Reviews for I Hate That Fucking Well
RavenShadow chapter 108 . 9/19
Growing pains, the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree.
kokoronagomu chapter 108 . 9/14
scary when the cooler head is sesshoumaru and he's showing concern... and acknowledgement. xO
Ember Reverie chapter 108 . 9/14
Being shamed by Sesshomaru. That had to hurt. lol
Alannada chapter 108 . 9/14
Finally! And better get it all fixed, daddy!
Still, poor frustrated guys...
Ember Reverie chapter 107 . 9/13
He definitely inherited his father's way with words. Boy seems a little too mature for just 14, but I suppose having Sango as a mother is the reason for that.

Inuyasha just can't deal with the female version of himself. I can't wait until Kagome finds out about things.
kokoronagomu chapter 107 . 9/13
boy is mature beyond his years, he's got the intelligence of his father, the eloquence but none of the perversion... lol he's made very valid points and his reasoning is sound, hopefully he gets through that thick scull. xD
Ember Reverie chapter 106 . 9/12
Nice to finally know Katsuro's name. Sounds like he's got some of his father's abilities.

Damn, Kagome is gonna be pissed when she finds out what Inuyasha did. She deserved punishment, but kicking her out was just a bit too far.
Alannada chapter 106 . 9/12
Aww, poor guys...
kokoronagomu chapter 106 . 9/12
she needs to have a long talk with gramma H... a cooler head who isn't in the thick of it. if only she'll listen. :/
kokoronagomu chapter 105 . 9/12
it's like a bunch of little kids with super powers. no one can win against them. youkai incredibles.
kokoronagomu chapter 104 . 9/12
oh no... that's worse than prolonged quiet, eek!
Ember Reverie chapter 105 . 9/11
I'd like to know what just happened too!
Guest chapter 103 . 8/23
I love how freaked out Inuyasha is about everything :P
Ember Reverie chapter 103 . 8/22
How? How can MirSan's son travel through the well? I need to know!
kokoronagomu chapter 103 . 8/22
i can commiserate. older siblings are occasionally overtaken with the urge to assert their superiority and dominance over their younger siblings. being the youngest of two litters i even got it from older aunts and uncles. i'm sure glad i'm old now although i hear my grand kids go at it and it's very annoying.
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