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Nereus24 chapter 66 . 6/12
Will you do an entry for the Vipers or are they not existent.
baud001 chapter 96 . 6/7
Reading this file, especially the part by Aegis helps de understand why Aegis hesitated so much to escalate the conflict; getting the Imperator serously involved (instead of just manipulating Patricia) would cause the end of the conflict by the destruction of the Earth.
baud001 chapter 95 . 6/7
Downloading wikipedia is not that complicated, since the wikipedia foundation provides database dumps for free. Also I think it's hoard, not horde that should be used.
book typewriter chapter 97 . 6/5
So...essentially a merry go round of Cold-to-Hot-to-Cold-Repeat Wars. This might just be me but have they not considered the concept of MAD? Surely they have to realize that this mess is getting them nowhere and either they kill themselves or fight until the universe implodes. Why not have something more cultural? Sports? Chess tournaments? Using wargames as both a military exercise and a means of displaying their strength? Or is war the only thing they understand and we wind up with the Warhammer 40K universe?
Guest chapter 97 . 6/5
Havarl? Kett? I would be surprised if you told me you weren't inspired by Mass Effect Andromeda;anyway, great chapter! I've been curious since it's first mention as to the origins of the Federation, so I am certainly happy to hear about it
OfficialWeedTesterGuy chapter 97 . 6/4
So the Andromedons DID come from Andromeda! Okay, thought 'Andromedon' was just a name, but...
Curiouser and curiouser...

Excellent addition to the Files as always.
Dude chapter 74 . 6/2
Yeah no. SSR is a threat because these are special forces capable soldiers, tasked with intelligence. Properly tasked, these guys would be a fearsome guerilla or stormtrooper Force.
Not Lancer level, not Xcom level, but fully capable of fighting down mutons and below I bet. Plus, these guys are being seasoned to fight.

Andromedan are wrong to dismiss these guys. They’re not a threat now, but any invasions will certainly have these guys to face.
book typewriter chapter 96 . 5/16
Well...wonder what would happen if we take the Imperator and Palpatine and force them into a game of chess. No, seriously that would be perhaps the most intense game of chess ever. I can think of only two beings who would probably be his equal in terms of power. The first is Q once again from Star Trek and not because he's a joker. When you have a being that can manipulate space and time and see the fundamental laws of the universe as a boring distraction...yeah sorry Imperator. The only hope you have against Q is charisma and that's a stretch if he would be willing to put up with you. The other is Superman. Not entirely sure how that would go but it would be a popcorn fight to behold. These are the only *ahem* "realistic" counters I can think of...unless we want to joke about Chuck Norris.
OfficialWeedTesterGuy chapter 96 . 5/16
"Don't fuck with this Imperator!"
-Metal Gear Flashbacks
Guest chapter 95 . 5/16
"knowledge is not for knowing. Knowledge is for cutting."
Wohooooooooooo i quoted foucaulttttttttttt
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 94 . 5/14
InnovatorSigma chapter 66 . 5/6
Quisilia greatest troll ever
Adam Safran chapter 93 . 5/3
Looking forwards to see how the aliens adapt tactically, if at all. I'm iterested in seeing what thier methodology of combined arms is going to be given how well ADVENT has showcased the utilization of heavy defense combined with infantry and fortifications.

Also I guess I'm surprised neither side has made major use of tanks or equivalent sin deployments as of yet - then again most fighting of a heavier scale is in urban areas where tanks are of limited use due to terrain and both sides have weaponry that can go through them effectively.

Looking forwards to seeing how both sides adapt, if the aliens start using heavier weapons or adopting combined arms tactics, how they adapt to command and control issues beyond psionics..

Also I'm surprised neither side is so far making heavy use of the old alien drones when it comes to scouting. They have a small laser, are fast and quick so hard to shoot down, and very effective cameras. One would think they'd be very useful as drones/spotters given they're fast enough to avoid most fire and have excellent fields of vision.
book typewriter chapter 92 . 5/2
So to cover bother updates at once I'll state them here. As for our conquistadors from outer space are learning, fighting a mechanized army that is heavily entrenched with infantry (substandard or not) is asking for a disaster. One would think they would have studied our history to learn how we work and notice a similar situation...WWI. I get it that in the games you fight mainly infantry but where is their air and armor support? We have been using those since the beginning and have been improving them constantly while they just use infantry. What's next? They start reintroducing musket firing lines? Second, I was actually wondering what happened to the raving lunatic. Quite amusing that he still is going nuts as much as the interview. That would have to be one of the most awkward newscasts ever for both parties considering just how odd the scenario is.
OfficialWeedTesterGuy chapter 91 . 5/1
This is short, but sweet.
Reminds me-Sana'Ligna seems like the most reasonable/nice one out of the remaining Ethereal loyalists. She sounds like the most likely to defect out of all of them. Glad to know not all of our enemies are monsters.
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