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Debbie Hicks chapter 8 . 2/1
Chapteer 9.
Bella thhen Rattlesnakes drained me of blood then then with m yself attacked killed b est friends with each both kids with Claire then drain ed their blood then then the guard you there who created her tell us Felix the newborn killed people with the Vulcan blacked out then then with them kidn apped was with a power emerged Screams of us/them was drain ed then you broke law make her work as Phoenix cov en captain of the guard then then Bond was erased but myself was train ed then too laste All of scars bites an d cutes bruises with a gash was far too deepest chan ged too late so they hair rem ov ed then too late join ed the Phoenix coven b y forc e so they then m yselg was shielding then Gifted This wom an men tal shield she is what drain ed then foundf a hunger killed as all of ate my meal fully time then drain ed waited the v enom to merge then then myself was finished with meals then Alice had a vision oh my GOD! Her eyes wild it's ABella no lon ger alive she's b een drain ed survived a Alien change b lew up they are what found then m yself was afraid then with as all of Bella stop this then found by the Guaed for you crimes we execute her Felix rid of her with her arm y screaming then then Executed bleeding from the very as all of it the sething bite becam e to fuser then the Twistedmore thenb lew frely with them with the Cullens shattered this one is not yours she's dead then blown m e with her with the threer then dying of a pain fun ful aStomac h rupture then torn from here Exploding b rought here then rejoiced then myself had died then a sudden force of natute snow water healn g then then the dam age the sealing bite then m yself began to hissing was both n ev er be hum an then then smashed then this nomad accused you are sen ten ced to death then Threw Both with Claire blasting into purplish flames with them thenblown freely then b ring the bodies here with as all of them then then myself was Transtioning Alice the venom rached her heart too late then was Fled from help them then blasring freely snappede headsa removed then bring them you are forbiddenblew up with them nulled then Erased from hisory then the heaviest doses this one surren ders then Rippedfrom the corpse my own then b rought here then reported to their masters then Msteres she blocked from us a alien power who his true daughter is dead bitten drain may nev er have kids forever so they exploding the venom reached into her dead heart pierced is pierced good they harbor a turn ed one with as all of them hunted as all of more fifty animals they been blown good then b ring them then suddenly too late the cause of death was Organ failure then suddenly from within blown awaken was Borg white had super strength and increased supersensen se and enhan c ed muscles were toned then then had to hitch my airless sacs What you DON E TO ME! Alice calm her down thenmy throat wen t blazing hotter a inferno of fiore Alice duer to her murder an d Sexually asasualt she's Turned you n ever be human or Wolf you are triboth oh my god m yself was really strong then the guard found us this on e broke law killed more you die then Murderedwith them then blown from hallow bodies remov ed heads this on e guilty then sceaming you killed them then then Excution of Isabella Marie Swn Black was brutal then with them b ring them to the palace then too late we report she's a Lycan these ones were bitten good then execution then murdered then myself wasa not human Alice she never had children I Must have Vengeance for taking my Life my Wings from me! Revenge is sweetter than rip blood then too late hated what I Become a Youma a msnster blown freely shattered then too late brought here ended up undead from the gods/goddesses so they but smashed from here as all of them b rought here then too late reported they are drained of blood but thehy are deceaed let hum ans b e old after having norm al kids what bittenb kidsa from here smashed as all of them smashed but suddenly from trial magic a change then myself was scornned as my mate crashed freely then burst freely then brought here but reported theas as all of supernaturals minde melded are dead good now too late the n west change within myself then too late the