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Just a Crazy-Man chapter 109 . 8/16
OfficialWeedTesterGuy chapter 109 . 8/16
So...this guy's basically a zombie with a respawn ability? With a biological weapon fetish and the mindset of the average human teenager? Sounds like a hell of a guy to fight, until you take into account that he's basically a puppet. As intimidating as this guy sounds, based off this file and the Paradise-related chapters of your series, I can't help but to feel some kind of sympathy, albeit a low amount, for this guy. At this point, only his sister really gives a damn about him.
Aegis was right: in the Imperator's eyes, everyone and everything is a means to an end.
OfficialWeedTesterGuy chapter 107 . 8/2
Hmm. Maybe it isn't all the Creator's fault this...Bringer thing made her its slave.
Damn you, Imp.
And seriously, I must thank you for adding even more lore to this wonderful series. It really fleshes out characters/motivations/events/etc. Not many ff authors that I've seen do that.

Just a question: Did you get the inspiration for the Bringer's name from Mass Effect's Harbinger? Just asking.
OfficialWeedTesterGuy chapter 106 . 8/1
Aside from that RvB reference, this whole incident that you've written has put a very somber and sickening note on this conflict. You have reminded us that, unfortunately, war is hell. And in that regard, I thank you for adding more emotional moments and weight to this series, so us readers can become more invested, whereas many fanfic writers simply write war as 'boom boom kill, blow s**t up, move out to the next one'. And the way you wrote it, not only will the characters want revenge, but I think the readers will too.

Excellent job, as always.
OfficialWeedTesterGuy chapter 105 . 7/18
Oh...I get it now!
These 'Zudjari' are a shutout to XCOM: Declassified. I knew I'd heard that name before...
These guys are what happens when you get high on hubris.
Adam Safran chapter 105 . 7/18
Oooh, our first reference to the -other- XCOM game made by Firaxis! .. I liked Carter. Enjoyed how you fit it over into your overarching narrative.
ManwithaPlan113 chapter 105 . 7/18
Nice to know The Burea: XCOM Declassified get mentioned
OfficialWeedTesterGuy chapter 104 . 7/11
Cruel, but effective. Well, it's gotta be better than living in an Ethereal lab.
OfficialWeedTesterGuy chapter 103 . 7/11
ADVENT Courts: The justice humanity needs, but doesn't deserve.
OfficialWeedTesterGuy chapter 102 . 7/11
RIP Tom Cruise
Guest chapter 104 . 7/11
Hmm.. the chapter of prisions shows clearly the separative and segregative side of advent.
A clear cut line of behaviourism as a criminal justification for slave state sponsored attitudes. I kinda like the concept of an authoritive society, as It makes me question the flaws of our actual one, trying to solve crime, criminality and absence of perviewed justice.
But This kind of brutality doesnt kill criminality, just criminals.

I get the forced labour as a payement and punishment for a convicted person, but the dehumanizating parcel of It is really heavy, for me at least. What kind of traumatized person will leave those prisons? I can just feel the amount of psycological and emotional problems those ex-convicts will have after their sentence.. humans are social creatures, if they lack the connectivity, mainly if its instantly blocked, It affects their psyche heavily. The rates of suicide, inside and outside the prisional system would be allarmingly high.
TheBear2047 chapter 104 . 7/7
Just wanna state that your portrayal of the ADVENT state is genuinely one of the most interesting fictional states I've seen in a while, the sheer rutless pragmatism makes it a genuinely fascinating blend of dystopian and utopian, and I'm not sure I've ever seen anything quite like it.
SteelFiend chapter 103 . 7/6
Great chapter as always, was wondering if you could do an XCOM Files on business and industry in ADVENT, because I remember reading at some point Saudia mentioned that ADVENT incorporated parts of communism and socialism and I was wondering to what extent? Do they go full "seize the means of production" or what? Also was wondering how your average worker feels under ADVENT, what is the minimum wage, and a few other things that I think would fit well in an XCOM Files chapter. Also we have been focusing heavily on the big countries joining ADVENT like France and the UK but we haven't seen anything on any of the many smaller countries joining and I would have though they would be the first to sign up as correct me if I am wrong but don't they get just as much influence as a bigger country in the council of nations and also wouldn't they need ADVENT's protection more? Anyway, amazing work as always and I can't wait for the next one!
BuckMain chapter 102 . 7/5
man, i want to see the tweet chain between advent and the memelord himself working together to fuck over scientology
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 101 . 7/4
Oh boy they know how to kick the hornets nests.
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