Reviews for Cherchez la Femme
splendorousfire chapter 9 . 6/27
That's a fascinating twist about the wolves and Amunet. She has indeed been around a long time and I'm curious about her possible interactions with them. It could lead to some interesting possibilities with Bella. And then right after that twist, you hit me with Charlie finding out about not being Bella's father. I wonder if he went to confront Billy. Anyways, great chapter.
Fake Nails Real Heart chapter 9 . 6/27
BabydollEyelashes chapter 9 . 6/27
Rosalie cooking for Bella is so cute. Bella is so cute. And I'm so worried about Charlie!
Streetlight Eyes chapter 9 . 4/22
Ohhh damn, I sense a love triangle with Victoria. And I like it.
YouNeverCanTell chapter 9 . 4/22
This was a great chapter. There was a tiny bit of filler in it, I felt, but I really do like the blossoming tension with Victoria and the interesting stuff they found about the wolves and Amunet, which I'm so curious about. I'm dying for the next chapter.
natcityjp chapter 9 . 4/12
Lots of action moving the story along nicely. Well written thanks!
Debbie Hicks chapter 9 . 4/9
10. Chapter 10.
tyHEN sscreamimg then a light then yelled BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER! MAAKE-UP! Exploding from the alien rattlesn akes then suddenly trilling like Laucy Lawless then a more cosmic alien transformation then suddeny was born with powers bitten but drain ed then standing gallan t Guaded by BAaetazed the plant of Telepathy! the pretty Guardian of Thought an d Soul! aSailor BETAZED! Carlisle get over here ten suddenly with bitten best frien ds drain ed with bites as a result then had powers then m yself was now galactic thenm BLACKING OUT Of b ood loss then with the best frien ds who were screamin g then suddenly too late were in pain you broke law guess again Protec ted b y Betazed the plan et of Telepathy the soldier of FIRE! Now in the n am e of BAaetazed yiu'r Shi aAAVAenomized bring the biten on es here then thenvanisn ish sc reamijg then bond broken then in tim e brain weashed with the kidn appede being good it' s don e theen Sul taken then was erased of memories the both sides were on flames then suddenly was turn ing cold but very frostiest ten organ failure set in was with Vampire bat's blod took it place with Were wolf blood then Zapped memories then too late blacked out then with them wa s not human then then suddeenly v enom of both then was killig m e then wauited for my heart to die too late stopped you are ours forever then suddenly Destroyedwith them then too late myself had Anmesia was anmesiac sen d the Phoen ix coven are next the n too late weere destroyed then suddenly Alice had a Vision of my deasth was real the imprin t was dead but myself n ever died but worked with the Phoenix cov en was a lethal killing machine o\rogram ed to kill then ohm y GOD! Bella she was dead who Volturi disposed of their corpses then had them cremated we have to get her back then too late blacking out popped with us/as all of them blew apart then suddenly the head b rougt us/them but reported she's a hybrid then chan ed yu b roke law Bella Come screamig then Guards ripped us/them with thre with therm with her with them who createrd you tell us screamijg Felix kill this Lyc an ! EXECUTION Of myself screaming but herself with them riped the heads off then ten with them then without m ercy then then suddenly with hers with them weith out memories b ring the pierces you are cursed as wanderers an d nom adic Katrasdestroyed with our unified screams blew up then b ring them then too late then sudden ly b rought here we brought them dowen but they try to enter humanity they are dead good then too late they had them ceremated of Immortal children bitten frommy venom Alice it's stranded sher's not herself who done to her Volturi wauit she''s gifted with them born with a crystal of my god she is not mortal is Immortal then sudenly glowing we will teain and teach her to b e norm al too late was with a heated fiery throat she was assul,at what are you doing your mind to my mind your thoughts to my thoughts your lifeis my life our minds on e an d whole share your m in d with me she's touch telepathic her ears are pointed upswept eyebrows what is that scent is religious oils to her face she's healing by removing each other's pain then so ours is a mental shield now Clampied frely brought here then to as all of them brought here by magic then vanished then repoereed she's gifted with them as all are brought here chain ed good we fin d you guilty then screams was heard then suddenly lost blod but remains scorchijg wearing from m y bodysuit was White Maartian rob es of a Vulcan priestress with religious jewelry crown -headressd an d necklace with hand jewelry myself suddenly Closed my own eyes focused my powers a Thunderstorm of the telepathic mind emerged was in fact a Acolyte of Mount Seleya of Gol was on Vulcan focused with my eyes closed controlled my Telepathic/Telekinetic powers entered a spiritual trance was in fact a Vulcan woman but as a Vulcan priestess she's what a priestess then it caused me to sense her pain and my own was healing us/them then con trolled my alien powers was not human was born from Billy Black's wife my own mother was Renee Swan with Teenage Ocampan ears were pointed looked like T'Pau in her younger years then was a hybrid of Terran and Vulcan combined Alice