Reviews for Idol
Van Erik Lucasan chapter 1 . 7/19/2018
Bravo! Impeccably done this work of yours! Not bad at all!
Disciple of Ember chapter 1 . 5/1/2017
Very cool story. You almost never see things from the perspective of a Wraith construct, so that makes for an especially nice treat. The writing itself is solid, and the atmosphere is suitably charged with a mixture of emotions. It's somewhat ironic to have Ynnead mentioned as a savior so much given the events of the Coming Storm, but other than that it's a compelling read.

One small criticism I would have to voice however, is Alvor's comparison between humanity and the Eldar near the end. I know that it's popular to push complete and total blame for everything Chaos on the shoulders of the Eldar, but here it feels really out of place. The Eldar created Slaanesh and the Eye of Terror, while humanity supplied them with a massive standing army and a reliable way into the mortal plane, while at the same time providing a constant source of relatively easy access worship and recruits since most other races have a more difficult time of being corrupted for a variety of reasons. Having him damn the fact that the Eldar brought She Who Thirst into existence while at the same time writing off the Imperium's sins as trivial by comparison seems quite odd. Especially given that humans *did* permanently scar the galaxy, and do irreparable damage to both of their races as well.

Still, made for a fun story and a rare look into a different perspective. Seeing through the eyes of the fallen is a very interesting experience.