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Yukilumi chapter 1 . 8/16
Well... after reading this, I'm pretty convinced that you're good enough to take commissions. I think I liked this more than ACoT, probably because it's written more for my tastes. A "complete" Robin and a bit more major and overt manipulation. And maybe because I'm in a horny mood or soemthing, but you're one of the most talented lemon writers I've seen on this site.
Primordial Inscriptor Z-09 chapter 1 . 5/26
i cant stop rereading this masterpiece...
Guest chapter 1 . 5/13
Way to potray Woman as cheap Sluts. -_-
NintendoLemonTree chapter 1 . 5/12
"Robin may not always be the most observant man." -Somewhere toward the end of The Fifth Night.

Is Sumia just that ignorant? lol.

Anyway, this was, as always, goddamn incredible. One thing I'm not sure I've ever criticized, you overuse commas. Like, a lot. It never really hinders the experience, but you've really got a comma fetish.

The tangible sexual tension was deliciously evil, comparable to my favorite Change of Tactics girl, Olivia. And that ending...just perfect.
Validar chapter 1 . 5/10
...ugh...Now i'm horny. You should make one for Severa. I don't know why but I really like tsundere's.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/6
Shallow justicication og adultery with ooc moments.

You show no consequences
Black2Nerdy chapter 1 . 5/5
You encapsulate the feeling of "I can't keep reading but I have to know what happens next" so well
Soulbow109 chapter 1 . 5/2
Awesome story. It was nice reading a alternate route for ACoT. Sumia is one of the girls I look forward to seeing, though a large part I admit is because I am curious to how Robin will do it in ACoT. Even though ACoT will use a different method reading this was still nice. Last lemon scene was really nice to imagine. Royal family harem!

Poor Chrom though. To be fair Robin did give him a chance to go with Sumia.

I liked seeing Sumia slowly giving in to her desires until she finally fell. Lucina was right she did take good care of him. While I can see and agree that it would make more sense for it to take longer for Sumia to fall and cheat I think you still did a good job here. Got to wonder how she believed Robin was asleep though, I mean I know some people move in their sleep, but...its a bit much to go as far as forcing one down the throat like that and still believe they are asleep.

It was also nice reading mentions of the other girls too. Laughed a little when Lucia mentioned Robin's diplomatic visit with Tiki and Say'ri considering what it actually meant. Nice thought too. Kinda funny seeing Sumia find out that Lucina shares. Guess the future Sumia did a good job on teaching that lol. Kinda wished it showed Cordelia and Severa finding out each others pregnancies. Would have been funny too. Guess they didn't do it together in this AU.

How will they convince Chrom that the Cynthia born is his child, or will they not bother with that?

Anyway you made another awesome story in my opinion. Look forward to future works.
YuriDanNtr Lemon Writer chapter 1 . 4/30
Hi.. recently found this Ntr story which is i like so much... would you please make a similar story like this one but only the character from Naruto in which Naruto has crush, wife, sister, mom, aunt that stolen from him by Sasuke the alpha man whore behind the blonde's back..

im really happy if you could do that.. :)
Sperance chapter 1 . 4/30
... Why the everloving FUCK didn't I get the notice for this being posted?! Boy , oh boy do I have things to say...

First, I'm super happy you're not dead. I know you take time to publish things (something I feel is compensated by both the lenght and the quality of your work) but I can't help but worry when weeks turn to months.

Second, loved all the little clues you left about future ACoT plot points, both in pairings (really looking forward to the Maribelle an Cordelia chapters!) and on Robin himself. And I'm not only talking about more ruthless manipulation, but on a more 'not entirely human' way. If I'm right, I'm really looking forward to it.

As always I had to read this twice, once to do what one does with porn, and the second for the little clues and nuances of the story. Seriously, you've turned 'harem porn' into something deep, which I didn't think was actually possible.

On the story itself, I'll be honest and say I have a strange relationship with hard NTR. On the one hand, the devasing and submission aspects appeal to me greatly, on the other it usually boils down to 'girls get fucked one time and loses her mind' which is frankly dumb. That's why I liked this so much. It shows Sumia's fall as a process that came from months of subtle work on Robin's side. And it ties to what I said before, in the 'not entirely human' part. Reading this I had the strong impression that, while Robin left the choice in Sumia's hand, he also stacked the deck in his favor far more blatantly than usual and left the impression he'd done so though unnatural means, if you know what I mean. Not quite brainwashing but 'suggestion', making Sumia consider doing things she wouldn't otherwise.

As for the sex bits, seriously, it's almost uncanny just how well you click on all my favourite buttons. The submission and degradation, the feeling of superiority, the happiness in slavery... Seriously man, are you somehow reaching across the world to read my mind?

As always, excelent work and thanks for sharing this!
guedesbrawl chapter 1 . 4/27
sumia hás something like b or c cup... nothing massive. That error seriously detracted from my enjoyment of the fic.
Sugouxxx chapter 1 . 4/26
Okay cuck
Bored Now chapter 1 . 4/25
You say it’s going to play out differently in the actual story, but somehow I doubt that.

I find that A Change of Tactics and its spinoffs have gotten very repetitive of late. Every time a new girl is inducted into the harem, it plays out the same way: Robin does something to get on her good side, gets her to feel attracted to him in some way, she’ll feel conflicted for a bit if she’s married to someone else, and then she’ll inevitably end up tumbling into his bed. You can change the minute details of how these steps play out all you want, but when you strip away the window dressing the underlying formula of these chapters is plain to see.

Beyond that, there’s a complete lack of tension in these stories because Robin’s plans always go off without a hitch, and anything that could actually pose a problem to him ends up getting resolved in ways that feel too convenient. Nowi poses a risk to the plan because her senses are sharp enough to smell the sex all over Robin? It’s okay: not only has she always been secretly attracted to Robin, but she’s also in heat so of course she’s all too eager for a jump in the sack! Lucina catches Robin in a compromising position with another woman? It’s okay: she’s totally fine with it and decides to indulge him with a bit of roleplay! These moments, and the moment where Henry agrees to let Robin cuckold him, have killed my suspension of disbelief.

I won’t lie, this story looked very promising when it started out. And the writing is still relatively decent, compared to other works on this site. But now, I feel the only thing separating A Change of Tactics from just about any other generic, formulaic Harem King story is the word count—and even then, you could stand to trim the fat.
AireDrew chapter 1 . 4/25
An excellent read, I rather enjoyed this!
It's strange because seeing the story bash Chrom's sex life filled me with some sort of sadistic glee.
sakura89luis chapter 1 . 4/25
Fantastic story,can't wait to read the others.
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