she is half-Human an d Half-Vulcan she is Vulcan but he is training her to be a priestess oh my god Bells it's Sc'hn T'Gai T'Lar of Vulcan gasp you now share a part of my katra what it mean living spirit in Vulcan we are linked so are you then came too late myself was still healing myu retun is a warrior Priestess mess with me you'r Sushi rin jin rpryu pryu TO U ZEN! EVIL SPIRIT BE EXORICZED! Crunched three then legs/feet raised Ow! Ouch! crap good god woman what is she a priestess is a woman of Authority ranks and titles supreme power holds ceremonial duties and do and assigned to the high priestess must be chaste but never marry of divine blood of a god is poisonous you did slew as all of witnesses you are in fact trained of religious killed animals praying to Artemis goddess of the hunt tides the moon animals ferilitiy and monthy cycles made you bound to her are celibate remained sacred but holy but spritual but deeply faithful Sir! my lady we are stranded on your world Madam who dares to Acdress me of my religious titles and ranks a Reldai my lady T'Sai now newspapers of us/as all both were reborn differently as Kindred and Galactic L what is that noise ten T'Pran sighten a dog with puppies with pets oh no poor baby guys puppies well son the gun oh are you cute Guys he's hungry in time were 3 weeks of age Harrrummph! not my sock you puppy why he's too little Ach-choo!bless you he's Allergic from Cats he blew his nose oh m y god Tigger here baby he squealed ugh it's her Kitten now both oh no open up Vampires you punk ulp here he stood the biggest Shifter was Muscular who delivered our child waaaaah she did oh how cute his name is Atreyu Bells you are train ed by Sue as a midwife meet other kids wanna see a bug urgh I Really hate spiders Paul congraduations she married us off acting as priestess oh my god we can't age then what is that smell Rose he's my godson he's really handsome then phe-yew then in time he was 7 years old welded a blade survived Godmother I Am Vulcan oh my god he aged to be a child dressed in robes a Vulcan boy is a man it is called the Kahs-wan news of us/them were not alive at all then Caleb went into pon'farr searching for a wife then m y accent sounded from the sc reen subtiles So it Is Come Pon'farr began speaking the ancient tongues of Vulcan women very fluently in the dialects of Seleyan words good god man it is the blood of his Vulcan fire Caleb it is I Apart from me and never parted never and always touching and touched I Am here Husband Regina apart from me never apart never and always touching an d touched Regina is my wife gasp dressed in Vulcan wedding robes oh no not that myself did preformed a wedding they knelt fingers both myself used a voice What ye about to witness comes from the Time of Awakening without change This is the Vulcan heart this is the Vulcan soul this is our way myself was a priestess trained for weddings and births and funerals was very spiritual in time eight kids delivered now the tribe were busy noticed married couples with kids young man you bred on my own daughter oh how cute now as grandparents Bella yikes you are in robes oh my god Billy she's a priestess trained for our priesthood Dad met your grandchildren Wah boo boo we hired nannies dolly oh no she married our both with ours bound as a mated couple welcome to the family son Smack!ow! listen oh how cute
Debbie Hicks chapter 9 . 4/8
Chapter 10.
BELLA C RAP JESICA! B EST FRIENDS Bitten her haarder theeeeeen sudden ly Infection with THE KIDS Bitten but swallowed blood then they began to age quicker then the VULCAN S Then other Guards you there who created you Felix rid of this halfing V enomsweeping then brokenboth sidesa then suddeenly this on e weill die TAoo late screaming of the venom in both sides the ser oh my god BELLA'S HURT Stay with us group you broke our law Cullens for harb oring a Lycan Execution of Isab ella Marie Swan Balack the ven om swas from sn akes Asaulttedbut was abused as all screamig of v enom surren dered then with them then suddenly was too late with them m yself was dying from the both C ARLISLE Esme thjen don't grieve it's Logic al for the outweights of the few or mam y or the on e Live long and Prosper Venom Was taking over then then scream ijg I WAN T HER I WAN TY HER!Felix kill her then my scream s was herard then with theirs then killing me with them with them with the witnesses with them with thew otheres howling tell him defeated her then then too late then died here then blew frely then howling then punished for my crim es then as a Cullen member with them Fled weith the bodies then the dam ages the very both s ides of myself were injured then too late then too late was sick very sickest then the v enom was far too heaviest then siddenly was speeding up then turn ed me into a Bridge of both races Oh my god BELLA! Crap then then the thre weere n ext wwere Swallowed at blood were with m ated women with both guys then drain ed blood lost control again relased Chain ed we find you sentencxed to death then screams of myself MURDERED!Lost my katra destroyed bring them surren dered of thisd crime then weent wiythj the bodies as a ll of blood was splattering torn clothes was swickest Alicer she is goin g to be different and very stron g then too late was not myself from both then suiddenlymy heart stopped beating then had a super-healing factor then thenmy hair