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sanyammalhotra190 chapter 20 . 6/24
Okay the story is awesome but I wanted to remind you a few things. Screecher used dark pulse for the vermillion tournament but used shadow ball during practice i think you got that wrong and Delphi actually learnt double team around surge gym badge not a couple chapter back she even used it during a battle too i think celedon gym. Can't be sure
Aedwards179 chapter 2 . 6/20
deity names are overused and cliche as fuck. it's annoying.
Aedwards179 chapter 1 . 6/20
I hope he gets Pokemon from different regions. not just Kanto and Johto.
Aedwards179 chapter 1 . 6/20
Saur is such a bad nickname. it's like saying you're gonna name your cat and just calling it cat.
Chao chapter 30 . 6/11
Hopefully Natalie starts Ash's harem soon after getting her head out her ass
Baahubali321 chapter 30 . 6/7
That was just, wow. The battles were amazing and very brutal, there were a couple close calls and it really shows the dangers of Pokémon when they fight. Training sequences are always a win and it’s nice to see some conflict since it’s even more satisfying to see it resolved. Really glad ash got the metal coat and I can’t wait for what’s next!
Guest chapter 30 . 6/4
The important Is that you could write i found your writing good for the battle but yes you could make Ash interact more with his Pokémon i hope that we will see Infernape getting better and Scyter evolving, have a nice day and stay safe
BiggestBoy chapter 30 . 6/1
I was kinda hoping that Kratos would evolve into a Kleavor instead of a Scizor. Lleva or just seems to fit his personality and name better. Ash would just have to accidentally find some Black Augurite.
SSJRikudou chapter 30 . 5/31
The whole situation with Infernape is something that, while interesting, has lost a certain spark. I don't know how to describe it properly. it's like new to me, but every chapter (after a few months) is the exact same thing. He loses control, mauls a pokemon, ignores trainer, Ash feels humiliate and then talks to Infernape about fixing it (but never does) and repeats the process over and over. it's getting very stale. It's like watching One Piece Whole Cake arc and it's Big Mom chasing the Straw Hats for 10 episodes, or Goku and Frieza fighting for what felt like a dozen episodes. Very slow, some interesting moments in between, but we're just waiting for the next thing.

I think the biggest issues with these types of stories (where pokemon are very slow to evolve and get stronger, taking years) is that writers get 'complacent' in not having to worry about constantly writing strong pokemon and evolutions and just write and flesh out training. Focusing on moves and creativity instead. That's fine.. those stories almost never finishes however, and the writers again mess up the pacing of the story.

The biggest thing about the Ash and Infernape is that he has other pokemon, will send out ones even against type advantages...but will consistently chose to send out Infernape even though he has not made any progress with his mental state or controlling Blaze. Literally that cycle I mentioned? nowhere in your writing does it say "Infernape made progess with Blaze". Nope. It's just "we'll figure this out, anyways work on this". All you're writing Ash to do is make Infernape stronger and when he goes Berserk, he'll be too strong to be stopped.

Basically? Ash and Infernape need to come to a conclusion soon, unless you're trying to write Infernape killing a Pokémon From this chapter it seems Infernape resents being Ash's pokemon. You also need to work on pacing this story out better. it's far too slow, you can write less in a chapter we won't kill you lol. You give us a lot to read and it's amazing but to wait months for it isn't worth it imo. cliffhangers, part 1 and 2s, etc. In story form, we've waiting what? a few months? for Atlas? Dawg in real life it's been like 2 ish years or more. Please. Pacing is important.
ZeraoraTheKnight chapter 30 . 5/31
oh, this is wonderful. amazing battles, wholesome moments, you got everything here! take your time with the chapters, if they're gonna be as good as this one. can't wait to see what strategies they come up with for kratos!
haziqsaffari2 chapter 30 . 5/31
Great chapter, Infernape it seems need more effort to control his temper and Blaze, but hopefully he will eventually. Despite not liking Nat's behavior, her arrogance is somewhat justified, the last battle pushed Ash to the breaking point. Hope they make up by next chapter, also can't wait for Kratos's evolution.
frankieu chapter 30 . 5/31
nice chapter thx for writing it
fun battle's at the tower and putting nat a peg down still have to see what her solid is going to be.
nice going with getting the metal coat
Benny Farr chapter 30 . 5/31
Jack is a good friend, and Natalie is a complete brat, hope losing to Ash brought her attitude down.
griffin blackwood chapter 30 . 5/31
That’s true friendship at the end
Reader chapter 30 . 5/31
Awesome chapter
Enjoyed the battles
Hope Blaze gets under control soon
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