Reviews for I Hate That Fucking Well
Ember Reverie chapter 95 . 6/18
That girl is just way too cocky for her own good, lol.
kokoronagomu chapter 95 . 6/18
he's really going to fight his little girl?! he's got no idea how his heart will sabotage him... hopefully they'll heal before kagome sees.
Alannada chapter 95 . 6/18
Now I kinda want Inu kids to see his daddy really fight. And the duel would be nice to see too :D
Did I tell you how much I enjoy every chapter of this story...?
sunshineisdelicious chapter 95 . 6/18
Oh my gosh. Izayoi is totally Inu and Kagome’s kid. Tiny baby girl ready to beat up the world.
almondbutter chapter 95 . 6/18
Can't wait to see what happens next _
kokoronagomu chapter 94 . 6/16
and inuyasha can watch! ;D
almondbutter chapter 94 . 6/15
This is so awesome
Alannada chapter 94 . 6/15
Ah, every chap of this story makes me smile and giggle.
I'd love to see more Beta Inuyasha in the future. And can't wait to see Sesshy after he talked to Kohaku and Rin learned he had talked to the boy :DD
Ember Reverie chapter 94 . 6/15
Everyone has a past. And Kokahu atoned for his. Sessh should know that. It's not like Kohaku is just some random village boy that he's unfamiliar with.

I hope Inu let's Sango and family know about this. I kinda love the idea of Sango glowering at Sesshomaru while pretending (badly) that she's not eavesdropping...
Alannada chapter 93 . 6/13
I love every chapter of this story!
RavenShadow chapter 93 . 6/13
I love this story, it always makes my day brighter!
Kdfe001 chapter 93 . 6/12
This story is one of the few on this site that made me laugh at every chapter. Chapter 93 seems like you may be winding up, but please do continue. There are so many characters/issues that you could mine - Rin, Kohakyu, and Sesshomaru, Souta, and you haven’t even mentioned Shippo or Koga. You could have all sorts of fun with any or all of those, so please consider.

Thanks for the laughs!
kokoronagomu chapter 93 . 6/12
one would hope that miroku's 'brat' takes after his mother in that particular area. LOL
Ember Reverie chapter 93 . 6/12
The idea of Inu as an overprotective daddy is kinda adorable.
He might want to keep certain thoughts to himself though. Sango will wreck him, lol.
Illyavonillya chapter 1 . 5/27
love following this thanks for the updates
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