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Nana56 chapter 9 . 5/22
I'm finding it hard these days to review every chapter in a multichapter fic, but I feel badly that I didn't this time since it took me almost a year to read it. Life has planted itself firmly in my way when it comes to reading and I've had to cut way back. I want you to know, though, how much I enjoyed this entire fic.

Each chapter was awesome and I became fully invested in each one of them. The characters were so real and the emotions so raw that I could feel it all and see everything that was happening. When I was able to read, this fic took me completely away and time had no meaning. I had to be careful when I sat down to read. lol

I'm glad to finally finish it so I could let you know that I'd been reading and how much I enjoyed it. Well done, my friend.

P.S. Enjoy your trip! I'm so green with envy, I'm probably more green than the Emerald Isle itself. Be safe.
Melira chapter 9 . 2/3
I will truly miss your stories, now that I finished reading the last of them! Which, in the end, really was my favourite one. You outdid yourself in writing it! And I, for myself, have to say, I prefer those smaller plots woven into a bigger one over one whole very long one. Those can get tiring after a while.

I liked how you let the last memory end with the first scenes of series three, it made the whole of it appear as if it was canon.

And what I found to be the reason this story was even better than your previous ones is that there was not just the physical hurt and the psychological hurt that accompanied it in form of worry or grief but some psychological pain (can you even say that?) standing for itself, mostly concerning Aramis. I know, you had elements like that before, like with d'Artagnan's father, but this was different. Closer, somehow. I don't know how else to describe it.
In general, I liked the story lines concerning Aramis the most, in the present as well as in the past.

Great work!
Melira chapter 7 . 2/2
Well, now I'm afraid to go on reading! O.o
Melira chapter 6 . 2/2
Gosh, why did you have to break my heart so thoroughly? That was absolutely unnecessary!
I mean:
' Bastien nodded sagely. "I get it now," he said over his shoulder as he headed up to the keep. "Why there's something broken about the three of them." '
Ouch! Just ouch! That hurt more than practically every other piece of fanfiction I ever came across. I never liked that the writers made Aramis leave the others but your stories actually make me see the reason and in this twisted fangirl-way even like it. It provides so much material for h/c...

Absolutely great chapter, probably the one I liked best so far. Very interesting to see Aramis' POV.
Oh, and you had me completely fooled concerning Bauer. After Athos' previous comment I waited the whole time for him to die. Glad he didn't!
Melira chapter 5 . 1/28
Reading that scene between Aramis and Porthos, that over-due confrontation, hurt. It just hurt. Which is the highest praise such a scene can get.
Melira chapter 4 . 1/28
You know what I liked best about this chapter (and the second one, it's a combination): How you worked "I refuse to die" in. Headcanon totally accepted. Just yesterday I watched "Death of a Hero" and I found that moment with d'Artagnan and Porthos extremely weird, when they randomly shouted 'We refuse to die'. So thanks for giving me a plausible explanation for that!

Other than that, great writing as always, of course, and I really start to like this way of telling shorter stories by embedding them into a present-day-arc. Absolutely looking forward to reading the next chapter!
Melira chapter 3 . 1/28
I'm starting to wonder if it's almost creepy to comment on every single chapter or if it's acceptable... Hm. But if I want to say something, I rarely ever manage to keep quiet so you'll have to deal with my ramblings in any case, I'm afraid...
In between reading your first stories and getting to start with this last one, due to circumstances my attention got caught by some other author's works. I liked them, were good stories and not badly written. But within that one week I actually managed to forget just how much better your style is. Your choice of words, your way of describing sceneries and feelings and your portraying of the characters is just so much on point, I repeatedly start to marvel at random points.
Of course I can't be sure yet, it's only been three chapters, but up until this point, I'd say this is my favourite work of yours.
Melira chapter 2 . 1/28
Of course, d'Artagnan is the center point of this chapter, but honestly, I feel most sorry for Porthos. In the series we only got to see how much he hurt due to Aramis having left when he refused to readily take him back into their midst. But since that was only a very short intermezzo, it was rarely ever an issue. At least not as much as it should have been, in my eyes. So thanks for working it in in this both subtle (subtle as in not the main point of the chapter) and fitting way!
Melira chapter 1 . 1/27
Ah, finally I get to start on this last story of yours. Took me a week longer than I intended, but better late than never, right?
Just a short comment on that first chapter: It sounds very plausible. That whole conversation, d'Artagnan's reactions and Constance's need for knowing, it all seemed just fitting.
I'm absolutely looking forward to read your take on the four years and the present day revelations!
pandi19 chapter 4 . 7/3/2017
"The young Parisian had been a pain in the ass, that was certain, but he'd been theirs."
That line got me- the bond of brotherhood.

The plan to save the people was amazing! I enjoyed so many things.
1. The safe location.
2. This exchange-
"Do you know where we are?"
"Are we talking...literally or figuratively?"

d'Artagnan thanking Porthos for being his family was everything. I had all the feels on that one.

Porthos' injury and aftermath was really good h/c. I loved how he called for Aramis.

"You called for Aramis so much...for a little bit there, I actually thought he might show up."
My heart.

And finally I love Bauer (this you already knew). His backstory! Love!
pandi19 chapter 3 . 6/25/2017
Athos smiled. Smiled. How much do I love this? So much.

I really liked Constance drawing Aramis back into the fold with the different types of battles.

"It weren't something easy to talk about...let alone with someone who represents the only light in your world."
pandi19 chapter 2 . 6/25/2017
I really like how you bookended the balance between d'Artagnan & Athos and Aramis & Porthos. It was hard to actually see the men unsuccessfully try to get Aramis to come with them. Poor Porthos, it's never good to see him quiet.

d'Artagnan's armor not fitting reminded me a lot of A Knight's Tale. Of course he would get shot when he wasn't wearing it. I adored (because I'm a sadist?) the scar causing injury 1) attempted murder creates friends like no other. Lol. 2) Seeing Porthos take charge 3) cauterization and shock. You're the best!

I love the young ones. I see so much of d'Artagnan in Bastien.
pandi19 chapter 1 . 6/25/2017
Wonderful start. For all we know this is exactly what happened when the men made it back to the garrison. The intensity of Constance's emotions and desire is so well written I felt them along with her. I loved all the little details how d'Artagnan was sprawled on his back, the call back to Bonacieux's curse of their love, d'Artagnan's nightmare. I. Loved. It!
Keesha chapter 1 . 6/17/2017
Well written. Nice saga.
arduna chapter 9 . 6/11/2017
I've done it again; devoured every word to the end without stopping to reward you with praise. I think it's because this is just perfection in every way, so I don't know where to begin. I wanted to pick out more phrases but honestly, your every paragraph is a gem. Not just well written, not just part of an exciting story, not just well plotted and well characterised, but actual gems of language, glistening with imagery and glowing with the depth of feeling they evoke. The last few paragraphs are gorgeousThe sound of weapons hitting her floor as the soldier bearing them made way for something more important."... "Nothing between them but air"... The new scars that "together told the story of a brotherhood"... "Because of them, I get to keep you." I cannot imagine that there will be another story that I will read more often than this one, and that is high praise considering the number of amazing authors we are lucky enough to have writing here. Why isn't there a "all-time most favourite" rating I can give you? All I can do is thank you SO much for the time you spent crafting this incredible story and for allowing us to share your vision of their war.
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