular projects? they're going to start a revolution with out trying! LOL
Vegasman chapter 2 . 10/24/2017
Well Hermione has issues with confidence as does Neville but for entirely different reasons
TheWickedTruth89 chapter 1 . 10/25/2017
Interesting start
omh666 chapter 16 . 10/24/2017
Can't wait for more chapters. Awesome fic you've got here. Thanks for sharing it with us.
frolovkirill7 chapter 1 . 10/18/2017
Maybe you should change 1997 to 1987?
Darksnider05 chapter 13 . 10/15/2017
Cursed Mail literally all the justification Dumbledore would need to reroute Harry's mail the fact that no one has said this is mind mind boggling. Why Harry hasn't clued in on not a single attempt being made on his life, or the possibility that his parents had it in their will for Harry's tuition to be paid for automatically. Even though canon wise going to Hogwarts is free and your name can be on the books to go from birth as it was with Harry.

But ignoring all that I really hope this is just a series of misunderstanding and Harry jumping to conclusions working with bits of information.
Guest chapter 4 . 10/8/2017
I don't know why you think it makes the story interesting for your version of Harry to suddenly be struck by these extreme anxiety attacks. It is also extremely unrealistic the way you have written him. People do not suddenly change their personality and suffer anxiety attacks to the extreme degree you describe without first suffering some type of extreme trauma at the least.

If Harry was like this at Hogwarts, he should have showed it when he was with IBM and Microsoft and especially when he became as famous as you made him. I thought the Bitheap thing was great but you had him act cool and collected the whole time. How we are supposed to believe that he is suddenly prone to debilitating anxiety attacks because he suddenly can't handle pressure? Your version of Harry would have had much more experience handling pressure and expectations than in canon. He was used to people treating him as someone famous.

You are writing this as if you changed your mind about your character in midstream.
Guest chapter 4 . 10/8/2017
I'm not really sure where you're going with this but your reasoning makes no sense. First, violation of a treaty is not even remotely close to treason. At the most it is simply a violation of the laws that enforce the treaty. There is no legal punishment for an individual to go against a treaty. They are only punished if they are convicted of violating laws that enforce it. In any case it is not even close to treason.

Second, I don't know where you are from but it you do not understand that the more famous you are and the wealthier you are, the more likely you are to get the benefit of the doubt at the minimum when it comes to entering into any kind of legal gray area. If you do not understand that, then you seriously do not understand how the world works. Of course Harry should be careful but he stands a better chance of getting away with anything than an average person would. Your whole concept of Harry being even worse off because of people's expectations makes the least sense. Look at the world around you. Do you really think celebrities are held to a higher standard or do you think they get away with more?

In the books, Harry was slammed by the public opinion because he was an idiot and did not defend himself or take advantage of what he had. He was rolled over by the Ministry for political reasons. In other words he was setup.

You are starting to make the most common mistake that plagues fanfic writers. You take a concept that was touched on lightly in the books and then exaggerate it to extremes where it makes no sense. Hopefully that is only an aside in this chapter and you get back on track. So far the first chapter was by far your best and the others all problematic to at least some degree. They are not bad but they are not clearly good or great as your start was.
capctr chapter 16 . 10/10/2017
So good!
More please?
PappyOldGuy chapter 1 . 10/2/2017
Interesting start to what promises to be a good story. I have read quite a number of Harry crossover stories, and most have been good. It looks like it will likely take a few chapters to get all your main characters and store line fleshed out, but with the hints provided I like where I see this going.

Thanks for sharing!
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 16 . 9/30/2017
Arcane Charmcaster chapter 1 . 9/27/2017
Please don't abandon this fic. It's totally awesome
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