wasdarker firmer stronger thuckesat then suddenlyopened myEyes seen a eigth color never bnamed then too late w ith therm suddenly Crystals were on to my sckin w eree too hard as Ston e then from the N SA Bodysuit White Martian female rob es lights form ed Vulcan jewelry and clam ping tightiest hair rearranged in double loop from the hairpin s forming alien metalic things ban gs were curled swirled sides exposed Poinbted ears my eyebrow were Upswept were Slanted Dark er Brown eyes were cold harsher but Emotionless what is she Rose your mind to my mind your thougts to my thoughts your life is my life our min ds one and whole share your katra with me she's what Telepathic by touch then suddenly Morris HELP GET T'LAR SHE'S A ACOLYTE OF MOUN T SELEYA IT'S OUR LAST CHILD! That took out my Ritual blade acting very strangely clad underneath was brown Vulcan robes of Religious but holiest spitritual offices raised it upwardly suddenly preformed a Ancient Vulcan ferrtility rite of birth her screaming then suddenly leatrn ed from online birthing classes then told Alicia to push then suddenly Her baby was Cutten then then took life then suddenly began crying out very loudly then presented to the father Morris Your Son Madam who dares to acdress ye of my ranks and titles I Am a Priestess we made you his Adopted godmother with our other children his Name is Atreyu what a priestess Alice they did to the others are drain ed of blood good god Concgraduations of a sion is named his Vulcan name is Soval Bella Sch'n T'Gai T'Lar is my true name of Surak my leader we are as all of them Syrannites wee are with logic what you gained Kolinahr oh my god she's Vulcanpriestess she neverr diies great we feel powerful with you as all of are Immortal oh he world just stopped turning imprin ted on her mate so Seth Leah you bound yourself to my adopted godson Kriosian custom oh my god you look like from the planet Vulcan wee are wearing from Star Trek 3 the Search for Spock that n ews across my planet we were not humans were Vulcans what is that scent redspice created her brand Strom he is very little My Lady we swear vows T'Lar of Vulcan then in time he was teased of his ears and eyebrowes NASA Sent a Sehlat what is thast alien creature a Sehlat what Father I Am Vulcan Momma mia he noticed a cold fiercer face stoic but frosty had a cold voice of a Vulcan woman tall but stately poised but elegant but graceful was beautfiul by Valdana goddess of joy and beauty Slam! Ouch! what this a Dog oh hello girl puppies species Alaskan husky oh no she is way far more smarter why hello here a Puppy brood of thirteen puppies are a mixed bred crazy dog she married us off had eight kids then while asleep then All of them blown freely then too late brought here we report they are dead good as all of them then too late murdered ripped with as all of packs and bitten but turn ed on es exploding then had drained bitten freely then exploding kids were as all fully grown had stopped aging then too late destroyed eported they are not hum an s bitten from snakes illegally with her bite had mutated them good what she did changer them as all of them while on break recuited for her army then found blew freely then suddenly tore from here we sentencerd them as all of them to death fully time it's official then Atmized then as all of their as all of teir guaerds then as all with three or more bitten turned drained blew up lost heads impaled then were as all of them suddenly Destroyed as all of guaerds weere Not mortal at all Exploding their as all young of my deadliest blood supply was poisonous burning sign aling the very as all of gods and goddesses oh no Sir! her blood is death to alliis a Priestess of RAeah backwards What?! Awk! KROYKAH! Gasp you are fluent Ook oh hi kids oh man whast a Hunk me nah he's handsome meet the kids oh no our pets now both met held counsel m y poor cat had kittens ACH-CHOO! Bless you four only yes he blew his nose he's Allergic from felines name of cat Baseball poor mamma Football he was meowing rolling Captain he has allergies oh how little Harrrrm ph you puppy are Trouble it whined he was too young to see people Strom ! Victoria smelt me why she's healthy Shiloh can't Allergic hey you bubba watch it it squealed words gasp Insect speech exploded from real insects Momma mia I Am Bitten cursed weith powers!.
Blue-Portrait chapter 9 . 4/9
Whoever told Charlie that is a jerk. Waiting to see how this talk will turn out between Bella and Charlie. Definitely need more information on why the Quiletes have hand drawings on Amunet.
Matthias L. Stormcrow chapter 9 . 4/8
SquishyBijou chapter 8 . 4/7
Wonderful chapter. I can't wait for more!
Madness-and-Corona chapter 8 . 4/7
The fight actually increased my heart rate. The description of Amunet's motions in particular made her more chilling to the mind's eye. Moving like "a shark through smooth waters" and the dancing of shadows and stuff. I also really love seeing Alice shipping Rosalie and Bella again. It's so adorable when she gives them those little mama bird nudges. They need them desperately.
foxxywinter chapter 8 . 4/7
Nice chapter. "I found paradise." Very nice.
BabydollEyelashes chapter 8 . 4/7
"The Mason-Dixon line of your pants." LOL.
splendorousfire chapter 8 . 4/7
The prom made me so happy. It was just a realy warm and fuzzyness.
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