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AssassinBlaze chapter 94 . 7/20
so are weiss and adam together (plz say yes they are so cute together)
Guest chapter 94 . 6/23
Helped wrap up things in this life from a spiritual accession standpoint. I’m going back home, and staying at home. So thank you for the kickass story.
Reign of Rayne chapter 94 . 5/14
I finally found the time to finish this, and man, what a ride. Your ability to put characters through all nine circles of hell in a fight and still keep it believable that they’re able to stand in the end is seriously impressive. As an open ending to this particular story, it’s satisfying enough to me. The “Beacon” book is, after the school got blown up and drowned and torn to pieces in variations of that order, pretty decidedly shut. The Grimm black hole was insane, the airship fight spectacular in every sense of the word, and every other fight kept upping the ante long past the point I thought it had to stop. The ending is every bit the spectacle I’d expected from all the plot threads coming together. Amazing work.

I think the main question still on my mind is this: did you have further plans for Cinder’s corruption affecting Adam, or did itlike he’d hopeddissipate in time?
thefrozenphoenix27 chapter 94 . 5/4
Damn, this story was good, I binged it all in like a few days. You really made me appreciate Adam's character a lot more. I wasn't planning on diving back into the RWBY fandom, but this story definitely made me interested in what else is out there. This was a wonderful story, you should be proud of how well it was written. I'd be interested to see how this story continues, but if this is the end, then it is a great one, and one you should be proud of. I look forward to seeing more of your work, and if not good luck with your future endeavors.
Azathras Salvation chapter 94 . 4/12
Sorry for being shameless but, you haven't read my PM, so I am assuming that you don't check them. Here's my message for ya:
Hello! I hope you receive this as soon as possible. My name is Azrael. I am messaging you with the intent of asking whether you have the chapters of your old deleted fic, Jaune Impregnated His 11 Wives. I was able to recover the 1st chapter but I can't do the same for for all. In return I can give you my gratitude and if you want I can help you with something else!
that boris guy chapter 94 . 4/8
I admit, I started to read this fic years ago, desiring some quality story with Adam in it that did not drastically made him a different person like some others did. Seeing it was unfinished though, I suspected it'd never finish and dropped it like many others. Years passed, I regained an interest in rwby fics, which at this point are the only thing bringing out any quality or beauty fron RWBY to me and was absolutely mesmerized!

I think your writing is very, very good and I loved every moment of it. The humor which made things charming but did not overstay its welcome, the amazingly detailed and exciting action scenes and the interpersonal relationships and growth of each character. I am plain in love with what you wrote here, and I have no doubt had you indeed continued to make a 12 or so vol story it would have taken a decade... but it would be the greatest fanfic I ever had the pleasure of reading.

My interest in shipping certainly laid with weiss and adam, the subtle ways they grew closer yet the story never focused on romance which... made it feel very canonical for an ongoing show dare I say, at least it emulated such an authentic feel. Though I did hope for something eventually haha.

Either way, I thank you very much for writing and wish you, too, a wonderful time until the end of your days.
wearedeadpool chapter 1 . 1/30
pretty good start.
Guest chapter 94 . 1/23
VeryPeeved chapter 94 . 1/2
It was... adequate.
Sarikuri chapter 94 . 12/17/2023
I'm crying, it's been so long, I had actually given up on the story having a proper 'ending'.
Thank you, thank you so much.
Since I realized that this fic had not only gotten an update, but a complete ending... I spent the last two days reading it from start to finish.
It's a beautiful story, with some silliness that made me smile and laugh again and again.
I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do next.
Thanks again for giving me closure.
Really, thank you.
Guest chapter 94 . 12/6/2023
Epic totally worth the waits! Thanks!

I’m really sad to see their marvellous journeys ended here like this they were closer, to perhaps one day lock Salem aside for longest if not forever. How I wish you’ll give another volume to close this show.

Your characters are full of life they have come a long way to this point. Love them all I can only hope and wait.
Guest chapter 94 . 12/4/2023
Congrats on finishing this huge project! This Adam came back to his partner this freezing ship can sail after all is no longer sub zero!
Guest chapter 94 . 12/4/2023
I totally loved this ending alas the sun has set but the heroes of Red Sun carried on. Six years!
Two of my long waiting favourite stories have just ended and I am grateful for them, a big thank you for sharing this amazing work 94 chapters almost 500k words what a great accomplishment great story, great writing, amazing characterisation. The hero and villain held a story of theirs they were beautiful, elegant and remarkable.
The tie between Weiss and Adam was magnificent, these two were my favourites.
Roman and definitely Ozpin were badass and super cool! I wish you will write more Ruby, Yang, Blake, Jaune, Ironwood, Cinder there’re still a lot to tell but you have definitely tied up enough for the tales to roll thanks again I truly appreciate and have enjoyed this work.
Guest chapter 94 . 12/3/2023
Absolutely one of the best rwby fics on this site, always one of my favourites to read and its sad to see it finally finished, but its better to give it an ending than for it to never finish, i cant wait to see what u write next
Guest chapter 94 . 12/3/2023
Such a great read man. Call me overly sentimental, but i really wanted Weiss and Adam to be a thing by the end, it's one of my favorite ships, but thats just me. I think I started reading this fic when I started high school and now I'm in my second year of college. Anyways, thank you so much for this story, it's my all time favorite and I wish you success in your future writings!
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