Reviews for Tournament of Tribulations
trinity16 chapter 29 . 4/16
wow! amazing! i loved it! looking forward to the next book!
WolfWoman86 chapter 29 . 2/27
Great story! Even if I didn't get to see Sirius kick Karkaroff's arse. *laughs* Very much looking forward to the next installment.
paulaa90 chapter 29 . 2/27
I wonder what that photographer is going to do with the picture of Dahlia changing? I wonder if he is going to give it to Rita Skeeter?

I guess Fudge is only going to believe that Voldemort is back once he sees him, I take it it will happen in the DoM battle.

I hate to admit it, but I think Dumbledore is correct, Harry will probably be safer with his family. If he was at Grimmauld Place with Sirius I think he would be hounded by the news media.


I'm looking forward to the next installment of this series. I'm especially looking forward to seeing how you handle the DoM battle.
bexyrogers41 chapter 29 . 2/27
Great final chapter. I was actually hoping Cedric would have survived somehow. Looking forward to the next part of the story.
paulaa90 chapter 28 . 2/27
Oh wow, I was so hoping that Cedric would survive this time around.

I wonder if anyone is going to believe Harry this time around that Voldemort has returned? This time he has Dahlia as a second witness.

WolfWoman86 chapter 28 . 2/21
Great chapter, though I do hope there will be more dialogue exchanged between Dahlia & Voldemort at some point.
Purplestan chapter 28 . 2/21
That cliffhanger though
paulaa90 chapter 27 . 2/16
I am really hoping that Cedric survives this time around, and hopefully with Dahlia there to help he will. I really can't wait for Sirius to get a hold of "Moody", I hope he gets some revenge for everything he has done this past year. But most of all I wonder how Voldemort is going to react to seeing Dahlia and Dahlia seeing her father for the first time.

WolfWoman86 chapter 27 . 2/15
Another great chapter! I've been reading the chapters as you've posted them, though haven't been doing as good a job leaving reviews lately. I'm head over heels in anticipation for the next chapter!
bexyrogers41 chapter 27 . 2/15
Another awesome chapter. Can't wait to read Dahlia's first meeting with her father. Really worried for her.
paulaa90 chapter 26 . 2/7
Dahlia on a subconscious level knows that Voldemort is her father, and at least her and Remus are starting to figure out what may be going on with "Moody".

I'm really looking forward to reading the last chapters. I can't wait to see how this is all going to play out.

bexyrogers41 chapter 26 . 2/6
Oh, poor Dahlia. What a truly horrific way to find out Voldemort is her father. Do feel Dumbledore should have told her the truth a lot earlier. It wasn't fair keeping it from her.
bexyrogers41 chapter 25 . 2/5
Just have to say I absolutely love your writing. I've read your other two Potter stories and they were absolutely amazing. Sirius is probably my fave Potter character and I love him and Dahlia together. So please, please update soon!. Pretty please with a Chocolate frog on top!.
paulaa90 chapter 25 . 2/2
I agree with Sirius, keeping her away from the Castle is a good idea, especially with the final task coming up. But at least Sirius will be there for Harry, which is more than he had in Canon.

paulaa90 chapter 24 . 2/2
Now I'm wondering if maybe Fudge is under the Imperius Curse by "Moody"? It would make sense with the way he is acting.

Well at least one Dumbledore secret is out, and maybe it will make it easier when not only looking for the Horcruxes, but getting the Deadly Hallows.

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