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miguel.puentedejesus chapter 1 . 12/1/2020
Un Maravilloso Comienzo.
Me Encanto
GenieM chapter 16 . 11/25/2020
I hope you finish this!
Millie072 chapter 1 . 11/19/2020
As nitpicky as the Goblins are, it's difficult to believe they would not know who was withdrawing from Harry's account. As it is his account, why would they not give the name of the person withdrawing? Seem they were very rude to a large account owner. They wouldn't necessarily be polite, but they were rude, young or not. Although the Dursleys were cooperative about the computer designs, they were excellent moneymakers. Money is a strong incentive. Intriguing concept.
aaapplexxx237 chapter 16 . 11/14/2020
This is a great book!
Intelligensia chapter 16 . 11/11/2020
This is an awesome story! I really love seeing Harry's training in code rewriting how he interacts with the world.
agentplanty1 chapter 16 . 9/4/2020
I'm deviated that there's not more. One of my favorite Harry's. Smart, Puff. Great work.
LtsHrIt4ThBoyz chapter 16 . 9/2/2020
Gosh, I hope you're just busy with RL and don't have time to write HPff and not *unable* to write. I guess I really mean that I hope that you're alive and well and just your muse quit on you.

Btw, are you in any way related to the "wickwynn" on Reddit? I've seen a couple of posts that sound like they could be you, so...? :)

Anyhoo, even if I'm writing to a 'lost' writer, I appreciate what you've given us and hope that perhaps someone else will take up this story and give us more of my favorite trope even if you're no longer able to!

MelJ :D
LtsHrIt4ThBoyz chapter 7 . 8/31/2020
Thank you for explaining about the "Survival Guide". I thought Harry'd bought the thing. My bad! ;D

Whew! I was afraid that Harry was going to go back to 'that night' and relive that experience. I'm sure both he and Neville *will* eventually use the potion to do just that, but not for a 1st trial run.

I'm a little concerned about what Zabini will remember from his childhood; it could turn out to be horrific! Canon has Madam Zabini being known as the "Black Widow", y'know.

I wonder if Harry brewing the "Wit Sharpening" potion for Justin mightn't be just the thing for his 'slow' reading problem?

See ya soon! ;D
MelJ :D
LtsHrIt4ThBoyz chapter 5 . 8/31/2020
I don't think I really like Harry feeling 'lost' in his own head in group situations. I get that he's 'winging' his attempts at social interactions; I also 'think' I get that Harry's either on 'auto-pilot' or that he's experiencing some weird kind of compulsion(?) thing, but it's weirding me out.

I think it's because I was also extremely socially awkward my entire childhood and into my 30s due to being ADHD and also being isolated by the dysfunctional family dynamic that I grew up in -alcoholic parents that barely functioned as such much less as 'PTA & Soccer Parents'! It's hard to make school friends when all you know about social situations is to ask if you can make them the [alcoholic] drink of their choice! ;/ Add in being the scapegoat child of a narcissistic mother... Social acceptance: 0

Onward! ;D
MelJ :D
LtsHrIt4ThBoyz chapter 3 . 8/31/2020
I know Late, late, late.., but still enchanted!

I guess my biggest concern was the book that Harry bought that told 'muggleborns' to literally *forget* everything they'd ever learned in the non-magical world and sort of 'drink the wixen Kool-aid'! I see that as merely a more blatant way of stating exactly what Rowling proposed: Leave your intellect at the door and don't just suspend your disbelief, but banish it and your morality forevermore! (*not* a fan of canon :D)

But I am a HUGE fan of smart!Harry and ecstatic to see you playing with my favorite trope! ;D Also THANK YOU so much for allowing Severus to have a brain and not be an ass when Harry proved he could *read* and to be a capable brewer! Happy, happy, happy! *\o/*

Okay, so what's up with Harry little bout of 'precognition' and why did it cause him to practically have a seizure? I also notice that it only wained *after* he left Ron's compartment and entered Hermione's & Neville's. It was almost as if 'something' was directing him *away* from Ron and *towards* Hermione! Hmmmm? *raises eyebrow*

Anyhoo, this seemed as good a place to let you know that *I'll* be watching you (;D) and that if I run across a 'juicy' section that I love to write long-winded comments. You have been warned! Lol! ;D

Thank you & take care!
Movin' on now! Forward! ;D
MelJ :D
jslee102 chapter 16 . 8/26/2020
I would love to see this story continue, but considering what you have done in only a few weeks of school time, I think that it is too epic...
angela chapter 16 . 6/28/2020
please update...
dizzykj chapter 16 . 6/6/2020
Thank you for this fic. It’s only reread list and I come back to it several times a year! If you ever do come back this way with more story, I’d love to read it. If this is all we get, it’s still a treat! Thanks.
Jordisk chapter 16 . 5/18/2020
It is a shame this hasn't updates in years. It is really good. I will follow it just in case.
Battlesny chapter 4 . 3/31/2020
as long as you can keep it interesting for the next 57 years.
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