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Guest chapter 2 . 3/9/2019

Guest chapter 1 . 3/9/2019


Guest chapter 1 . 1/22/2019
Reported, rulebreaker. You have been found breaking the rules by TAPIR forum. You will be mass reported by us and you will be banned. Enjoy your ban, rulebreaker.

Admin of TAPIR forum
Guest chapter 14 . 10/14/2018
Buncha grade school playground drama. Ain't nobody bowing to some damn fanfiction writer. I honestly don't care who's who as long as they're writing so damn good stories. You, on the other hand, are writing blog posts full of drama that don't matter.
fireyeastwood chapter 14 . 8/22/2018
Cut TLA a little slack.
Guest chapter 14 . 8/21/2018
Okay, first off:

1.) I didn’t know that you retired in the first place. I thought you were just keeping a low profile.

2.) What kinda Scooby-Doo nonsense is this?
Blab chapter 1 . 8/20/2018
Hey if you ever get the chance, can you look into what happened to the fanfic "Brotherhood"? I forget the author's username (he changed it at one point), but it was a pretty solid story that had 20-some chapters. At one point the author put in his AN that he didn't like the direction the story went, then eventually I think he deleted his entire profile. I don't recall seeing any bad reviews, but I'm curious as to what exactly happened.
Anon chapter 14 . 8/20/2018
I have an account and I have written stories on it, so I'm not just some worthless guest. I rather stay anonymous since I don't want to be part of all this drama, I just want to say a few things. The thing is, I really don't care about what you big authors are doing or who you're upset about. We are all here to do one thing: write and read fanfictions. Whether you write to improve or to have fun, you are here to write. Whether you read Loudcest or heart-melting one-shots, you are here to read.

If you have drama with another author, take it to pm, discord, or whatever other messaging service you use. Don't broadcast it across the community. Half the writers here don't need or want drama. If the popular Loud House authors want to have a battle royals about someone on the internet isn't who they say they are or some random person leaving a few reviews, go ahead, but the entire fandom doesn't need to know about it.

We are here to write fanfictions. If some random guy across the world does something that upsets someone else, it doesn't need to be broadcasted. Don't involve a bunch of random folks who have no connection to the drama, take care of it with whoever is originally involved.

I, personally, go through this and say "so what? How does this concern me?" I'm just a guy who writes fanfictions. If someone hates on my fanfictions, it's between me and the hater. If someone wants to help, it's between us and the hater. It is not a cause for the entire fandom to get involved. Fallen Pens is the Loud Author. The Loud Author wasn't who he claimed to be. Big whoop, we're people with pen names on a random fanfiction website. I bet there's thousands of people here who lie about their identity or act like their alternate accounts are separate people. This is only on here because both are "famous". Or at least as famous as a fanfiction writer can be.

That's enough ranting. As a tl;dr, this is none of our business. The involved parties should take it up with each other, not get the whole fandom in a civil war because one popular random guy did something to another popular random guy. They aren't celebrities, they are fanfiction authors. We all are.

So write some fanfictions and help others improve like we're all here to do. Keep the drama to pms and discord. This drama is none of our business and the entire fandom doesn't need to gang up on the one guy that fakes his idenity or writes a mean review.
nuuo chapter 14 . 8/21/2018
Looks more like you're creating more drama here than helping. Don't even know who Emmaliese is.
Rsizzle34 chapter 14 . 8/21/2018
You guys are probably some of the pettiest S. I've ever seen. Come on! The point of this site is tO read fanfiction, not expose other writers! I mean, this information is juicy and all, but that'd not the point of this site! There's a reason we made WatchMojos top 10 toxic fandoms, and it's this shit! Delete this stuff, for everyone's sake. It's for the greater good.
Gennai Of Delphi Prime chapter 14 . 8/20/2018
Wait, Fallen and Loud Author and the same!? You're joking right? *laughs nervously*

I-I still love his writings, but this hurts, bad!

Loud Author, FallenPens, or whoever you call yourself now...I don't hate you personally, I hope you know that.

What you did however, was nothing short of callous and cold-hearted. You may have been pushed to the breaking point once, but what you did in response was no better than the cyberbullies. I worshiped the very digital ground you paved when it came to your storytelling. I got back into writing cause of you. Do you know how much it hurts when I saw this chapter entry?

But you know what? I'm going to do what Guardian Red always does, and that's continue the fight, and that means I'm still going to write great stories. I will forgive, but I won't trust you for a while.
Delquea chapter 14 . 8/20/2018
Why are people turning this site into a livejournal.
Eclar1916 chapter 13 . 3/18/2018
For the love of... When did this fandom become so fucking petty? First, it's the explicitly sexual loudcest fanfiction. Then, it's a bombardment of Lincoln torture/NSL fanfiction. Then, it's excessive, cruel trolling. Then, it's authors leaving left and right. Now, plagiarizing? Get your shit together people. We have the fifth worst fandom out there.
default4300 chapter 2 . 3/14/2018
Yeah man don't listen to the haters they just jealous of you guys/girls success in writing not many can do what you do boyos
Tamashi Horo chapter 13 . 3/14/2018
Amen man. We need more people like you, telling of bullies and shit. I do have a question. What do you count as plagiarism and what form where these people using? Simply using an idea from another story, taking a few passages from another story or did they steal the entire story?

If it's the first one, then...Is that really plagiarism. The second one is sort of plagiarism if they didn't have the OK to use it and or didn't bother to change it. Because I have used passages from other stories, with consent of course and most don't make big deal about that.

The last one is horrendous and is clearly plagiarism and if they did that. I will certainly back you guys 100%

Anyway, my rambling aside. I thank you and others like you for weeding out bullies and stuff and trying to keep the community wholesome. please keep up the good work

Sincerely, Tamashi
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