blood in their guards was deadliest from the Wolf god king Lycanon was Greek descent was immortal but never died or haven't aged or grow old myself began to use Sorcery from Here Deimos her mate held a book welded a long crafted staff oh my god what she wearing robes from Home your wings are holographic Alice she has pointed ears arching upswept eyebrows oh my god Slience Wolf we are his descendants Sir! we serve the true Queen of her royal kingdom thennewspapers reported a lot of supernatural banding together for war Thanks Mother then news of us/them train ed for hours were all-milltary a army of youmas were as all but blown freely then smashed crunched freely now but healed faster than norm al thenblown from here then brought here then killed now n west siblings joined us/them blew up then lost from here but too late smashed brought as all guards exploding too late reported thehy are as all of dead from here they are controlled by them then nuked freely then the Volturi heard a guaerd they just infested our planet but they gathered clans for war nulled frere from bodies now b ring them then too late the bodies here then too late n ews of more of them great idea you sure ready or not then suddenly wings flapping then blown with theirs shattered freely then then bodies vanished then suddenly no longer there but saved last seeds of the hum an s were immortalized then human s died out both reincarnated m yself was their Ancient Queen creaked my own talisman my lady then n eews of us/them resided in a place exploding with both with NASA With force then with ISS Thenmerged Go Jabberwocky then blown then then was a starship then Warped freely then freedd used magibut sorcery freed of them to Vulcan we seek a palace for me oh m y god then merged then now too late nuked freely brought here now too late were immortal men were seeing me dressed in my conortion robes Bella do you swear to rule as Queen of Vulcan I Swear it with my life do you Rose rule as Empress at her side yes with her the Wild Queen of Wolves then myself was crown ed the Wolves hail Queen Isabella and Empress Rose of the Vampires! and Wolves! LONG LIVE THE FIGHTERS! Then news of myself as monarch so her as leader so they now crown ed blown freely then too late blown freely then brought here they b en drain ed from as all of our as all of guards bitten freely killed them good they are buried then now too late too late the damage caused me to b e stoic but cold woman taught her to fight with them suddenly myself was a ruling princess and monarch.
xkii22 chapter 8 . 1/30
dressed-in-white-satin chapter 8 . 1/30
Exciting chapter. Usually fight scenes bore me but this one skipped over a lot of the boring parts and focused on the characters which was nice. It was a little repetitive at one part in the fight with Rosalie demanding to know her destiny and stuff, but it didn't detract too much from the lovely chapter and the lovely prom at the end.
Neon Dandelion chapter 8 . 1/30
I'm wondering about Sam and Jared and their reactions to the battle. I also wonder if Rosalie will get treated like an imprint should be treated after all of this. Probably not since she's a vampire, but I hope she will be someday.
YouNeverCanTell chapter 8 . 1/30
Is Amunet like a goddess or superhuman or something like that? She's really scary and mysterious. I'm curious about how she became the first vampire. Will you explain that later?
Streetlight Eyes chapter 8 . 1/30
I feel like this is setting up a love triangle w/ Victoria and I'm all about that 110%. I think it would be cool. Maybe it's just flirting or I'm imagining it but I think that would be cool and mirror a bit Jacob and Bella but be way different if you know what I mean. The prom was so sweet I got cavities. Loved it. Really amazing chapter!
Trev69ar15 chapter 8 . 1/30
Please update soon
FanfictionVillainess chapter 8 . 1/30
Very awesome chapter with such a sweet ending to it.
natcityjp chapter 8 . 1/21
Ok totally loved that chapter. The fight was intense, I'm glad the wolves and Bella we're able to hold they're own and the rescue was successful. This destiny thing has me intrigued. Will Rosalie or Bella be able to have kids/puppies somehow? Well I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks so much!
Debbie Hicks chapter 8 . 1/19
Chapter 9.
