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LogicalDaydreamer chapter 3 . 17h
I'm arriving a little late to the game, and am only on Chapter 3... and I almost never review before I'm caught up, but I wanted to take a moment and drop a quick word because I was struck by how *delightful* your characters are. They feel so real, and also like wonderful (but complex) young people I'd want spend time with. Really, stand out character work!
OK, back to binge-reading. I'll try to remember to leave a more comprehensive review when I get a bit further!
JOwens2490 chapter 43 . 7/19
(Btw, I'm Joshua from the earlier reviews)
This was an excellent chapter as usual! It's great to see Emma being fair to Gryffindor, and it's cool seeing foreshadowing for Lily's relationship with James.
Oh God, most of these characters die in canon in, like, six years. Well, fu-
(10 out of 10)
ForeverACharmedOne chapter 43 . 7/17
Don't worry about when you update, honestly. Take whatever time you need. :)

LOL Sirius complaining about the tunnel. I'll have you know I heard "FUCKING TUNNEL" in my head to the tune of "SECRET TUNNEL" from Avatar: The Last Airbender lol. Maybe one day they'll remember a lantern lol. The chapter is off to a great start because I'm lol'ing yet again because of a doe not being interested in James lol.

Sirius, don't tell Peter Pettigrew to combust to get away. No good will come from that.

I envy people who can just ask someone out on a whim.

That is a good point about potentially being animal abuse honestly lol. I like to think that they're fine but still. lol animals know what's up and what is up and getting far away from Snape lol.

*inhales* Ahhhh the smell of one half of your OTP being jealous and pining over the other half of the OTP. Good stuff. :D

I like how perception of people continues to cause drama and just be a thing. Like Lily's perception of James and being torn between being annoyed by him and seeing him as a good person. Anyways, loved the chapter!
Anonymous chapter 43 . 7/16
Loving this story!
lala1224 chapter 43 . 7/15
I’m glad there is a Slytherin captain who wants to be fair!

I love that this is driving Lily mad, btw. James and Dorcas need to date for a bit. The Jealousy will eat at Lily, and she needs a reality check when it comes to Severus Snape.
schak chapter 43 . 7/12
Is it wrong that I part of me wish that Marlene was a tiny bit more sassy with Lily when she called her out on sounding like Snape, by adding something like 'now stop washing your hair and start calling people slurs and you are good to go'. I mean Marlene and Emmeline do believe Dorcas and just accept that Lily is in deny about Snape's character. On the same note, it is a bit strange that Marlene still calls Snape by his first name after he called one of her best friends a slur. I'd think she would distance herself from him some more.

But about something else: YES! to a fair and confident Slytherin captain! Just that act gives Slytherin more authenticity and good character than anything Snape did in the books! That was a beautiful scene and a tiny bit justice over an unjust punishment!
Mia M.J chapter 42 . 6/21
I suck at reviews but I thought you should know that I’ve been up reading this for hours, like I literally haven’t gone to bed until 8am because I couldn’t put my iPad down
schak chapter 1 . 6/12
I just want to tell you that I really enjoy your story. You bring all the characters to life and make them interesting and unique to read about. I love your James and the rest of the Marauders. You even manage the tricky character of Lily, that I always find difficult to be likable before she turned another leaf with Snape and the Marauders, because of how hypocritical she often is shown. I often rant about her yes, but it is fine in this story, because she is facing the backlash for her actions in this story.

This comment is just here to maybe be a motivation boost. I know how difficult it can be to write such huge stories, but I would really love it, if you would find your story again.
Angellovesprincess chapter 42 . 6/2
This story's still in progress, right? I can't not finish reading it! It's so good! No pressure, but I'm so ready for the next chapter! I feel like their characters are exactly as JK Rowling would have written them.
Guest chapter 42 . 3/27
RavenclawJo chapter 1 . 3/23
Just stumbled across this fic, really enjoying it so far!
Love that bit about 'Mr and Mrs Wood' - no wonder Oliver was such a Quidditch fanatic
And I love Marlene in this story
Guest chapter 42 . 3/11
ForeverACharmedOne chapter 42 . 3/6
I think it's fair for you to be late posting considering I'm late reviewing lol.

Aww Alice and Frank. Thinking about children. So cute. Also PAIN TRAIN!

Yeah I can't imagine History of Magic being boring by default. It's the teacher that makes or breaks it lol. I love the continued talk of homework swapping: a noble past time for as long as school as been a thing.

I like that it's stated McGonagall is going easy on them even if she still has to give them detention work. Little things like that are nice.

Hahaha I love Lily's thought process when she noticed James and Dorcas interacting. It got more entertaining the longer it went on. XD I do feel for Lily, I know what it's like to be on the outside looking in while other people are having inside jokes and so on, but also just as a reader it's funny to see her get worked up over it. And then OOOH Dorcas asking James out! Didn't see that coming to be honest but that should be fun. By fun I mean good for slowburn drama conflict lol.

I like how Dorcas asked him out "So, show ME a good time" very smooth. And I like how James is all "wait, what" lol. And of course, what's not to love about Lily being unsure of what made her angrier. Oh the DRAMA! *flaming Elmo gif*
Akari.Wolf.Princess chapter 42 . 3/4
I feel sorry for lily then again I don’t, I have mixed feelings about this! I need help I need adult lmao but seriously half of me is giggling because now she’ll see that she kinda always likes James he was the one constant thing you know but now Dorcas moving after leaving her and now she feels like she taking her one Constant thing in her life, and knowing or mostly unknowing it makes Lilly mad.

I love Snape like seriously but growing has been hard on all of them but dang Sev this isn’t how you win a girl’s heart!

Em has a drinking problem, Marlene is a sex addicted almost lol Lily is all type of confused...then there Dorcas... what are you about Dorcas tell me!

Until next chapter (s)
lala1224 chapter 42 . 3/3
Oh my I did NOT see Dorcas and James coming! Wow. Lily! Lily Lily Lily... you have got to open your eyes and see the big picture here. Does she literally have to see the Dark Mark on Severus before she’ll realize that he is that way? Sometimes the world is harsh Lily. Unfortunately I don’t want this to be as heartbreaking as it would be for her, but if she refuses to listen it will be.
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