Reviews for Smile
Medic 27 chapter 1 . 10/29/2017
This is very original! I enjoyed reading it!
Missy2.0 Frozen forever chapter 1 . 10/17/2017
Sadness! Despair! Mucho unhappiness!
Bovine Beauty chapter 1 . 5/9/2017
I can feel Dawn Bellwether's inner pain and suffering on the inside, yet she is trying to hard to bottle up her emotions and hide her misery with a smile that looks like it's not fooling everybody at school. I don't see her as someone who is just evil for the sake of it and doesn't hate predators for no reason other than money and power because that makes no sense for her at all, and I know the reason behind her motives were not just because of Lionheart, but because of everything she endured as a little lamb because of what she was, a sheep, and an easy target for bullying and abuse by larger mammals, mostly predators that gave her a blinded vision of them being her enemies out to get her with their claws and fangs, making jokes about mutton and lamb chops to eat up. Being a sheep made Dawn even afraid of herself for how society labels sheep as "worthless prey" and she might have been victimized by the worst case of a sheep sheering incident that changed her view on predators forever, hating and fearing them at the same time, running away all her life into a fantasy where she felt safer and secure than in the real world, a fantasy where prey like her are easily accepted and have no fear of predators hunting and tormenting them. And whatever went on in her family, whether her parents truly were loving or not, none of that was enough to prevent her from taking the dark path that she would soon regret and unable to see that by hurting other predators the same way she has been hurt and scarred all her life would only deepen the pain worse than ever and leave her in a darker world of solitude and sadness, the same world she once tried to escape from, and there is no joy to find behind bars. It would seem nobody ever taught Dawn Bellwether that bottling up emotions never does someone any good, not only proving to be unhealthy, but also dangerous just the same once it all bursts out of control.

She's been added on my list as another tragic villain I feel sympathy for and can't bring myself to hate just because she was chosen as the twist villain, but had more than one reason behind her motives like the other tragic villains on my list, victimized by the worst outcome of circumstances that she's like a mixture of Chirin, Baby Doll, and Lucy/Nyu (Elfen Lied). Sometimes it goes to show that not all villains are pure evil to the core, but were once human and innocent themselves until unexpected consequences would bring the worst of changes on their behavior, mostly due to the ignorance and cruelty of society. Dawn Bellwether is no exception on that. It would make sense if some of those missing mammals were her past tormentors.

I bet Dawn feels sad about the bow her mom had given to her, wishing she wasn't so defenseless to watch it thrown in the garbage, breaking her heart to be reminded how she had gotten it, out of love, something she forgot long ago. Who could blame her for wanting to run away from her cruel tormentors and hide from the world to never be seen by predator eyes again, that no amount of fake smile could take away that feeling, being a sheep and the butt of predators jokes that she would vow to someday make all of them pay for what they did.
DrummerMax64 chapter 1 . 5/2/2017
A very sympathetic look at Bellwether's character. I thought it was very clever that you had all of the mammals giving her grief and trouble as predators, from her classroom bully to her overly stern teacher. It fits extremely well with her negative attitude toward them in the movie. I always pictured her having some kind of upbringing where predators treated her harshly and without remorse, which would cause her to morph her beliefs into what they are in the film. It's moments like those that happened here that would feed her hate towards predators over a long period of time. So much went wrong with her day, and all of it culminated into that final powerful line that really solidified how despairing the ewe was throughout this one-shot. Well done!

All in all, this was highly engaging and offered a glimpse into one of the most interesting characters in the movie. You most definitely succeeded in making me feel sorry for Bellwether and her plight. Bravo! :)
Wildebunny the Eternal chapter 1 . 5/2/2017
Wow... you made me feel sympathy for Dawn Bellwether.

I skipped to the end at first then noticed something was off then I looked at the genres... Family/Tragedy. Especially the tragedy part. That's strongly juxtaposes the ending line and made me read the rest of the story.

The ending line is especially powerful. It makes me picture Bellwether as someone that's trying to hide all her emotions.

Just amazing. I love it.

Never thought I'd enjoy a story with Dawn Bellwether as the main character but I just did.
niraD chapter 1 . 5/2/2017
Nicely done. So many details pulled together in this well-written depiction of a day in the life of young Dawn, showing us a glimpse into her childhood. Thanks!
tomcatace99 chapter 1 . 5/2/2017
I never thought I would sympathize with Dawn bellwether