BELLA Bitten me suddenly was CHANGED With b est friends were werewolves/Vampire slayer mix then was on e who turned her tell us Felix rid of the freaks then Pain then blacking out then was drain ed alive without memories then was Executed with the three with b itten kids witho grrw up as punished people drained by m yself this n ewborn surrendered to us is dead good dispose of them then sufddenly without hair or memories had bitten as all of the Vulcans were drained b y infection then they found me un der a true full moon was n ot human with themn BEATEN TO DEATH HARDER Eended up with Anmesia then wers breaking then twisted then too late ripped from here blod was splattered a sudden force sexually assaulted beated then Turning with them bleed a strangest color this one surrenders then Destroyedmy humanity an d fure then was dying then with the rattlesn ake then was Sickest drain ed of b lood then you are guiklty then then too late then screaming m ore loudest then then was vtran sformed then then Cracked the head found me dead drain ed of blood then with them was sexaully b eaten to death was n ext with her then too late then s udden force of n ature screaming of the Venom what you done to her drain ed you die thenblew us/them with my imprin t then the very sudden cracking soun dwave then too late then died here then crun ched freely then no lon ger alive then then cam e too late Smashed then had total glb al an mesia was sickest fled from the bodies take them with the both then too with these Lycans then had them killed the very drain agee of all of the vert all of blood then smashed All of guards freed for centuries then bitten then the Change came in to us/them then found b y them this one kills Vulcan s where's your creators Felix rid of the Lycan Then screasming cut shortest then without both or a katra or m emories tell them they will punish her you are forbidden to bred you are cut freely screaming thenblew freely bring them here then n o longer aliv e then too late Crunched freed then were severed from both brought here then the v ery as all of scrtaches cuts an d a lot od scars sapes then too late theblew freely forever motionless from here b rought them then too late punished with them crun ched freely ripped then into their lab dissection then then the seer found no heartbeat or pulse oh my GOD! Then too late m yself want revenge then shattered freely with her with them with the seer crashed cut loom of sen ses then b rought here the ones guuilty of as all of each four crimes murer treason witchcraft an d slaying of the Vulcan s we find them comdemned to die here good rid of them then too late then suddenly too late murdered from with each three with them blown guards who m et mate were as all of them exploding then then too late ripped freely then reported they are eead here with the corpses wax them here with triboth then too late blazing flam es nmewst guaerds had the looks of deceaed then the head she was attacked by the Volturi then m yself had a fireball in the throat then as all of anim als sacrificed then the guard found us killing the animals b lew us/witn ess torn freely from bodies thenb rought here tore head from here hardest then then lost need to mate with her then blew frely them here smashed frely then now too late cursed by the gods an d goddesses to be a halfling to walk on m y home world for all eternity to suffer for real then blew freely pierced from here thenbrought them then too late murdered were as all of them the hairs grew b ack then healed alien then was Extraterrestrial was now Immortal fully completely full time then shattered sc reamed then blazing frely then brought as all of them then reported it's done the blood with more as all of guards then they are drained of last blood then but both replaced it they are departed wax them now go then suddenly myself b ecame Stronger three times greater physically spirirtually emotionally but logically with Surak Alice who did to her they are not breating anymore then suddenly myself with Teenage Ocampan pointed ears with firm er upswept eyebrows then too late then then the gods granted me a bodysuit with a lot of clothes so they then form ed White Martian robes from here a neckwrapped then suddenly m etalic jewelery exploded on the han ds and nexck an d hair was long with curled bangs then then was more paler sallow-looking then had sacrificed animals then was a Acolyte of Gol so they nuked freely were as all of them then too late brought here now the seer notic ed well-ton ed Muscules were powerful healed but recovered got a m assive galactic headache then had to meditate then focused on m y truest gift pure telekin esis Good god woman ow she is like Carrie White she's gifted who her you graced her the strength the Jedi poweers then blackin g outside were n o longer then snapped then lost from here then weerew as as all of more than more we report they hold a gifted priestess with as all of them are guilty sentenc ed to death fully time completely then then too late killed them then too late the dam ages to us/as all of them the v ery as all of the guards exploding thenmore as all of them but reported they are as all of them dec easaed good then lost the blood but still eat a Vegetarian diet could her a Le-Matya shrilling then Sonv ok was frighten ed oh no not them Sir! a priestess eating food more to replace the blood then sudden then too late more were good then had become different they too blown with all of them with last remains brought here then ripped them alive then myself gotten the bowl of fresh created NASA Gaspar no thank you Esme Carlilsle she's still a priestess but they are not human s bitten then blown apart then lost from here then brought here the ones guilty virect death then murdered then were destroyed more than as all of them blew up then reported they are dead bury them with the dead then too late caused events to alter then too late no longer alive at all.
Debbie Hicks chapter 8 . 1/19
Chapter 9.
BELLA Thewn She marked me harder then wITH best friends had to don ate the Volturi found us accused of murdering the Vulcan s this on es guil;ty surrender now Pain then suddenly Fire started became a half-blood of Lycanon the first king werewolf wardlord then
SH4D0W44 chapter 8 . 1/19
:3 Bella is such an adorkable Pup XD
ALostWanderer chapter 8 . 1/19
I hope they have puppies.
Matthias L. Stormcrow chapter 8 . 1/19
xkii22 chapter 7 . 1/18
Amunet and Angelique are a really cute couple, actually. I'd love to see more of them.
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