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JOwens2490 chapter 1 . 10/18
I’m just now getting the reference to Sirius’ life being over at 21. Well, at least he stayed hot. Hope you’re doing alright!
FredrickVon chapter 45 . 9/18
I just binge read through this story while home sick with the flu and I’ve just got to say...I love it so much! I’ve never laughed so much reading a fanfic before! Hoping for a quick update because I’m addicted now and need to know what happens next! Haha I cant wait for Lily to get her act together and then some more Jily in 6th and 7th year! Thanks for making being home sick a little more bearable
Milk chapter 45 . 9/1
Please, please update! For the past month I checked every single day if there would be a new chapter!
Akari.Wolf.Princess chapter 45 . 8/13
Oh dear gah I love the boys they’re such idiots let me tell you hahah Dorcas and Lily is such a painful read like just apologize! but I know why it’s hard to let go but I hate friends drama i was the type that called everyone out and made them makeup hahha but at least she noticed James was a constant in her life she a few short leaps from know he will be her luv! haha and POOR Em like arg her too she hard to read for how relatable she is ahh the poor baby! She lots of hugs and I means lots

until next chapter
Milk chapter 22 . 8/5
Re-reading it now I wonder if Lily ever finds out about James‘ lie. (Or did I miss it in the future chapters?)
Milk chapter 15 . 8/5
Still re-reading old chapters. I love how you describe the quidditch game. Sirius is perfect in his role. Can‘t wait until we‘re finally so far in this Story that Lily actually admires James and his skills!
Milk chapter 13 . 8/5
Re-reading the old chapters and Snapes line „I don't want anything he's got! I never will.“ is quite some foreshaddowing. If only he knew ...
JOwens2490 chapter 45 . 7/31
MacPherson vs Umbridge; wonder who's more evil? If I'm able to throw off my writers block, I should write a fanfic where those two become a couple. In all seriousness, this was a great chapter. Love how James and Dorcas are dating, and how Marlene shut Benjamin's clingy ass down. (Marlene may be my favorite character asides from James and Emmeline in this.)
Milk chapter 45 . 7/30
I really liked this chapter. First because Lily slowly starts to question herself and her way of seeing things. It seems like it will be a long time since the Lake incident still has to happen but we're slowly getting there. You manage it to actually show a change in character and I think what I really love about your story is the fact that you made Lily the one who needs to grow the most. Of course every character has their flaws (which is great, because it's so refreshing and real) but in most of the Jily fanfics Lily is always perfect and James is the childish one who needs to grow and chance (for her). To have finally a James who has his priorities and morals (mostly) straight and just need to lose a bit of his arrogance is such a nice and refreshing change!

I also liked this chapter because it shows how you involve Peter in your story. He's present, he is funny, he is (still) a loyal and loving friend and he's important for the dynamics between the Maurauders and not just the punching ball who is constantly making fun of. But still you manage to hint some points which maybe lead to his betrayal. Like the fact that the others don't back up his choices.

What I also think is so important in your story is the difference between the two groups of friends. In Lily's group there is always some kind of misbalance, something wrong, someone with problems the others don't notice or someone with character traits which are annoying to another member.. And – of course – right now there is this huge falling out between D. and L.. On the other side you have the Maurauders who just function as "one piece", who always seem to notice when there's just a slightly shift within the group, when something's off, when someone needs support. This doesn't make the group of girls look bad but it does – and this is so important – show how special this bond between the four boys is. It was always such a important fact in the books that the Maurauders where inseparable, that they would die for each other, that their friendship wasn't just like any other group. And I think you're doing such a wonderful job portraying this special bond, their dynamics, their relationship.

What irritates me is that James only got a moodring for his birthday from his presents? Since he's always described (in your story and in the HP book) as this spoiled child I think it is strange that his parents only gave him that. I had a moodring back in my childhood and I know that it wasn't such a pricy piece. Did they send him money? Did he got something else which you just didn't mention?
schak chapter 45 . 7/30
I enjoy this chapter

There is Lily and her denied jealousy, but I can't pity her. Sometimes a character has to fall into a deep hole to grow and become better. It only saddens me that considering that it is only end of march, it will take her two and a half moths more to see the truth about Snape and really grow at least a little bit. I'm actual surprised that the other girls keep Lily around for that long, if she keeps acting like she is now and not follow Dorcas' example. It even makes you question what James ever saw in her, because right now there are lots of reasons to like James and dew to dislike him and with Lily it feels the other way round...

I really like your big cast of characters, because it allows you to really make this one important character act to unlikable. That is brilliant writing. I struggle with writing Lily myself often enough, because she is to much of a focus of the story. But you can really show how her stubbornness and inability to really see the people around her, a think that would not be well received from those around her

I love the Marauders around each others. They are just such great friends and I love that you really included Peter in the group. It is so important tos show that they really loved him and that he loved them as well. That is what makes his later betrayal so heartbreaking!

Keep up the good work
lala1224 chapter 45 . 7/30
Oh I think I’ll like this bit about the mood ring. Okay I think I’m almost ready for you to stop torturing Lily. She really does need to open her eyes. She doesn’t even realize how lonely she is even with her so called friend Severus, does she? Tsk tsk. But I felt a pang of sadness for her so I think I almost forgive her, now it’s time for her to wake up .
Milk chapter 44 . 7/29
So, spending my whole afternoon Reading I finally caught up on the last chapter. Your story, your setting, your writing is amazing! Really, it‘s so so good and I hope inspiration and motivation for this story will never leave you! (Til James‘ and Lily‘s death do us part)

I‘m looking forward to jealous Lily. Maybe she Will Be more likable when she finally Realize that James isn‘t as bad as she thinks. Until then I keep on rooting for James and Dorcas (do they need a silly name? Like „Dormes“ or „Jorcas“?)

I‘m sorry my reviews aren‘t really specific or detailled. It‘s just so annoying typing a review in english with my mobile autocorrecting everything in German words. I try to read and review on my Laptop the next time!
Milk chapter 43 . 7/29
If we‘re playing this „which team are you on?“-thing, I‘m definitely on team Dorcas/James now. I just can‘t stand Lily. Does she say anything nice? Is she ever nice to someone? Will she ever not glare or sulk or be bitter? Can she just shut up? Damn, she is annoying! So I‘m rooting for Dorcas now, who needs Jily anyway?!
Milk chapter 36 . 7/29
„"I'll keep an eye out," AJ grinned.„

Okay, I‘m officially in love with you! This line was genius!
Milk chapter 35 . 7/29
"Loud and clear," Marlene said. "The amount of eyeshadow I wear does not affect my hearing."

It‘s just so nice how you develop this story over all these chapters and play with all these little moments.
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